Many Are Still Looking The World Over, For What Is In Their Heart, Or Should Be, When The Gospel Is Not Enough

Psa 46:10  Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psa 46:11  The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

Myers (not Joyce Myers lol.) Old Commentary and devotional.

In times of difficulty--be still! Thine enemies are plotting thine overthrow! They laugh at thy strong confidence! But hast thou not heard His voice saying: "This is the way, walk ye in it"? Then leave Him to deal with thy foes from whatever quarter they come. He is thy Rock, and rocks do not shake. He is thy High Tower, and a high tower cannot be flooded. Thou needest mercy, and to Him belongeth mercy. Do not run hither and thither in panic! Just quietly wait, hushing thy soul, as He did the fears of His friends on the eve of Gethsemane and Calvary. "Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him." "Be still, for He will not rest, until He hath finished the thing this day."


Psalms 46:10

Be still, etc. — literally, “Leave off to oppose Me and vex My people. I am over all for their safety.” (Compare Isa_2:11; Eph_1:22).

Spurgen on PS 46;

Subject - Happen what may, the Lord's people are happy and secure, this is the doctrine of the Psalm, and it might, to help our memories, be called The Song of Holy Confidence, were it not that from the great reformer's love to this soul-stirring hymn it will probably be best remembered as Luther's Psalm.

Psa_46:1 - The song of faith in troublous times.

I.          Our refuge. Our only, impregnable, accessible, delightful place of retreat is our God.
II.        Our strength. Our all-sufficient, unconquerable, honourable, and emboldening strength is our God.
III.       Our help. Ever near, sympathising, faithful, real, and potent is our God.

Psa_46:1 - “A very present help in trouble.” Religion never so valuable as in seasons of trouble, sickness, and death. God is present helping us to bear trouble, to improve it, and to survive it. Present by gracious communications and sweet manifestations; present most when he seems absent, restraining, overruling, and sanctifying trouble. Trust and wait - James Smith.

Psa_46:2, Psa_46:3 –

I.          The great and many causes for fear.
1.         What might come - mountains, waters, etc., persecution, pestilence, etc.
2.         What must come - afflictions, death, judgment.
II.        The great and one cause for not fearing. Fearlessness under such circumstances should be well grounded. God himself is our refuge, and we confiding in him are fearless.
 - G. Rogers.

Psa_46:4 - Glad tidings in sad times; or, the city of God in the times of trouble and confusion, watered with the river of consolation - Ralph Erskine.

Psa_46:10 - “Be still, and know that I am God.” The sole consideration that God is God, sufficient to still all objections to his sovereignty - Jonathan Edwards.

Psa_46:10 - “I am God.”

1.         In that he is God, he is an absolutely and infinitely perfect being.
2.         As he is God he is so great, that he is infinitely above all comprehension.
3.         As he is God, all things are his own.
4.         In that he is God, he is worthy to be sovereign over all things.
5.         In that he is God, he will be sovereign, and will act as such.
6.         In that he is God, he is able to avenge himself on those who oppose his sovereignty.
 - Jonathan Edwards.

Dear reader, I speak to you today who are still in fear, those that have lost confidence in the lord’s protection in the days we live in and all that is coming. So many are still afraid, we are to be still, not inactive, but active spiritually, active in holy prayer, soul winning, humble service, inactive as to a troubled and fearful heart.

 Many are active in the wrong things, thinking upon the doom, thinking I must flee, I must hide, I must put food away, I must prepare, anyway I can, if you can great, but to those who cannot, what’s the reason to be in a hurried state, a cluttered mind, a panic stricken soul, it will hinder the small still voice of the lord.

 To be still is like when Mary sat at Jesus feat, her sister Martha who was cumbered about many things, and troubled, Mary had chosen the better part, to be still and sit at God in the flesh, Jesus Christ’s Feet. There are too many Martha’s in the remnant Church, hurried about with fear as their main focus and drive. Fear will always cause great mistakes and bad decisions to be made.

The true secret to learning to be still is as the next part says, Know That I am God. We must get to the place that we have confidence the lord is on the throne, he has you in his view, you are covered and protected, and he is lord of all. The verse I used last time is fitting hear.

Heb 11:6  But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

The secret is no secret; it is just not chosen to be sufficient for many. The lord is all we need, His word, man lives not by bread alone, but by every word that comes from our lord .Many are fearful of the coming famine. We read in the psalms, the lord will feed his beloved in famine and give his people drink. In the N.T. in the sermon on the mount we read, do not worry about tomorrow, what you shall eat, drink, cloths, nothing as the father knows all you need.

Get to know who the lord is, do you honestly know who he is? If you did, you would know from his word, his character, and his character is one of faithfulness to his true people, a help in time of trouble, our hiding place, our Goshen, our refuge.

The problem I see, as I have said, I see what posts people are reading and its mostly the prophecies, look if you need a prophecy, if you need a preacher to preach a hard word to keep you in line, you have missed it. The love we have for Jesus should be our motivation to draw near to him and walk in holiness. It is all about love.

Why do so many still seek out a vision, a dream, a prophecy, the hour is late, you should now be getting your personal directions straight from the lord, from his word and in prayer. I see a trend of many who are prophecy crazed as I have written on before, they just can not be still and know Jehovah is God, they are not satisfied with the word of the lord, they are not content with the presence of Jesus, why?

You need a fresh revelation of who Jesus is, who God is, you need this now and it can only be obtained with a intimate prayer and praise life, you do not need to listen to every new prophecy posted on the net, for many false prophets abound, the word stands sure.

 You must understand you; yes, you can have a one on one with the lord. Just chose the better part like Mary, Martha’s sister, and sit at Jesus feet, learn from him, let His Spirit lead you into all truth. Much of what is on the net, websites, videos so called apostate Christian T.V. is mostly false, yet so many keep looking, everyday for someone with a prophetic gift a preacher or teacher to lead them. We no longer need any human as our intercessor that was done and finished on Calvary and when our lord resurrected, but its not enough.

What I see is so many Christians look and look and look, as if it was Christian astrology, or looking for a secret crystal ball. You should be getting all you need first handed from the lord himself.

 So reader, be still, stop searching the world over for yet another prophecy and look to Jesus who is the spirit of Prophecy, you have the mind of Christ, use it. This is what is needed, and it is needed now, as the internet will shortly no longer be as it is now, than what, no internet, what will you do, where will you look, stop this mindless fearful search now, and get the peace of the lord that will rule your life, this peace will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, our Price of Peace. 

I am not saying there is not true prophecy's we should listen to, but prophecy is for confirmation, not revelation