A Prophet Is Without Honor In His Own Town, And Usually The Whole World

A Song From My New Free CD, Song Title And Video A Brand New Day

The REAL DEAL Can Be Yours Today- The Power Of The Holy Spirit

When You Feel Like Packing Up And Just Leaving, Getting Out Of The Place You Feel Stuck In, And Learning To Forgive

The Remnant Are Not To Be In Fear, Or Dismayed At ANY Sign In The Heavens, No Constellations, Planets,Wars, Famine, Nothing.

The Christians 911, a Short Audio Sermon Preached At Home Church May 25 2012, A Message Of Hope

Many Are Still Looking The World Over, For What Is In Their Heart, Or Should Be, When The Gospel Is Not Enough

The Right Way Is Always Better Than The Left, Also Personal Word About Me And This Application Of The Message In My Own Life.

Having A Conversation With The King An Open Invitation To Mercy