The Right Way Is Always Better Than The Left, Also Personal Word About Me And This Application Of The Message In My Own Life.


Psa 107:7  And he led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation.

Joh 21:3  Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.

Joh 21:4  But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.

Joh 21:5  Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.

Joh 21:6  And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.

We can spend much of our life doing things the wrong way, out of the perfect will of the lord. My own pray of late is simply this, 'all I want lord is to be in your perfect will, no matter what it is, I ask for nothing else, nothing, but to be in your perfect will for me'. I have been praying this and meaning it.

After several years now, stuck in this small desert town, no opportunities, no work, no nothing, I have ministered mostly online, Tried a church plant, the only Full Gospel Church that was set to preach truth and the holy word of the lord. It never got off the ground, as a ministry-Church planter these 34 years; I have seen this only one other time. It is due to such a small place and the town being 100% Baptist, I love the Baptist, My brother is the local Baptist pastor, I now go to his church as I did before, they preach and teach the word, and yes it is a tad different for me, but the word and true love is there.

 As an Evangelist right now and writer, online teacher, I need to be in a Church, its hard sometimes, because I am a minister and am called to preach, but I sit, keep quiet and go to meet the lord. I have tried a few years ago to start a lapidary home business as I took up rock hounding hear, many, many world class rocks here. Than had an Etsy site-store, to sell my cabochons and silver workings, studied Gemology and ministered online. The products did not sell, so closed shop, sold 2,000.00 worth of quality designer cabs I made for 50.00. I was beat down.

I get an occasional painting job, via my brother, who does some contracting work on the side, but work is rare here in California and esp. where I live. Than I tried my music business again, with very low priced services, a free audio recording school, it has gone nowhere, Than I tried to sell my first book, took months to put together, not one order, than I tried a new online ministry school, to date, not one student. I post flyers for PC repair, got one job, I also tried selling my jewelry on the road side, sold nothing, are you getting the pitcher, now here is why I am saying all this.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, that’s me. I put 110% into everything I do, as Our lord expects excellence from his ministers and People. I also had posted my resume all over the net for a Sr. Pastor Job, nothing, than an asst. Pastor, than outreach Pastor, nothing. 1,500 Churches, and or, ministers close or leave the ministry in N.America every month, so where are the vacancies? I have done online collaboration things, not one sale, in a depression, recession it is said ‘the best thing to do when there is no work is to start your own job- business.

 Four years of trials and tribulations. I finally came to the lord a while back and said, Ok that did it, I have tried everything and nothing has bore any fruit, even this online ministry to be honest. A lot of reads, but that’s it, almost no one has listened , downloaded any free music, under 3,000 reads of six free e-books and resources, no comments, no emails, no nothing. Many times, I have wanted to stop this online thing, because it to has not been fruitful.

I said lord what is it, I am 100% sold out to you, I love you I labor for you, I put you first, I love you I worship you, have thine own way lord, have thine own way. I mean it.

 It was not until recently however, that I said whatever it is I accept it, if this is it, I accept it in Joy. Now all I pray is lord let me know your perfect will and that’s it. In everything give thanks, for this is the will in Christ Jesus concerning you, (me).

Taking the praise route, simple, yes, but what a difference and comfort it has brought, the fresh outpouring of his presence and spirit, now over three weeks a home revival. I see this is better than anything. When the lord will not remove the thorn, he gives grace to match it.

The most startling thing the lord has told me and confirmed many times recently is this. Your watchmen job is now over, come down off the tower, put away the trumpet, you have done all I appointed for you to do, you sounded the alarm, now I am going to use you in a last days ministry, after the famine and collapse of America happens, the lord said it is very, very close. All this trial, all this tribulation has been a preparation period for what I have called to do, in this desert. I felt, OK, does this mean I am going to die, I am done as a watch men, what do you mean, the lord said to my heart,
'All of my watchmen on the wall, all are being told to stop warning, the warnings are over, judgment now begins, this is no longer the need, all who have listened and heeded have, the others will not wake up until, its to late, just be at peace, enjoy this outpouring and feed my remnant sheep'.

This is all my posts and things will be until there is no internet now, feeding the sheep, encouraging the remnant and that is it, no more books, no more anything. Daily teachings and audio preaching to feed the sheep.

The text verses have a meaning in all of this. In the psalm 107, we learn of the many, many backslidings of the lord’s people, and his restoration of them, it is all about his loving kindness. The right place, a habitable city, the lord can make springs in the desert and he will, he will make this place a habitable place, for me that means acceptance of where I am, and satisfied with the lords divine presence. The fresh springs of water, the inner revelations, prophecies, words of knowledge are pouring out in joyful jubilation.

 It has been a long time, but now all has changed. The explosion of the gifts on the remnant, a message I posted was for me, and others, the next day that prophecy was fulfilled in my own heart and home, the next day , the glory fell and has not let up PTL. The lord has made this wasteland tolerable, all the things that did not work, all the attempts, all, the things, bore no fruit, but it was for this reason, the trial, I guess I passed… so far, it only took four years, lol. I would now say, I would not change or exchange this presence for anything I tried in the spirit, and at time in the flesh. Something’s, not all, were the left side, the wrong thing, and not the lords perfect will.

The next portion of the word was when Peter said I am going fishing, he denied Jesus, and returned to his vocation, he picked the fishing net back up, that he once tossed down.

 He and the others worked hard all night, to you and me that night could be four years, Jesus came, his presence comes, and he says, try casting your net on the right side, they obeyed and caste the net on the right side not the left, and what a catch they were given, and at the wrong time of day, you set your nets at night when fish cannot see them, it was sun up and not time to cast the net, maybe Jesus blinded the fish, LOL. something happened.

The lesson, I see in the right side, the right place, as our text shows, is the right side is the right way, the left side the wrong way, or not the will of the lord. Whatever the lord tells you, do it, with Joy, and in peace. Real acceptance and joy in whatever your situation is. This is casting your net, your life, dreams, and expectations on the right side, once we do this, we will have abundance, spiritual abundance, and this is key, a spiritual outpouring, a true yearning for nothing but the  presence of the lord and his glory in might and power.

Cast your net, what ever it may be on the lord, accept the answer even if it is a lot of No's, because the lord knows what is best for you, you may not understand it right now, but time is up, very soon everything is about to change, this outpouring is better than any of our nets. This is our earthly gift and reward, a peace, a rest in the divine presence of the lord. A refreshing before the storm and in it.

 Saint it is coming so, so fast and many things will change, the lord clearly told me this, so relax, win souls, love the lord, pray, read the word, and simply trust and obey for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey.

Now, cast your net on the right side and just see what happens.