Time Stealers and False Seekers

1Jn 2:27  But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


Ye need not that any man teach you - The Gnostics, who pretended to the highest illumination, could bring no proof that they were divinely taught, nor had they any thing in their teaching worthy the acceptance of the meanest Christian; therefore they had no need of that, nor of any other teaching but that which the same anointing teacheth, the same Spirit from whom they had already received the light of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ. Whatever that taught, they needed; and whatever those taught whose teaching was according to this Spirit, they needed. St. John does not say that those who had once received the teaching of the Divine Spirit had no farther need of the ministry of the Gospel; no, but he says they had no need of such teaching as their false teachers proposed to them; nor of any other teaching that was different from that anointing, i.e. the teaching of the Spirit of God. No man, howsoever holy, wise, or pure, can ever be in such a state as to have no need of the Gospel ministry: they who think so give the highest proof that they have never yet learned of Christ or his Spirit.

And is truth - Because it is the Spirit of truth Joh_16:13.
And is no lie - It has nothing like the fables of the Gnostics. It can neither deceive, nor be deceived.


all things — essential to salvation; the point under discussion. Not that the believer is made infallible, for no believer here receives the Spirit in all its fullness, but only the measure needful for keeping him from soul-destroying error. So the Church, though having the Spirit in her, is not infallible (for many fallible members can never make an infallible whole), but is kept from ever wholly losing the saving truth.
no lie — as Antichristian teaching.

Geneva notes:

You are not ignorant of those things, and therefore I teach them not as things that were never heard of, but call them to your mind as things which you do know.


1 John 2:27
Ye need not that any should teach you, save as that anointing teacheth you - Which is always the same, always consistent with itself. But this does not exclude our need of being taught by them who partake of the same anointing. Of all things - Which it is necessary for you to know. And is no lie - Like that which antichrist teaches. Ye shall abide in him - This is added both by way of comfort and of exhortation. The whole discourse, 1Jo_2:18-27 is peculiarly adapted to little children.


3. From the instructive blessing they had received from heaven: But the anointing which you have received from him abideth in you, 1Jo_2:27. True Christians have an inward confirmation of the divine truth they have imbibed: the Holy Spirit has imprinted it on their minds and hearts. It is meet that the Lord Jesus should have a constant witness in the hearts of his disciples.

 The unction, the pouring out of the gifts of grace upon sincere disciples, is a seal to the truth and doctrine of Christ, since none giveth that seal but God. Now he who establisheth us with you (and you with us) in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God, 2Co_1:21. This sacred chrism, or divine unction, is commended on these accounts: -

(1.) It is durable and lasting; oil or unguent is not so soon dried up as water: it abideth in you, 1Jo_2:27. Divine illumination, in order to confirmation, must be something continued or constant. Temptations, snares, and seductions, arise. The anointing must abide.

 (2.) It is better than human instruction: “And you need not that any man teach you, 1Jo_2:27. Not that this anointing will teach you without the appointed ministry. It could, if God so pleased; but it will not, though it will teach you better than we can: And you need not that any man teach you, 1Jo_2:27. You were instructed by us before you were anointed; but now our teaching is nothing in comparison to that. Who teacheth like him?” Job_36:22. The divine unction does not supersede ministerial teaching, but surmount it.

(3.) It is a sure evidence of truth, and all that it teaches is infallible truth: But as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, 1Jo_2:27. The Holy Spirit must needs be the Spirit of truth, as he is called, Joh_14:17. The instruction and illumination that he affords must needs be in and of the truth. The Spirit of truth will not lie; and he teacheth all things, that is, all things in the present dispensation, all things necessary to our knowledge of God in Christ, and their glory in the gospel. And,

 (4.) It is of a conservative influence; it will preserve those in whom it abides against seducers and their seduction: “And even as it hath taught you you shall abide in him, 1Jo_2:27. It teaches you to abide in Christ; and, as it teaches you, it secures you; it lays a restraint upon your minds and hearts, that you may not revolt from him. And he that hath anointed us is God, who also hath sealed us for himself, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.” 2Co_1:21, 2Co_1:22.

I have had many people over the years tell me, preacher I do not need you or any man, and they quote this verse, this is not rightly dividing the word, and is a sign of a proud and UN-teachable spirit. I have seen many self-appointed ones say the lord tells me all by revelation, who are you? I am a fellow no body as everyone else. Some have different gifts we need then all to be edified.

You simply would not believe how many times people have quoted this verse and go on to say they are instructed to tell me all kinds of bizarre things and out of context. This is why Paul said to timothy; avoid all foolish and unlearned questions. Anyone can self appoint themselves and claim to be something, a one who is a visionary, a prophet an Apostle, many self appointed ones need heed this, it is out right rebellion.

I preach not myself, but Jesus Christ and him crucified. The spirit is discerned by those who have practiced this as the word says, we are to discern this spirit of a lack of humility and brokenness, ‘in the counsel of many, a thing is established’. We have far to many lone ranger Christians, we need each other, I need you, you need me, and we learn from each other.

Dear reader if you are encountering someone who is being used of the devil and not a real seeker constantly ask questions to justify their sin, loop hole theology, or trick you with questions these are what the call is to avoid, foolish and unlearned questions, they do not edify and these ones are time stealers, they are used by the enemy to take up your time so you can not redeem the time wisely, for the days are evil thereof, do not let these time stealers take any of your time.

Gal 2:5  To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the truth of the gospel might continue with you.

Gal 2:5- Paul did not give legalistic, false seekers one second of his time, so we must do the same, the hour is to late to be found arguing and not in the word and prayer and soul winning. Watch out for these Time Stealers.