The Divine Presence Of The Lord Is Showing Up Every Day, And On The Gifts Of The Spirit

1Co 14:1  Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.


They discerned and did what is best for the Christian cause, foretelling certain future events. (Act_11:27)

 In the religious assemblies of the Christians, they were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak, having power to instruct, comfort, encourage, rebuke, convict, and stimulate, their hearers

The desire for the genuine Gifts of the spirit, but esp. prophecy. In Revelations we read , for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy, this says at any time, when the lord so wills, he can speak through any true Christian, if you have Jesus , you have the holy spirit, and if you have the holy spirit at anytime the holy spirit can prophesy through you, even if this is not your normal gift.

Have you ever instructed anyone? Taught? Preached? Comforted, Encouraged any one, how about when you had to rebuke someone, well you did according to the Greek the prophetic acts, moved by the spirit, during a witnessing opportunity and the spirit just flowed out and verse after verse came, the person convicted and saved, this free flow evangelism is by divine appointment, and , so to do the work of an evangelist, a street witness, street preacher, a preacher anywhere.

 The word in Strong’s also adds at the end, to preach, naturally under divine inspiration, ministering under the anointing as a humble vessel, that is emptied out and the lord speaks through you and in prayer to you.

It is wild to be in the lord’s presence, and out of nowhere, he speaks to your heart, says something, reminds you of a sin you forgot about that day, like the driver that cut you off and you did not say amen, lol.

When the lord’s still small voice says I love you, and embraces you as His child, that warm, feeling of knowing the lord is in the room where you are. We have all experienced some of these things and it testifies that the lord not only speaks, but takes time to visit us, that always amazes me after a holy encounter, an anointed sermon, I just soak it up a while and say, lord you are so Good, you took the time to visit and listen to little old me in the corner praying, I will never fully understand this, on this side of glory.

 I mean when you know the Spirit just showed up and everything seems to change, while nothing has changed, you walk away with a amen in your step and joy, then think after such peace, but what has changed, I am still in a mess, and a problem, but I don’t sense the impact of the blow the thing was giving me, this is casting our care and anxiety upon him, casting all on the lord, submitting in utter weakness and rising as a mighty man or women of valor, ready to go out and tell someone Jesus is  lord. This is the spirit filled life, I have tasted and seen the lord is good and whatever comes, nothing can compare to the divine presence of the lord.

Note; in the text love is mentioned first, Paul wrote 1 Cor Ch 12 to 14 the way he did on purpose, Ch 12 talks of the gifts, and proper order, than from the gifts to the grand chapter on love, more important than gifts and breaks up this gift info with saying I will show you yet a better way and that is love, as mountain moving faith, the ability to prophecy etc. is a big zero without love, and love is in Gal 5 as a fruit of the spirit and is the fulfillment of the N.T. commandments.

Ch 14, after the love chapter, he says earnestly desire spiritual gifts esp. Prophecy, so we should, and instructed to not only wonder about the true gifts but Earnestly desire them, a powerful word.

Many do not know their gift, or have one or more and do not move in them, of late The lord has been pouring out his real deal gifts once again on his remnant Church, the real deal, not the current false revivals and crazy antics.

Fruit is more important than gifts as Ch 13 tells us and other verse, but we are still to earnestly desire them and seek them, it is for edification of the body and for edification of self as our prayer language edifies ourselves, but prophecy.

 I have seen a dramatic fresh new move of accurate words so accurate you simply would not believe them; I have started writing then down, after prayer when I get them, a good idea for all.

I am being with held from posting some very specific words why, I do not know, most are for me, but many are for the body, so when I am given the OK I will post.

The greatest gift of all, as I said, is the powerful presence of the lord in prayer, the weight of glory has fallen in every prayer time, short or long, and fast, this tells me we are very near some big events very, very soon. The lord said he would give specific directions and words only when these things foretold were ready to come on us, and so because of this, it in itself is a confirmation, and a warning, it is about to hit the fan very soon.

Thank the lord for daily saying Trust, no fear, etc, that is self-edification. None of this would be possible if it were not for his presence, also this says The hiding place, the fortress is, as I wrote, the presence of the lord in the secret prayer closet, he is setting up a standard as the lord moves, shows up, right after, every single time, all hell breaks lose and the enemy tries to attack and stop the divine presence, spiritual warfare, it will only increase as well as the lords word and presence increase, if you are a real Christian, one of his, you are targeted by the demons, if you were not doing the devils kingdom damage he would not fight with you. This is why so much of the church and so called Christians are at ease, no warfare, because they are not targeted. The closer you get to the lord the closer the enemy tries to take you down, but he can not, resist the devil and he will flee in Jesus name, that simple, and all the lords power and name is behind it, the almighty powerful only true lord amen.