Wednesday, July 30, 2014


2 Kings 6:1  And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Behold now, the place where we dwell with thee is too strait for us.

2  Let us go, we pray thee, unto Jordan, and take thence every man a beam, and let us make us a place there, where we may dwell. And he answered, Go ye.

3  And one said, Be content, I pray thee, and go with thy servants. And he answered, I will go.

4  So he went with them. And when they came to Jordan, they cut down wood.

5  But as one was felling a beam, the axe head fell into the water: and he cried, and said, Alas, master! for it was borrowed.

6  And the man of God said, Where fell it? And he shewed him the place. And he cut down a stick, and cast it in thither; and the iron did swim.

7  Therefore said he, Take it up to thee. And he put out his hand, and took it.

1) you cannot build the Kingdom of God with a borrowed Axe - here figuratively is borrowing the anointing nobody can build the kingdom of  God this way!! see how people imitate other preachers you cannot borrow a preaching whether message or style!! Imitation has become the order of the day here in Africa with ministers taking other preachers messages and styles of preaching to use in their local congregations... This makes the message irrelevant for the audience.. for instance the dominating problems of America and Europe are not the problems of Africa or Asia. So if a preacher in Africa taking a message from a preacher in America or Europe will make that message absolutely irrelevant to the audience.

2) you cannot build the kingdom of God with a broken axe handle- broken relationship with God will never build Gods kingdom see keep your relationship straight with God and let Him use you. In order to teach about God you must have a relationship with God this means you ought to be born again. God already provided an avenue for a sound relationship with himself through Jesus Christ, therefore to build the kingdom of God you must be in this relationship

3) you cannot build the kingdom of God with a  loose axe handle the axe head will fall- here  i refer to loose morals and sexual maneuvers which pull down even Kings; consider irresponsible sexual behavior of David and Solomon!! They almost became enemies of God due to their craving foe women . Ministers of religion nowadays compromise their stand in Christ for money, they don't face sin with the contempt it deserves they say its done in the west so why don't we do it here? Indeed it is weird to think you can build the kingdom of God with loose morals for even those you will witness to will out-rightly see themselves more righteous than the ministers or people who are in a perverted  church

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forever-Music video I did a While Back

Internet ministry, it still baffles me, after all these years. One thing takes off, than it dies out, another site, thing takes off and dies out, the first one starts up again, than another thing happens, its so unpredictable, always a challenge and always changing.

In all the years I have been on line, specifically on this main web site. I have posted over the years , some music videos, always they would get 5, or so listens, the free music, almost no downloads, I thought well, one heart at a time. Now, I posted a couple music videos below assuming it would be the same, but it was not, around 200 views, and many plays on sound click, its all free, its the bible in song, music with a message. But never, ever, has this happened, this is what I mean, you just never know with Internet ministry.

This is why I have said, I repeat things, of late, by the lords command, encouraging the saints, but before a lot on coming Judgment, still get that daily, I have said, I post things, as I may only get one chance to reach a one heart. The music, I am speechless, it just shows me, new people are coming, the site is picking up in visits this past month PTL.

I have given over 100% everything, I mean, it is nothing but Jesus now, It always has been, what I mean is,what I preach, write, I apply to myself, distractions, gone, nothing but the word, worship prayer and service, the hour is late. Spending far less time on line and now, seeing more things happening, it is a God thing.

Thanks to all who did listen, and hit sound click, its free, pass these vids, songs along to unsaved ones, most of them are for them, evangelism in song. This one a rebuke to Churchanity and what it has become. The video is different than the song in many ways, its a dual message.

The song talks about a back- slidder coming back to Church, the video speaks of Closed door churches, so two messages for the price of one. LOL.

This is one odd song. I did the lead Vocal in a radio lo- fi sound, back ground Vox, heavy reverb and sits well in mix, a Gibson electric, set to clean, boosted the mids added a touch of distortion.

All my music in the past 5 plus years, are done with samples I made, I have 500,000, plus samples, loops, I use those, recorded by me, and others, when I had a studio out side of Seattle in Everett Wa. I currently have no instruments, but as said endless samples, real instruments, and so it is real sounding.

Odd, contemporary song, you will like it, or hate it, it is one of those kinds of songs, did well on sound click. Hope some get the message, and pass it on. All for the glory of our lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. Below old You tube description of video.

All Music free download, all you have to do is a fast sign up as a listener, and you can download all on site, or just visit link and listen to the many different songs, all styles posted, pass it along.


In This Song I wrote, put to a video, it's about mine, and maybe your turn off, on what the modern church is all about, when I came back, I came back to the Lord, it is not religion, it's a relationship. I am now back by grace Forever, The poor are not welcomed, the homeless, the ones who look different, the lord knows and sees all and we can take comfort in that. Many Church doors will soon be closed, due to judgment starts in the house of God, and a big thing in the word is never neglect the poor, it's all about money and numbers, no compassion in most churches there are a few left, but not many, and so comes judgment.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sermon That Shocked Everyone. UNFORGETTABLE ENDING! -Jeff Derbin

I just found this minister. I was watching it, and thought at first, ' Oh No post- modern stuff', but he opened his bible, something most post- modern preachers , teachers do not even do, use the bible.
 I was so gripped by all he said, I must say, I never heard of this man before, I was stunned, blessed, blown away. I watched more by him. I have never heard any one doing what he is doing, you simple have to watch this sermon-teaching, to a post modern crowd I think, Holy Cow. 

I felt like the Apostle Paul himself was speaking. It is so clear, so simple, yet so profound. I would say this is the best find I have found in a few years. I plea for ALL to stop, listen to this message it is simple, wild, and one minister I found not one fault, all in context, Hay, I even found errors in David Wilkerson's content, this  is the first minister I have ever heard , that 100% of what is says is perfect, with out fault, and 100% bible, context.

His stories and the ending is nothing short of something I, and many, have never seen before, true evidence of his work in front line ministry, abortion clinics, and the story , wow, preaching in the Mormon Church, leading hundreds maybe thousands to Christ, Jehovah witnesses, much more. 

The message is so true, It put such clarity in me.
As an Evangelist who always did this type of ministry I cried hard, I so desirer to minister on the streets , anywhere, as I always did. It is all different, no people. I asked the lord, " Lord why, why have you put me in the desert solitude, my burden , the passion, the fire in my bones and no out let aside from events that did not pan out', yet, a delay, so  only out let on line.

 I use what the lord gives, but I am all about off line ministry, " The lord said,

 "I have given you a small open door to reach more people on- line than you could in a life time, you have been broken, humbled,  I told you , showed you, openly, in visions, prophecy and more, plainly what will be in the desert home mission, it will be, very soon, all I told you and shown you, it is my perfect will for you to be right where you are at, a day is coming when you will see all I showed you wait and keep at on line ministry , reaching the nations with the Gospel-One heart at a time, so many one hearts, you will, never know the impact of the on- line ministries I gave until you are in Glory".

I found great comfort in this, but I cried hard  still,  this message was what did it to me, my call, my evangelism,  people, not a machine. But to the one one hearts I will see one day in glory This one is for you.

Remnant bride this one is for you, Please watch this, you will hear, see, why I am saying such things. If you have ever watched a sermon by anyone I have ever posted, this is the one to see.

Peace, peace in Jesus , move in your gifts and callings now beloved, whatever it is, in Peace, peace, I speak Peace to you reader.

 Published on Apr 22, 2014

Pastor Jeff Durbin was a keynote speaker at the 2014 IGNITE Conference. He was asked to speak about proclaiming the Gospel. What happened in the sermon shocked everyone in the room and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. This sermon will challenge you to your core and we hope you would feel led to share it with everyone you know.

This has never been done before. Watch it to see.

Find out more at

Friday, July 25, 2014

Still Taking Another Day For Music-Man I Needed This. The Player With A Few Songs Many Have Not Heard

I have taken the last two days to worship, Pray, study, do the school emails for students, and that is it.
Peace I say, Peace to you, let the peace of the lord come on you. We can not change events, but we can change our heart. Peace , let this anointing of Peace in the name of Jesus come on all who read this PEACE. 

In the sound click song player.

The first song  ' Gabriel's Horn' my best Contemporary Christian song of all time, easy, and powerful, different. On my old sound click page it hit Number 1, and is my personal favorite. I know you will like it. The song starts by itself, if you want, turn it off.

 The second song, I do not think anyone on this main site has heard, ' Oh India', what can I say, mellow, very full and ..well... did well. Note in the song , did not realize till after mastered it I mis said the India word city Mumbai, Where the bomb attack happened, know how to say it, in song ooppps, Very mellow and very different, a cry for India.

Song 3, 'First Kiss', many have heard, posted vid, about marriage, but more, our first kiss was Jesus, an allegorical, romance song start, and than marriage troubles, the couple forgot their real first kiss, it was when they were saved, the end clearly is 100% gospel, again, a very different style from what I have done, sort of POP? So I put some top rated songs, and various styles to let all hear the different styles I do. 'A brand new day', is a mellow electronica song, so have all bases covered LO.
Enjoy and download all free.


Who Do You Say I am-Song From Free Cd Ancient of Days-Working On New Free Cd Smile In The Strom Coming Soon, A few Posted at link given

All My music is free to download at link below, this is a very, very contemporary song, serves the purpose. Take a listen and check out  my free music page.Who Do You Say Jesus IS?

Link to music to the right , under free music.

liquid flowers-More Mellow Different Take a listen. Have not Posted any music in A While-Still Working On New CD-Smile In The Strom

More songs all Free take a listen, many, many styles.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What The Verse Means, " As A man Thinketh, so He is", Ready For A Rude Awakening.

Quote by-C.H. Spurgeon

" Sermons and books are well enough, but streams that run for a long distance above ground gradually gather for themselves somewhat of the soil through which they flow, and they lose the cool freshness with which they started from the spring head. It is always best to drink at the well and not from the tank. You will find in reading the word of God for yourselves, reading IT rather than notes upon it, is the surest way of growing in grace. Drink of the unadulterated milk of the Word of God, and not of the skim milk, or the milk and the water of man's word".

I was reading a new text book for the theology degree school. It is a quality text book on, 'Systematic Theology-An Introduction', 240 Pages of great truths. In the preface I read a verse so many take out of context and it is this I want to write on. The well known and a misused verse by many. Pro 23:7 As A man thinketh, so he is...

How many times have you quoted that, heard it, sermons on it, as it were a good thing? Well...ready for a shock?

Reading in context, simply the words before and after clearly teach us the verse does not mean what most think it does. I will give the KJV verses.

Pro 23:6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:

Pro 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.


Proverbs 23:7
For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he,.... He is not the man his mouth speaks or declares him to be, but what his heart thinks; which is discovered by his looks and actions, and by which he is to be judged of, and not by his words;


Proverbs 23:7

Thinketh - The Hebrew verb is found here only, and probably means, “as he is all along in his heart, so is he (at last) in act.”


Proverbs 23:6-8

Beware of deceitful men, whose courtesies even you will repent of having accepted.

ALL commentaries agree, I know the opening is notes on the bible are second to the bible. I am showing this to say, in context if you read it, the bible itself, with no bible helps, it is crystal clear what it truly means. It is not a good thing like most have come to believe.

This verse speaks of someone that has evil intentions inside, and is trying to trap, or deceive you, his evil thoughts are what is in his heart. His mind as he, the evil Peron thinks, so he is. Do you see this. It is easy to see by the bible alone. I just gave some profs from bible helps to establish, all older commentaries explain it as it is. In context it does not mean what you think.

People who teach a lot about the mind, thoughts, the battle ground of the mind and such, positive confession, using this verse. they teach, " As we think, so we are, so we must think correct thoughts, blessing thoughts, ". Wait, this is speaking of the evil inner intentions of another. This will blow some minds, this I know but it is what I do, it is what you should do. Study to show thyself approved.

Not just taking men's notes on what it means, miss applying the real meaning and fitting it into their theology and doctrine. The skim milk as the quote above says. The pure water of the word, it is living, refreshing, satisfying, like nothing else.

I was shocked reading the preface of this well done old book on, Systematic Theology, the writer said, in the wrong context and he is a PHD, an old Presbyterian using the using, " The baptist confession of Faith 1689" Good lord. I was stunned, I thought the writer, who seems correct in most of what he says, but the introduction quotes this Prov as a good thing, concerning what is called, 'Theology Proper'. It is old, not new, this is how poor exposition, even by Scholars are proven to be wrong. This train of thought as been with us a long, long time. This is how false doctrines, bad exposition made up by man long ago, becomes a foundational thought. It is such with many man made doctrines.

I was just shocked, who am I, I know what it means, I have ministered on my own main website about this, what it means in context. Things that are old, do not always mean they are right, and many things new are not always biblical nor correct.

The preface says, all Christians are theologians in their own right, for as a man thinketh so he is....

Well sad to say, this scholar is wrong, and most who have quoted this verse, heard sermons on it, books based on it, teachings on the mind, thinking subject, you only need to read in context to see what it means.

The problem is single verse doctrine and theology, It can not be done. If a lie is repeated long enough, it becomes a truth. Every person reading this can easily read in context, and easily see by the verse above, it does not mean what most have been taught.

So, do not quote this Prov. verse as some kind of bible promise, it is far from it, it is a verse taken out of context, you can quote it till your blue in the face, confess it til your out of breath, it will not change the meaning of what you are quoting. I hope this instructs, explains, yet another bible example of study in context, and study in Greek and Hebrew. If not, we are not in study to show ourselves approved and will not rightly divide ( Dissect-Greek ) the word, and we will be Christian work man that will be ashamed. Study in context, do not take single verse theology and make it a non-biblical ritual.
This will shock many reading it, but reader we have the Bible on it, it is a truth, what it really means has just been told you.

Think on this.