The House Of Cards Are Soon To Fall

I do not write or preach much on the age-old argument of the doctrine of Calvin, because so much info is on the net and in books, it has been a long time disagreement. I was reading theses verses and all I can say, is these verses and many others teach us we can lose our salvation, I am amazed at how many do not read the same thing.

I know from talking to Calvinist-Baptist, they have been compartmentalized and there is no way to bring them to this gospel truth, its all they know. It will take the spirit to reach the heart, I cannot do it.

The same with those that believe in a secret rapture, it is very hard to open their eyes no matter how many verses you use, again theological compartmentalization from doctrines of men, it is no different with a Mormon or Jehovah witness, they are deeply compartmentalized , I have tried over the years and have had zero effect on Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness, and now sacred name theology people.

Why, I ask, what bible are these folks reading, they read the same bible, (not Mormons) why can they not see, the god of this world has blinded them by the twisting of the word, neatly packaged as truth and indeed they are nothing more than theological deceptions and doctrines taught by men and their Churches, schools, commentaries and such, this portion of the word is a hands down portion that if any open minded believer reads can only come to one conclusion, you can lose your faith.

Rom 11:20  Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear:

Rom 11:21  For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee.

Rom 11:22  Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.

The Jews were broken off so the gentile church could be born, also we read, Be not high minded, but fear, fear what and why, the next verse tells us.

....On them, which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise, thou also shalt be cut off.

How much clearer can the word be? In the early church fathers there was no mention of a rapture or unconditional Eternal security, it was all holiness, justification and always the word IF.

We are to WORK OUT our own salvation with fear and trembling. Why would salvation take nay work if after a prayer your set for life?

I have become recently very burdened over this, because I know Baptist who are in the world, trying to get gain, becoming wealthy and chasing after ungodly pursuits and now are in pride and frown on the poor, this was never in the word, read James, that says it all.

I see these ones seeking to build their little kingdoms and have no daily walk and consecration of the lord, a Church service and the legalist is happy. Many who say, I said a sinners prayer’, are now reprobate, the lord hates pride, we are told if one is haughty ( high minded) worldly, (seek things of the world and riches) and in pride we are commanded to forsake any contact with them. I have had to do this of late, the lord showed me the verses and said, ‘son, you must do it my way or your way’.

 It is not easy to cut he cord, esp. with family, but pride is the original sin, works will not get you to heaven, a one time prayer will no do it, wearing themselves out to become rich will not do it.

 A daily, holy walk with the lord, daily repentance.
I heard a preacher tell this man who stood up and was confessing some sins and things he was convicted about, this Baptist minister told him to sit down, he did not believe the saved are to have a sin conscious, or to much if any at all, good lord, this is 100% against the word, and is post modern theology, so many once faithful ones continue to fall by the way side, my heart breaks.

We are to be holy, separate from the world, if a so-called believer is living the wrong way and walks with chin in air because they honestly think everyone that has little is under them this is a disgrace. Pride is the key, the catalyst, the lord hates pride.

Be not high minded but fear, daily fear, awe reverence of the holiness of the lord, this is the Church under judgment, and is one of the main reasons,  a person is wrapped up in the world, making gain, building their house of cards that will soon fall we are to come out from amongst them, as like Babylon, so we are not near them when the judgment falls and their house of cards fall.

 They will come to you, do not go to them, do not hate them, but hate what they are doing, pray for their salvation, but in the mean time, I do not plan on hanging out with those under judgment so I will not be hit when the fire falls, we must walk away and leave the results to the lord, after the storms come cards get wet, cards they have built will  fall , maybe they will return and at this time, they will come and seek out the holy remnant and be teachable and open.

This will never happen for many until their house of cards fall, and mighty will, the fall of it be. They are building on sand and not the solid rock, and most do not even know it, because of self-deception, they think they are fine and all set. Many are in for a very big surprise, all man made doctrines will fall, be exposed, in the economic collapse and famine, they will simply lose it.

We have the word on these matters, and we must follow the word and obey our lord, watch against pride, stand in holy Godly fear, because not one of us know what the end of our life will bring if we compromise life or death.

The deeds of the flesh esp. pride is the ultimate sin, Lucifer’s first sin and it is alive and well on planet earth, so be alert, be where you are called. The lord just a few days ago finally told me in specific’s where I am to be and what I am t do.

 The lord is willing to do this, give very direct direction to those who are humble and are willing to listen, relying 100% on the lord and not any human.

Note: I wrote this last night, this morning reading Myers devotional a lot of what is said was confirmed, you just have to love confirmations, it establishes a word, so this is an established teaching amen here is the post -devotional from today I just read

July 9

"What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"-- Mar_8:36.

SIMON PETER had been urging our Lord to spare Himself the suffering to which He had referred, but He answered that this could not be for Himself, or for any other who would follow in His footsteps. Proceeding from His own deep experience, He went on to show that in the same measure every one must deny his own choice and will and pleasure, in order that he may reach the highest life for himself and others.

It is not necessary for any man to make a cross; it is our part simply to take up that which God has laid down for us. The cross is no exceptional piece of asceticism, but it is the constant refusal to gratify our self-life; the perpetual dying to pride and self-indulgence, in order to follow Christ in His redemptive mission for the salvation of men.

 And it is in proportion as men live like this that they realize the deepest and truest and highest meaning of life. When we live only to save ourselves, to build warm nests, to avoid every discomfort and annoyance, to make money entirely for our own use and enjoyment, to invent schemes for our own pleasure, we become the most discontented and miserable of mankind.

 How many there are who have given themselves up to a life of selfishness and pleasure-seeking, only to find their capacity for joy has shrivelled, and their lives plunged into gloom and despair. They have lost their souls!

If a fire is raging, and a millionaire saves his palace from destruction, but in so doing loses his own life, does it pay? And are there not many who are building for themselves palaces of wealth and pleasure, but are losing the power of enjoyment because they are destroying all the finest sensibilities of their nature.

 Our Lord asks, what does it profit to gain the whole world, and forfeit one's own soul?

But not to adopt the policy of the world is certain to bring upon us dislike and hatred, before which many have been daunted; and yet to refuse Christ's policy of life, and to be ashamed of acknowledging that we are His followers, will mean ultimately our rejection. For how can our Lord use us in any great schemes of the future, if we have failed Him in the limited sphere of our human life?


O God, we have been disappointed because the cisterns that we have hewn out for ourselves have not given the water needed to quench our thirst. Fountain of Living Water, of Thee may we drink! Bread of Life, of Thee may we eat! Light of Life, shine upon our hearts, that we may walk in Thy light. AMEN.