Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The R.F.I.D. Chip Is NOT The Mark Of The Beast 100% Proof

I am still amazed how many people teach the R.F.I.D. Chip is the mark of the beast, the word has already been taught on this matter. I will give much more info in this message

It is a control device a tracking device a currency, one World Bank system, as many already never use cash. You have a S.S. number correct. You already are numbered and known. The RFID will be a lose of freedom, and who wants that, but yes its coming, Food stamps and other government cards will be chipped, some already have biometrics, in Ca. St they take your finger print and a face recognition pitcher, done deal, you are now bio tagged. The RFID is all this is, but enhanced. The Greek word for mark of beast, mark is an image, a tattoo, or a pitcher, or a etching as in a scratched tattoo, not etching on a PC chip already heard that one.

NOTE, Brand New Post Dec 8 2014, PT2 very short one Greek word proves this point the link is at,

The mark of the beast system , the real deal does not happen until the mid trib, understand the proper biblical time frame, please, I have the free e-book you really need to read it, its a must  to teach sound doctrine and the whole of the proper bible prophecy timeline.

Put your thinking caps on for a minute, yes, we are given spirit discernment, but we were given a mind also and are to use our minds. We have the mind of Christ, put it on and read, listen and use critical thinking this is necessary to understand many things. You need not be at your postgraduate level to learn critical thinking; Wesley talked of this often and is correct.

The mark of the beast 666, is and will be a visible mark, number, tattoo, image, on the forehead or hand. It must be seen, visible to all, and why?

Think, the antichrist is not stupid, he will not have his name or image hidden where no one can see it, it will be to many a mark, a badge on honor.
To be an implanted chip would make the mark invisible, people, the ones with the mark, and the devils minion governments and brown shirts, must see who has this mark and who does not so they can be turned in rated out. If it were hidden who would know? and the devil is to proud not to have his name-image shown plainly in the open, he wants all the glory in his mark to be seen as he declares himself God. Are you starting to understand?

Does this not make sense to the thinking mind?

Also the reason the current RFID chip is not to be feared, unwanted yes, feared no, is because number one it must be visible so this is not it, look at the Greek, and use what I said to think on, also you must worship the image of the beast. This is key in understanding the RFID chip, you must worship the beast. The RFID system, is already in place, and many will be forced knowing, or unknowing to take this tracking device and cashless society, it is a pre set up to the mark of the beast and to condition people to lose all freedom and allow the one world bank to control what finances anyone has. These chips are already in use, many departments stores, a couple of the big ones, use RFID chips in the cloths and products.

 This came out a while ago and a lawsuit was filed against this RFID use, against wal-mart, the settlement and outcome has yet to be determined, wal mart said the chip is deactivated once the person leaves the store, and is used for marketing and quality control, all true, not conspiracy. Others are freaked out about the GPS thing that happened at the last census , also a first and true, people freaked out and are scared to death, listen input your street address on Google earth, you are already known and already GPS tagged, think man think.

Your social security card is already a type of the mark of the beast and more like the coming RFID chip, so your already tagged and were so at birth, now are you starting to understand?

The mark, the 3.5 last half of the tribulation is where the real, prophesied 666 comes in, it must be taken willingly and you must worship the beast and his image, this is not the RFID tag.

Many black ops on the  net have disseminated this scare tactic all over the net and many unknowing Christians are falling for it, and Patriots say no one is tagging me, you are already tagged, so why the hysteria and black op, and esp. by pre trib rapture folks and dis-info prophecy teachers on T.V. who are wolfs in sheep’s clothing, why?

The same reason people in the Truth movement sell fear and gold, silver , survival goods, many are black ops, and fear mongers. Many lit. Are of Lucifer himself. The reason TPTB want this false teaching of the miss timing of the revelation events is so people will choose death, fight, up rise instead of taking the chip, and in doing so they rid a whole lot of unknowing people who do not understand bible prophecy.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. As I've been telling people the RFID chip is nothing more than Lucifer's mis=direction for the real 'Mark'. People forget he's the master of deception.

    Bless you my brother.

  2. Wow someone who agrees I have taken a lot of crap for that message, but truth us truth and a lie is a lie men, so glad to read someone else agrees
    Thank you for your comment

  3. I've been telling this to my fellow Christians, but they think I'm nuts.
    At least I know now that someone else think the same.
    Thank you.

  4. So i can take the.chip and not be condemed? Please respond! Im verry nervous about this!

  5. The bible is crystal clear about the mark of the beast.
    1. willing take it with them telling it is the mark of the bast the RFID is not, lose of freedom tracking yes, 666 NO Also, they can not force you to take the mark of the beast as they will a tracking device.

    2. You must not only take the mark of the beast you must worship the image o the beast, that is key.

    The RFID is coming way before the mid trib, that mid trib is when all must take the mark, by choice or die, and worship the image of the beast, the abomination of desolation when in the temple anti Christ gives life to the best, so it can talk and all must worship him or die, simple, people are confused on what the bible teaches and listen to what men teach. Read about the mark of the beast in the book of revelations and you will see all I have said is right from the bible, read the word yourself, think on what I said, and do not ear. The tribulation has not even started so its a while away

  6. Your dispensational eschatology is all wrong...I suggest you forget John Nelson Darby's heresy and re-read the Bible for all it's worth...not through the Darby/Scofield lens....

  7. re read the bible? I read it every day, would you like quotes in Greek, Hebrew what, I see your a new reader, I have all 10% facts on the end times, it was my second major and 40 years in study on it, how many books or messages have you done?
    Read my free e-book,
    The correct biblical end times , or the coming pre trib to America, both have the word, the history and the facts they are free, hit free books than refute, but t refute one post and say as you just did shows the spirit of what is called a troll and harsh comment indeed don't come and read if you do not like, read my works and than refute over 800 messages on this site refute with facts you did not give any facts aside from re read the bible, I hop-e you read and learn everyday as I do, as all the bride should. I have not arrived, you have not arrived we will know all when we reach glory, this is my opinion and my bible knowledge and frankly my site but read the books than refute your comment says ital my friend very un -Christian.

    The fools uttereth is whole heart, and your heart-words tells me a lot, spend time on your face in the closet prayer room and do the work of a Christian, go out and win souls, this is number 1, prayer, study of the word and service, do you do anything for the lord or just troll and steal, peoples time.

    Paul told Timothy, Avoid foolish and unlearned questions, for all they do is generate strife.

  8. 100% proof? More like 100% conjecture. There's nothing in the Bible suggesting that the mark needs to be visible. That's pure guesswork. What does Satan care if he's getting worship either way? You close by explaining that RFID is a misdirection so that people choose to fight and die. Are you suggesting that it should just be accepted, or what's the alternative?

  9. If you read the Greek word it is what it means, thank you for your comment, My burden on this issue and why I posted , let me explain. The mark of the beast can not be forced upon you, it must be taken willingly, and the image of the beast must be worshiped, many fell if say via obama care or something, people must take this RFID by force, or in a FEMA camp lets say, injected by force they will be doomed, I want Christians to know, that it must not be by force and the correct prophetic timing is in the mid trib as the bible teaches, not now in birth pains. After the antichrist stands in a lit. temple declares himself to be God, and the mark is instituted at this time, not before, anything before can allude to it, may be a cashless society and such, but not the real deal TPTB want Christians dead, so they have things go viral as they put fear in people, and this fear of forced RFID, They know that set it up so many will fight, resist, or off with your head, it is a matter of the bible prophecy time line, and we are not in the mid trib, the antichrist has not been known, we are in the birth pains, seal one, the antichrist, has not been broken, we could be a long way off from this event, we may never see it, it is a matter of a lose of freedom, but America is under Judgment, and as the lord did with his Old covenant ones, he changes not, America is under Judgment, we will lose all, and see great Judgment fall on our nation, it breaks my heart,but it is what it seems to be.
    Again thank you for your comment, I hope I cleared some of this up, I pray I did.
    In Jesus

  10. I agree it will be taken willingly but there's a subtlety there about what constitutes force. Held down in a FEMA camp is certainly forced in every sense of the word. But something like a requirement to "get chipped" as a prerequisite to health care is much less clear since we should have a choice to take the penalty (imprisonment etc) or simply flee (out of the country, into the wilderness etc.) Personally I think it more dangerous to discount such possibilities since we'll be unprepared should we be presented with such a dilemma.

    It sounds like we're in general agreement about timing. Things like RFID and Verichip simply show that the technology is here to support a literal payment token in the hand or forehead. They don't necessarily provide a when, and certainly not a who. Hopefully there will be no such doubts when we see the image, the abomination, and the worship.

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. You just showed a spirit of True Christianity my friend. I can tell by your words I agree with what you just said 100%, and yes I hope, and I think we will know when the thing, what, when will be the mark, I hope we never have to see it, the hour is late, all is in place
      that can say to us at the least USA, will have A tribulation, like nazi Germany numbered by IBM the Jews, and others, this could be a close brother, to that big brother .It is so sad to see where we are going, it is not where I remember now in my mid 50's, The wonder years are gone, but thank the lord he and he alone still shows us his wonder.
      In Jesus
      Lord bless you, us all and keep us safe in the hard days just around the next bend.

  11. i believed the chip to be the mark until i read this

  12. Thank you for your comment, It amazed me, let me say why. I read it, mused on it, read it to me wife, yes the one line, why? in that one simple line it sum-mates the whole reason the lord gave me this message to post, and your reaction was the reason PTL, gave me great joy, PTL
    Thank-you keep eyes wide open, stay in sound doctrine, be in prayer and watching, that you be not deceived in these last days

  13. Jesus is coming back and the world is being prepared for Jesus to rule it. So what if the Enemy will use these systems for a short time to control the world, Jesus will take them over from the Enemy. I personally am looking forward to the freedom of never having to carry a wallet or keys again, and implanted RFID seems to be the solution. We have already accepted RFID in every other area of our lives, if RFID is the mark of the beast we have already accepted the mark of the beast, it just has not been put in our bodies yet.

  14. Jesus coming back and taking the true mark of the beast is not bible theology.meaning the bible prophetic time line, see other messages that clarify this. The fact everyone has a Social security card, that alone is all that is needed, every place has GPS , cell phones tracking devices, it is a control issue, loss of freedom, but not the mark of the beast.This was published as the lord directed , because many of TPTB are trying to scare people to death into thinking this is the mark of the beast, the mark of the beast is outward see, the Greek also it does not happen till the mid trib, we are in the birth pains, it is not the mark of the beast, I do not know what you believe Jesus is coming back, at the last trumpet . 1000 years he rules and reigns not before, .He ruels in our hearts , but His kigdom is not of this world, we are not of this world, his kingdom is set up, After the 7 year trib,m, not before.I am not jumping up and own about this as you seem to be, but it is not the mark of the beast, it will be, it is coming, and you have to worship the beast key, the beast is not here yet, and I would not worship him, the two go together many do not get this.
    Thank-you for your comment, but as said, you sound a tad happy no ore keys no more cash, the cash will soon be gone any way, I do not know if this is an agent speaking, or a miss lead soul, it is not something to be happy about , but nothing to fear,
    Dr Dan

  15. I believe the mark of the beast will be worn as a badge of religous servitude. Many if not all muslims believe allah means 666 and it is worn on the heads of jihadist. They also pray towards mecca 5 times a day witch is where the kaba stone is, they believe this stone will one day speak. Muslims also believe that a "Mahdi" will appear who will islam through out the world. Islam could possibly be the antichrist religion. What do you think of this? Thank you God bless...

  16. It matters not what I, or anyone thinks, we must look to the bible and see what it says. Fact the anti Christ must be Hebrew, Jewish blood line of King David,tribe of Judah, be it by a fake blood test or not, currently the cult of the black virgin in France is actually a group of Jews, of the synagogue of satin, they are from the tribe of Dan, in Revelations when we see the 144,000 Jews and 12 tribes the tribe of Dan is not listed in the 12, they were responsible for major idolatry that effected all of Israel..
    Most likely the Antichrist who will, must, be a Jew, or the Jews would not accept him as the Messiah, so many over look proper orthodox bible prophecy what I Major in.

    Google the cult of the black virgin , you will find a long detailed post on who they are, very interesting.
    They claim to have parts of the cross and relics, indeed they do not, not real ones, and claim they will make known soon the Antichrist, remember were talking about the tribe of Dan, we are talking about a Jew, the anti Christ will be, must be a Jew, we have the bible on this.

    Look up the meaning on Antichrist, he must be a replica, and almost exact fit of the Christ messiah Jesus.

    Thank you for your comment

    1. Makes sense that me must be a jew. I will look into this. Thank you

  17. Thank-you for your comment, the lord be with you, with us all, in the hard days coming, and the very days we are in.

  18. How long away do you think it is until the antichrist reveals

  19. Bible prophecy is clear what to look for , that has not happened. The true Christian will know as the lord will tell you who it is and who it is not, many are giving names of who the antichrist is, and the timeline. When the birth pains are over than the first seal opened that is the antichrist.

    I can give when do I think, all I can do is listen to the lord as you must, I will say this, stop looking for the antichrist spend more time seeking Jesus and his power and might, It matters not when we have Christ manifest glory put your attention on your own walk and pray and read , be in watching and prayer stay in sound doctrine.

    1Jn tells the spirit of antichrist is already at work in the world, look around, all the sin, evil you are seeing his working your face , so set your gaze only on Christ that is what matters. Not when the Devil comes, Christ has come to give power, understanding and he is our refuge, worry not read the message 'Tomorrow is Satan's today' recent message page one. Powerful truth apply it.