The REAL DEAL Can Be Yours Today- The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Let me start by posting a short article on the great revivals of past and than the message from it.

The Sixth Worldwide Awakening of 1904 - The Welsh Revival

The early years of the 20th century witnessed a number of revivals around the world.

It is impossible to understand these revivals apart from their roots in the Holiness Movement which had developed in the late 19th century. Of course, the issue of 'holiness' was not new. John Wesley advocated 'entire sanctification' and 'Christian perfectionism' in his 'Plain Account of Christian Perfection.' The idea that 'sanctification' could be instantaneously experienced subsequent to conversion was a Wesleyan norm. Testimonies to 'experiences of sanctification,' abounded during the 19th century.

For example, James Caughey's book entitled 'Methodism in Earnest' is subtitled '...being the history of a great revival in Great Britain; in which 20,000 souls professed faith in Christ, and ten thousand professed sanctification, in about six years, in association with the labours of Rev. James Caughey....' Phoebe Palmer regularly held meetings for the promotion of holiness and was the first to use the phrase 'baptism of the Holy Spirit' to describe the experience of 'entire sanctification.'

Charles Finney also embraced the Wesleyan doctrine of sanctification and his Oberlin presidency successor, Asa Mahan, begin to teach the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a baptism of holiness. The Holiness Movement was nurtured and matured by a variety of ministries so that, by the turn of the century, America (especially) was awash with hundreds of holiness groups.

During 1893 and 1900, twenty-three new denominations arose out of this movement. A passion for more power, more holiness, more evangelistic success and a greater outpouring of the Spirit took a hold of the church. This was the background of the Evangelical and Pentecostal revival movements of the early 20th century.

In 1900 a revival broke out among South African Boer soldiers, who had been captured by the British and transported to various British colonies. At the conclusion of the war, in 1902, they returned to South Africa and the revival returned with them. Gypsy Smith reaped a great harvest there in 1904.

In Japan, during 1900, the church doubled in size as revival swept through many ailing churches. In 1902, Torrey and Alexander conducted meetings in Melbourne, Australia, resulting in over 8,000 converts. This news spread like wild fire, igniting a passion for prayer and a fresh expectation for God to work in similar ways everywhere. In 1904, Torrey and Alexandra were in Cardiff, Wales and, in the light of a minimal response to the Gospel, they called for a day of prayer and fasting. Suddenly things changed dramatically and thousands were converted during the next 12 months.

On the day of prayer and fasting (according to Torrey) Evan Roberts received an anointing of the Holy Spirit with great power, in a meeting conducted by Seth Joshua. Here the Welsh Revival began. It was Sept 22nd 1904. However, the roots of the revival went back further. Young Evan Roberts had been praying for revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit for 11 years. Through a vision he received, Roberts believed that God was going to win 100,000 souls. In response to a further vision, he returned home in Loughor from Newcastle Emlyn where he had been enrolled in a Bible College. During his first few meetings the heavens opened. God's presence seemed to fill the air. Many were prostrated with conviction, others cried for mercy and many were so filled with the Spirit they pleaded with the Lord to stay His hand. Soon the revival spread to other places in South Wales.

Teams of young people assisted preachers like Roberts, Sydney Evans, Seth Joshua, Joseph Jenkins and R. B. Jones. The revival then took hold in North Wales. Within six months 100,000 had come to Christ! The Welsh Revival was soon the main topic of conversation throughout the Christian world. Wherever the news went it seemed to cause passionate prayer and began to ignite revival fires everywhere. Christians across Great Britain turned to prayer and church membership increased throughout the land.

In Scandinavia a current revival was fanned into a mighty blaze, as a result of the Welsh Revival. Germany was similarly affected as the flame spread across Europe. Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Balkans and Russia experienced awakenings. The United States felt the after-shock of the Welsh Revival in almost every place. Prayer, conviction and conversion spontaneously occurred, resulting in unusual church growth.In 1906 the modern Pentecostal Movement was born in Azusa Street, in Los Angeles, after a succession of local revivals through 1905. News of the Welsh Revival encouraged more prayer and suddenly the Holy Spirit descended. Daily meetings were held for the next three years. Visitors flocked there to catch the power of the Spirit and they were not disappointed.

No one could have imagined that this was the beginning of the greatest and most effective missionary movement that the world had ever seen. It marked the birth of Pentecostalism, once called 'the third force in Christendom.' Some would argue that, 100 years later, it has grown into the largest and most powerful force of all Christendom.

Almost no country in the world was excluded from the effects of this incredible revival. Almost every nation, on each continent, received new power from heaven, a new passion for prayer and for the lost. Hundreds of thousands came to the Lord.

I want to repeat one thing that stands out as a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

God's presence seemed to fill the air. Many were prostrated with conviction, others cried for mercy and many were so filled with the Spirit they pleaded with the Lord to stay His hand.

Now that is a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it comes with mighty conviction, prostrated humbled souls, cries for mercy, the power comes so strong men could hardly take it and asked for the lords hand to be held off, no more. The flesh cannot handle the real deal why?

 It is the holiness of the lord, the divine presence of the lord, it brings repentance, anguish, crying for mercy and intense power from on high. This sounds nothing like what we see, read and hear of today, esp. on Apostate Christian T.V. The neo-Charismatic’s and false outpourings have nothing in common with what you just read as a first hand witness and historical account of, the real deal.

Most do not want the real deal, because it is holiness, it is a dying to self, it is filled with anguish and repentance, no, today people want manifestations and than live as unholy vessels after the unholy manifestations in a service are over. This is genuine revival of soul; it is what we have been experiencing the last month.

 Dear remnant one if you are in need of the Real Deal, it can be had by asking, and when the real deal comes, it will annihilate the flesh man. Last week was Pentecost Sunday, the feast of weeks, the day the church was born, and 3,000 saved, this is the real deal.

 We are flawed vessels, we sin, we are imperfect, but if you want in on the real deal I tell you now, as before the lord said, ‘I will now pour out my spirit in might and power , but only upon my remnant bride, my true people who desire it, seek it and will embrace the true effects of the real deal’.

I could not pray, preach even exist without the Spirit, but when the true Holy Glory falls as I can witness in our own home it has, it is like nothing else, so beyond what is called charismatic or modern day Pentecost. This real deal is a free gift, it comes in a holy heaviness, at times you will say, I can not take any more, this glory is so heavy, I am flesh. This can be for you remnant one, it is needed today, and now.

 I wrote around a month ago about the lord saying he was ready to pour out on his remnant ones that have been tried in the furnace, a true explosion of the gifts, the real deal. One day after that prophecy, in prayer , we were kneeling, repenting and it just came, one day after the word, and it has not let up for a month now. This means it was a true word and it is for all the remnant that want it.

Repentance, submission, a seeking after the lord in deep passion is all that you need to do, and the fire will fall, do you want this? It can be yours today, just say lord I want the real deal, ask and you will receive. This is a dark time we are in and if the remnant ever needed the real deal it is now, so why wait, ask to get the real deal today and you will by faith.

 Others it may take a few days of humble repentant prayer, letting the lord clean you from your sins, the only hindrances are if you have any thing against anyone and you will not let go of it and forgive, this is always the number one hindrance, I have seen these many years , the ones who do not get the baptism of the holy spirit, is, they need to make something right, be in forgiveness and mean it, repent and seek the lord with your whole mind, soul and spirit, ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened. This is the remnants promise of the REAL DEAL.

Lastly;, some may say or think, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a gift, and like salvation a gift we can not earn it, this is true of salvation and the sealing of the spirit. The Baptism of the holy spirit, while a gift, still has scriptural instructions concerning it. This is not legalism, the need to repent, forgive, love, be obedient, these are all things that must be done to receive the real deal.

Act 5:32  And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey him.


Acts 5:32
And so is also the Holy Ghost - In the gift of tongues lately communicated; and by his power and influence on our souls, by which we are enabled to give irresistible witness of our Lord’s resurrection.
To them that obey him - We obey God, not you; and therefore God gives us this Spirit, which is in us a fountain of light, life, love, and power.

The Spirit of God is given to the obedient: in proportion as a man who has received the first influences of it (for without this he cannot move in the spiritual life) is obedient to those influences, in the same proportion the gifts and graces, the light, life, and power, of the Holy Spirit, are increased in his soul.

The Real deal and the continuing of being filled as acts CH 4 shows, is one of a doer of the word and not one that is a hearer only. The amount of the anointing and the anointing itself is costly, it takes brokenness, repentance, holy living, or you will not get the real deal, as the lord knows the heart, or you can lose the power and anointing when the prayer chamber and the word are neglected. Understand, Salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you everything, death to self and submission to the lord’s word and will no matter what. This is what separates the false outpourings from the real deal.
No one comes into ministry with a special anointing , like American idol makes a no one a star, it takes time, patience, suffering for Christ, dying to self, a passion for the lord and others, it is a matter of obedience .

 At times we have dry spells that is not due to sin, these are tests, and we are not always at fault, these things must come, Faithfulness before promotion is in the N.T. It takes self-sacrifice for others; it takes nights in tearful prayer, much brokenness, as the lord hates pride. Pride alone can easily leave you in a place where the real deal seems far away.

 Remnant one, its all about if you want the real deal, consider the cost. Jesus said before a man builds he considers the cost, so consider it well. Forgiving others that really did you wrong can be one of the hardest things the N.T. demands, but it is a must if you want to dwell in the most high and in the secret place of thunder, a holy God, demands holiness, for with out holiness, no man shall see God. We are talking about the Real Deal of the HOLY SPIRIT hear, we are the temple of the holy spirit, this requires daily maintenance as did the O.T. temple, the lamps trimmed and things clean and in order, may it be so with his remnant ones today,