It Is Not Hard To Understand, If……………..Also On, The Holy Spirit And The Gifts Of The Spirit Falling On The Remnant Is A Key That Shows Judgment Is Upon The Nations

Pro 14:6  A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.


Proverbs 14:6

An humble, teachable spirit succeeds in seeking (Pro_8:9; Joh_7:17;).


but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth; the knowledge of Wisdom, or of Christ, is easy to him that has a spiritual understanding given him; the knowledge of the Gospel, and the doctrines of it, is easy to him to whom it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven; there is nothing perverse or froward in the words and doctrines of Christ; they are all plain to man whose understanding is opened by the Spirit of God; especially such as relate to the glory of Christ's person, and to the way of life and salvation by him;


Proverbs 14:6

6 In vain the scorner seeketh wisdom;
   But to the man of understanding knowledge is easy.

The general sentence is concrete, composed in the common historical form. Regarding וָאָיִן, necquidquam, vid., at Pro_13:4. The participle נָקָל is here neut. for נְקַלָּה, something which makes itself easy or light. The frivolous man, to whom truth is not a matter of conscience, and who recognises no authority, not even the Supreme, never reaches to truth notwithstanding all his searching, it remains veiled to him and far remote; but to the man of understanding, who knows that the fear of God and not estrangement from God leads to truth, knowledge is an easy matter - he enters on the right way to this end, he brings the right receptivity, brings to bear on it the clear eye, and there is fulfilled to him the saying, “To him that hath it is given.”


Proverbs 14:6

Note, 1. The reason why some people seek wisdom, and do not find it, is because they do not seek it from a right principle and in a right manner. They are scorners, and it is in scorn that they ask instruction, that they may ridicule what is told them and may cavil at it. Many put questions to Christ, tempting him, and that they might have whereof to accuse him, but they were never the wiser. No marvel if those who seek wisdom, as Simon Magus sought the gifts of the Holy Ghost, to serve their pride and covetousness, do not find it, for they seek amiss. Herod desired to see a miracle, but he was a scorner, and therefore it was denied him, Luk_23:8. Scorners speed not in prayer.

 2. To those who understand aright, who depart from evil (for that is understanding), the knowledge of God and of his will is easy. The parables which harden scorners in their scorning, and make divine things more difficult to them, enlighten those who are willing to learn, and make the same things more plain, and intelligible, and familiar to them, Mat_13:11, Mat_13:15, Mat_13:16. The same word which to the scornful is a savour of death unto death to the humble and serious is a savour of life unto life. He that understands, so as to depart from evil (for that is understanding), to quit his prejudices, to lay aside all corrupt dispositions and affections, will easily apprehend instruction and receive the impressions of it.

Pro 8:9  They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge.


Proverbs 8:9

plain ... understandeth — easily seen by those who apply their minds.
that find — implying search.


Proverbs 8:9

They are all plain - נכחים  nechochim, straight forward, over against every man, level to every capacity. This is true of all that concerns the salvation of the soul.

To them that find knowledge - When a man gets the knowledge of himself, then he sees all the threatenings of God to be right. When he obtains the knowledge of God in Christ, then he finds that all the promises of God are right - yea and amen.

Geneva notes;

 Meaning that the word of God is easy to all that have a desire for it and are not blinded by the prince of this world.


Proverbs 8:9
They are all plain to him that understandeth,.... Whose understanding is enlightened by the Spirit of God; who is a spiritual man, that has a discerning, and can judge of spiritual things: as for the carnal man, let him have what natural knowledge or wisdom he will, he cannot know these things; for they are spiritually discerned, and can only be discerned by spiritual men. The Bible is a sealed book to others, learned or unlearned; the mysteries or doctrines of the Gospel are hid in parables from such; but those to whom Christ has given an understanding to know him, these know them, and they are plain unto them: for though there are some things hard to he understood in the Scriptures, as in Paul's epistles, and some sublime truths in the Gospel; yet those which are necessary to salvation are easily understood; that faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save the chief of sinners, is a very plain one;

and right to them that find knowledge; a spiritual and experimental knowledge of Christ and his truths. The Targum is,

"to them who desire knowledge;''

and so the Syriac version; that seek for it heartily and diligently, in a right way, in the use of proper means, under the direction and by the assistance of the Spirit of God.


Proverbs 8:9
To him - Whose mind God hath enlightened. To them - That are truly wise.

All seems so easy to understand, so many use the excuse I do not understand the bible, I say get a modern translation, the gospel message is in all modern translations, not study bibles, but capable to understand the simple gospel and core doctrines. I have heard this by people a thousand times in soul wining. The fact is as the text and commentaries bring out, many really do not want to know and it is the number one excuse, also without being saved the god of this world blinds the mind of the non believer.

K&D's commentray put it well, The frivolous man, to whom truth is not a matter of conscience, and who recognises no authority, not even the Supreme, never reaches to truth notwithstanding all his searching, it remains veiled to him and far remote;

In our day and age so many have become a law unto themselves, I see this as a big issue, everyone says I believe in the god of my own choice, I believe this and that, they rebel against parents, all authority and want no one to try and explain any basic salvation message, also in these days people can not endure, do not want to endure, do not care to endure sound doctrine, and so they find teachers and doctrines to tell them what they want to hear.

 This is Judgment itself, the fact these false teachers like Joel Olsteen, Benny Hinn and others, are there as a judgment on the church, they would not be around and rich if the church did not seek them, look for them, raise them up, this is a direct judgment so evident. False teachers, false doctrine, the lord says you want them, you got them, this is judgment. To reject the simple gospel message and sound doctrine, to choose the false, and the spectacular over the truth and divine presence of Christ is a matter of choice and once again, we see the great falling away.

It is all about free will, free choice, and the lord’s word says, they are handed over to reprobate minds. The lord in love and mercy hands them over and lets the rebellious or proud seeker have his way, but Judgment day is coming, and than they will have their way than as well, they have been willingly handed over to reprobate minds and a disregard for the holy.

As I read websites, watch videos, read things, it all points to humankind saying, I want it my way, I am master and I will bow to no one. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Jesus Christ is lord. One can choose to do so today, why wait.

The other big one I encounter as an Evangelist is, they are all a bunch of hypocrites, a cop out, but sadly, there is a lot of truth. Many church’s and ministers have done more damage than good, they have wounded seekers. Christians have been found out and have made the bride at times look like fools. The devil spends a lot of time trying to destroy your testimony and why? Revelations teaches us, they overcame him(Satan) by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.

There is power; overcoming power in the blood of the lamb and the blood gave you an overcoming testimony. I love how Lynard Ravinhill said it in’ wake up church’ and in these days I agree." I am embarrassed to be called a part of the body of Christ, because I believe it is an embarrassment to a holy God"

I recently wrote, most of what is called charismatic is so out there, so filled with false doctrines, false manifestations, I am embarrassed to be called a Pentecostal.

 This is a strategy of the devil, and as I said a clear judgment on the church, or these ministries would not be around. The true bride, the holy, humble remnant grows smaller everyday, but the remnant will always be, as the gates of hell will never prevail over the true remnant church universal, never. Before judgment, and during it, the remnant grows smaller and smaller, but it is alive and well around the world. The true bride, the seed, will always have sound doctrine, a strong faith in the gospel message and preach, teach and share the gospel truth.

The copycat neo-charismatic movement is here because the void is there and the void is being filled by the devil and the flesh. The part that is not void, small it may be can still have the divine and true presence of the lord in their lives. The power of the Holy Spirit is being poured out on the remnant now, and this is an indictor of the evil days and ensuing judgments the nations are under and the church.

 During the time Jesus walked on the earth, there was an unusual and high outpour of demon possession. The devil knows when the real deal is here. The onslaught of evil and the outpouring of unspeakable evils are happening again, because the lord is empowering and getting ready his remnant ones. This shows me the whole thing is about to fall, the judgments, the economy, famines, you name it, the out pouring only on the true believer is for a purpose.

1. To preach and save souls with signs fallowing, the main reason, read acts, the gifts were manifested  to testify, solidify, Jesus was indeed alive, and the Jesus preached the only way to salvation. Attesting miracles the lord’s divine stamp on his divine truth, Jesus is the only way truth and life.

2. The gifts are for the edification of the church, so few left, but for the edification of it.

3. The edification of the individual remnant Christian. Comfort, power, miracles, deliverances, words from the throne, as we are to build ourselves up in our most holy faith, praying always in the holy spirit as Jude says. Praying in the tongues of angels our prayer language is different from the gift of tongues, Paul said I pray in the tongues of men and of Angels, this is the heavenly prayer language, that intercedes and prays the will of the lord as we do not know how, or at times what to pray for, Rom Ch 8. Spiritual power to over come evil and to become more fruitful. The gifts help us to grow in the fruit of the spirit, with out the spirit gifts and the blood of Jesus no one could be fruitful as we battle against the flesh every day and only by the lords mercy, power, and blood can we live a holy life, we simply can not do it.

3B. To teach us, give us insight, illumination, revelation, words of knowledge, wisdom discernment, prophecy. As the text in Proverbs says, it really is, and should be easy to understand the gospel clearly and correctly to the one who is saved and has blinded eyes that now see, it all becomes so clear. It is the taking off of the blind fold that is the work of the holy spirit, all we can do is witness, teach and preach the word and the spirit does the convicting and comforting, not me and not you, its all about the lord, he alone saves souls, he alone gives the increase to us who plant and water, the ones who plant and water are nothing but humble servants, as it is only the lord that cause the increase, come alive and grow, amen.

If you are a seeker, it is high time to ask Jesus to be lord of your life, it is time to accept Jesus as the way, truth and life, it is time to repent and make the 180 degree turn, it starts with the mouth that makes confession and a believing heart. Have you made this life and death decision today, if you have not, I would not put if off. In time you will grow from milk to meat, you will grow in grace as we all do every single day.

You can not be truly save without total belief, surrender and becoming a doer of the word and not a hearer it requires repentance, admitting you are a sinner and are doomed to hell with out salvation by Jesus blood, and it is salvation by faith alone, not works.

I implore you reader, if you are but a seeker, still straddling the fence, becoming a law unto your self and not ready to commit, its your choice heaven or hell, our loving lord gives you free will, The lord wills that all men would be saved, he wills, but you are given free will, and so it is up to you. make the first step today, repent of your sin, admit you are a sinner and need Jesus to come and make you born again, it is the only way, the only gate, the only opening to eternal life, why waist your life on sin for a season, as the season we are in, is a season that is calling for action, action on your part. Today is the day of salvation.

There is no need to  say formatted sinners prayer, just repent and believe on the lord Jesus and you will be saved, turn from your ways and make that 180 today, its the only way, so what are you still seeking for, I pray you commit your life to Jesus Christ today, If you have please write me a line and let me know, so I can say PTL with you.

Once you are saved, as the text says, all will become clear, you will start to understand as you will have the eyes of Jesus and the teaching of His spirit to lead you , guide you into all truth, the first step, is just that, the first step.

 The angels in heaven will rejoice over one sinner that repents, when you do this all of heaven rejoices, lets give the heavens, the angels an occasion to rejoice and praise the lord in heaven today, as your name will be written in the lambs book of life, and you will be born again, a new day, a new start and the only way to peace.