A Short 30 Min Sermon Preached At Our Last Home Church Across The Street, It Is on Joy , LOve, Peace, Comfort, Instruction And Sound Doctrine

In This short audio sermon you will hear a prophecy that says all that hear and do these things will have a healing in Mind and Body. It was done and the service, the few there were restored and healed. It is delivered in a calm yet anointed voice, It is not sloppy love, or a simple love and Joy message , it is filled with many things that are needed in the bride, I hope many get blessed this week from this sermon that the presence of the lord came and the spirit of Peace and healing filled the service. I hope you take the time to listen, 30 min will not kill anyone.In this fast paced generation listen, just stop what your doing and take a listen, you just might get something from this message.