Gwen Wilkerson Death, The Lord Bless Her, David And Gwen Are Now Together

Gwendolyn Wilkerson, wife of Pastor David Wilkerson, died Thursday morning. She was 81.

Her death comes a year after her husband, who founded Times Square Church in New York, died in a severe car accident in East Texas. Gwen was also in the car but survived the crash last April though she suffered a broken hip.
In a statement on World Challenge Inc.'s website, her family stated that "Mom has longed to go to be with Christ in heaven" ever since her husband passed away.
"We are comforted knowing she has entered her reward," Debbie, Bonnie, Greg and Gary Wilkerson said.
The cause of her death was not immediately known. The Christian Post's calls to World Challenge Inc. – home of David Wilkerson Ministries – were not returned by press time.
But a brief statement by her family indicated that she has gone through several cancer battles.
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"She had an amazing resolve and unshakeable faith, exemplified throughout her life in her numerous battles with cancer. Her miraculous story was told in her faith-building book, Abiding in His Strength," they said. "We are grateful to our World Challenge partners for all your prayers. She prayed for you daily and always considered it a great privilege to be part of this ministry."
David Wilkerson, bestselling author of The Cross and the Switchblade, was recognized last year for being a spiritual father to many. Along with Times Square Church, he also founded Teen Challenge, an evangelical Christian recovery program that helps young adults struggling with addictions. He was 79 when he died. He and Gwen were married for 58 years.

O' death where is thy victory, O death where is thy sting.

David Wilkerson as you know was promoted to glory, before Gewn, I was shocked by this, as Gwen has been very sick, for a long time. She had cancer 27 times, one can only imagine the suffering, the pain, the many surgeries, 27 times, before she died she said, 'all these years the lord has been so faithful, he has been so good'. A lesson to all that are ill, sick, in pain, no mater what, in it all the lord is faithful to sustain, when he does not heal, he sustains, when he says no, he says yes, I will give mercy, power, grace and strength to match your thorn.

I am sure as she crossed over she was met by her loving husband David, marriage is different in heaven, but you do not have a private mansion, you will know those in heaven that you knew on earth, family's will dwell together, husbands and wife's, it is different, but an eternity of the glory , love and in the light of the lord. 

To those reading this, your battle is almost over, the day draws near when we shall look up , because our redemption draws near, what a day that will be