As Said, Once A Week I Will Be Posting Music Videos, Classics That Have Always Been My Favorites

As A Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Recording artist, Indy Record Co. Urgent Mission Records, I have plenty of my own music to post,( do not let my music credentials sound so great as I am a no body and I do it all free) I wanted to do something different once a week, post some music by others that have a lot of personal meaning to me, and influenced me. Most will be music from the 80's and early 90's, classic stuff many young believers may have never heard. And so This first round I picked

Petra Not of This World, I think one of the best songs and albums they ever recorded, when Greig X Voltz was still the lead singer. I just heard this year they are all back together and cutting a CD and doing a tour, all the originals.They have always been about wining souls big time. I just saw a 45 min brand new interview about them, I may post that sometime, very interesting and very moving.

The second song is one of my all time favorite songs that is filled with glory, the imperials from the best ever CD Let The Wind Blow, the last song was a great end to a great album, worship stuff, called Not To Us O Lord. I hope someone gets blessed and takes a listen, as I will do this once a week on Thursdays, A good way to kick off your weekend, if you have one.LOL. I still love my music and recording, It will forever be one of the biggest things in my life.