Calling All Warriors, This Is War, A prophecy This Day Feb 28 2012, And a Video

The Gifts Of The Spirit Are Still Active, But Different, The Lord Is Teaching Us A much Needed Lesson, For The Coming Hard Day's Ahead

It's Not What You Say It Is How You Say IT, A Great Short Video Example Of What I mean

He Who Rules His Spirit, Is Better Than He That Takes A City, A word of encouragement To The Humble Prayer Warriors

Eric Ludy video depraved indeffernce, What Can I Say Another Great Video All Should SEE wow

Jesus Could You Please Leave.

AYIN Dalet 5774... Our 2014, yet another in The Ayin series, With Much On Sound Doctrine

A Music Video From My New Free CD, A Vow Of NO Silence

Do You Have Dirty Feet, Falling From Your First Love, A Personal Confession

Standing On The Word, A very Short Video I shot In The Desert, Trying Out The Recorder Out Doors Give A Listen

Taking Your Christian Walk To The Next Level

A Call To Rightly Divide The Word, I use Eph 5 As An Example And Show Some Simple Study Strategies