The Last Days Of Home Delivery From The Milk Man

Heb 5:12  For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.

Heb 5:13  For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.

Heb 5:14  But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.


Heb 5:12  By now you should have been teachers, but once again you need to be taught the simplest things about what God has said. You need milk instead of solid food.

Heb 5:13  People who live on milk are like babies who don't really know what is right.

Heb 5:14  Solid food is for mature people who have been trained to know right from wrong.


Hebrews 5:12

For when for the time - They had heard the Gospel for many years, and had professed to be Christians for a long time; on these accounts they might reasonably have been expected to be well instructed in Divine things, so as to be able to instruct others.
Which be the first principles - Τινα τα στοιχεια· Certain first principles or elements.

The word τινα is not the nominative plural, as our translators have supposed, but the accusative case, governed by διδασκειν· and therefore the literal translation of the passage is this: Ye have need that one teach you a second time (παλιν) certain elements of the doctrines of Christ, or oracles of God; i.e. the notices which the prophets gave concerning the priesthood of Jesus Christ, such as are found in Psa_110:1-7 :, and in Isa_53:1-12 : By the oracles of God the writings of the Old Testament, are undoubtedly meant.

And are become such - The words seem to intimate that they had once been better instructed, and had now forgotten that teaching; and this was occasioned by their being dull of hearing; either they had not continued to hear, or they had heard so carelessly that they were not profited by what they heard.

 They had probably totally omitted the preaching of the Gospel, and consequently forgotten all they had learned. Indeed, it was to reclaim those Hebrews from backsliding, and preserve them from total apostasy, that this epistle was written.

Such as have need of milk - Milk is a metaphor by which many authors, both sacred and profane, express the first principles of religion and science; and they apply sucking to learning; and every student in his novitiate, or commencement of his studies, was likened to an infant that derives all its nourishment from the breast of its mother, not being able to digest any other kind of food.

On the contrary, those who had well learned all the first principles of religion and science, and knew how to apply them, were considered as adults who were capable of receiving στερεα τροφη, solid food; i.e. the more difficult and sublime doctrines.

“The soul is like to a young infant, which, if permitted, will grow up to manhood in the love of sucking; but if thou take it from the breast it will feel itself weaned.”


Hebrews 5:14

strong meat — “solid food.”

them ... of full age — literally, “perfect”: akin to “perfection” (Heb_6:1).

by reason of use — Greek, “habit.”

senses — organs of sense.

exercised — similarly connected with “righteousness” in Heb_12:11.

to discern both good and evil — as a child no longer an infant (Isa_7:16): so able to distinguish between sound and unsound doctrine. The mere child puts into its mouth things hurtful and things nutritious, without discrimination: but not so the adult. Paul again alludes to their tendency not to discriminate, but to be carried about by strange doctrines, in Heb_13:9.

Dear reader this message is not for the new Christian, or very new convert, as they are to be feeding on milk, this word is to the ones that have been a Christian for a while. These such ones are to now be eating the meat of the word and not just milk, not un-teachable, without discernment, eating whatever doctrine and teaching that comes down the road and not even being able to tell what is right or wrong anymore.

This is a word of rebuke and correction, as it is written, why are so many Christians still on milk? They have become dull of hearing and thus unable to apply biblical truths. This is the day when all  should be eating the meat of the word,  in discernment, it is a high alert, a time that you must know what the word says and have the capacity to toss out what is not biblical, and cling to the meat of what you read and hear.

In the music business as a teacher, I used to call people newbie’s, that’s fine, they are teachable and apply themselves and do the work, the others were called spoon bees, they want to be hand feed everything, ask a lot of questions and never do any study, the spoon bees never last the studies. It is the same with Christians, so many want a minister, a blog, a video to teach them, they do not read the word for themselves, and after a message, they digest a lot of poison and do not even know how far they have fallen from bible truth.

 An Experience has overtaken maturity, the ability to stand when the lord is silent, when you must wait, and stand on the word. Many want goose bumps and the feel good gospel, so few once mature saints want truth anymore.

This is the day when all must know, the old milk man is out of business, and he does not do home delivery anymore, the person has to get up and go to the store to get the milk, this is the same with the word, you want a person to do all the work, study, praying for you and deliver a word to you, this day is coming to a end and fast. What will you do when all you have is your bible and nothing else? think on this.

The lord says, ‘I am the one who will teach you, feed you, bless you, direct you, all you have to do is be teachable, humble and draw near to the me and I will draw near to you’.

 What will you do when there is no internet, no T.V. and later no freedom. Bibles will be outlawed, burned and so will many Christians.

 Take time to read and memorize as much meat as you can now, read as never before, even if you do not remember it now,  perhaps your memory is not what it used to be, or your one that say, ‘I can not quote the bible like others’, listen, the Holy Spirit in these last days will bring all the meat to your memory as promised, it will come back to you, it will come out of nowhere. The brain is still the greatest computer on the world, and you may not know it now, but when the time comes you will have many verses come to you and you will be amazed, you will be in wonder as the Spirit brings these verses you did not even remember reading, so urgent is the time to read and absorb as much of the word as you can now.

There is a famine of the word, and a soon famine of bread, man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the father. This is important, Jesus also said,’my food is to do the will of the Father that sent me’, ministry, prayer, and touching the untouchable, doing the impossible

No, The milk man days are over, so now in these last days it is time to become a word smith and know how to use your sword, it will give hope, truth, encouragement, peace, faith, confidence, and it is a living thing, the word is and will always be alive and active.