Prophetic Word Set To Music- The Inner Telescope

This is a word I was given a while back, I think it is of value to re- post tonight.
May the lord speak to hearts from this word.
Unrelated, sometimes you need a telescope to find those that say, we are with you, we agree with what we read and hear on this site. When I was setting up a street ministry , one of many,there were 20 people out of 100 in the Church that said were with you Pastor Dan, one person showed up, it is the same way with prayer meetings now days, this is a great concern to me, and I know it grieves the holy spirit.

Tonight was the first night of the new online fellowship, I needed a telescope, cause not one person joined in. I have found this online ministry to be a non interactive ministry, I have tried several ways to get the remnant ones to interact, no go, so be it. The next time is 9am Thursday, the link is to the right, I pray somehow people start to make this ministry an interactive one, it seems all it is , is a place to read a word, see a vid and that's it. My vision is much more than this, but the Lord is the one who runs this ministry, not me. Fell free to join in 9am west coast time, also feel free to comment, or email, is anyone out there?

Over the past year I have come to grip with the lack of interactivity, I have had to just keep posting, a lot of reads, but almost zero interactivity and little support. I accept this, I do not like it, but that's the way it is,this is much more than a blog it is the main ministry site of a current home missions ministry, I think due to it being on blogspot, most feel it is just a blog, so be that as well.

I get more interactivity on you tube, I hate you tube, so I hope the lord moves hearts on this exhortation to join in on any form of interactivity as we need each other. I will be posting once a week some of my favorite songs a videos that I loved in the 80's, great classic stuff, also I have recorded two new songs and a new music project, very simple, I hit record and sing prophetic songs, one take, no editing , aside from adding some pads or strings, the first one is what I said the other day when the whole day was devoted to worship, after the lord moved in power and might, I explained what we heard and saw, I lost my nice acoustic guitar, had to sell it a while back so I could eat, I bought a while back at a yard sale a 10.00 nylon string classical guitar that is awful, but guess what, with this funky dead sounding instrument the simple arrangement's only demo quality recordings is all that was needed, they are songs to the throne and from the throne, working on a cover, using an older CD cover for now.
I have all the music recorded for my half done cd A Vow Of No Silence, so that is pro quality and all done, just needs vocals and lyrics, thank the lord I still had the pro acoustic for that contemporary project. What you will be hearing on the next post is a song called You Are My Fortress, simple, all the lyrics and chords made up as I sand to the lord, this is called prophetic worship. It is anointed, eve though as a pro Engineer, it kills me concerning the quality, I hope you can over look that and let these songs minister to you and bring you into a spirit of worship,the whole new project will be the same, one shot, all free form improvised worship, simple but a living sacrifice of praise unto our lord. Many have never heard my worship music, you will now, even though the quality of sound is wanting, the anointing is not. LOL.


  1. Hi Danny, don't be discouraged by the lack of interactivity. "In its time a thing will happen suddenly".

    One thing I do know is that for over 4 and a half years now, the Lord has been quietly preparing his true sheep, so they will be ready and prepared when the time comes. This has been very much out of the sight and knowledge of everybody else, including by and large each other too! But... things ARE beginning to happen... one by one some of the things the Lord showed me over 4 years ago have happened, and more are happening.

  2. That is wild, I myself have been in the middle of the Mojave desert 4.5 years, a wondering, teaching, trials, tribulations you name it and yes, things just started to happen 2 months ago. A new and fresh presence of the lord has come, specific words, prophecy, outreach, miracles, all the lord told me, when I started to see these things in my life it would indicate we are at the very door step of all I write and minister on, so we are almost there. Not discouraged, just let down,and tired of on line ministry, over 30 years of inner city ministry, I am all about people I am not a fan of internet ministry, out here I must use what I can but many of us are in training for a true end time ministry, that's what this is all about, thanks for the encouragement and the 4.5 thing is simply wild confirmation. The lord bless you.


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