Prophecy From June 15 Put To Some Music I composed, I Still Speak

I wanted to put together a video with the prophecy I Still Speak, I composed the music and it still speaks. I can tell you in my own life the lord has been speaking, like the days of old. In the early 60's to around 1990, The lord spoke many, many prophetic words, they were almost all predictive and very exact timing words, up till a short while ago, I can say a 20 plus year silence in predictive prophecy's and much exact words, places, times has once again poured out.

We have been under an extraordinary revival-great awaking, daily confirmations, it is wild. The lord still speaks, all we have to do is listen, draw near to Him and he will draw near to us. Dear reader, the lord still speaks, and is now pouring his might, power, love and grace out on those that are his. Yes The lord still speaks.


  1. Praise God Brother Danny. This prophecy is true yeah and amen. There is definitely an acuteness of the spirit of God present today. For those that sup with Him, for those that come to Him, for those that put aside the things of this life in place of sitting with Him.

    Be still, and know that I am God. Be still, if we are still, if we have put the world around us to stillness we will then know God. Every time we do this we will know Him. Each time we know Him he will give us a way, instruct us, fill us with His love and power.

    God speed,

  2. PTL yes the Spirit has been speaking to me as in the days of old , very, very specific and predictive words are confirmed within minutes wild and amen
    Blessings Sarah


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