Swiss Cheese Christianity


Jer 18:12  And they said, There is no hope: but we will walk after our own devices, and we will every one do the imagination of his evil heart.

Ps. 74:4 (NASB) Thine adversaries have roared in the midst of thy meeting place, they have set up their own standards for signs

I know a lot about cheese, as a bi-vocational minister ( when there was work) I was a deli manager, a food manager, in New England, home of the true deli. Swiss cheeses is my favorite cheese, I love the taste, the holes and such. It is one of the few cheeses that have holes, it is like many Christians walk with the lord, it is filled with holes, loop holes.

Many have decided they are a law unto themselves; they have set up their own standards and not the standards from the word of the lord.

Many walk in the imagination of their own heart, all this causes in the believer a walk that is anything, but what the bible teaches.

If you love me you will follow my commands, be doers of the word not hearers only.
We should have all our standards coming from the word, not self, not man made doctrines, all Jesus, he had no holes, why do so many Christians tat say they are followers of Christ.

The flesh, it is evil, it must be battled every day, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but battle we must.

Many look for loop holes, they cannot believe some things in the word, on purpose, or it goes against the flesh desires, it's to hard, or they have been taught no sound doctrine.

 The word is our plumb line, it is our standard. There are many things in the word the flesh hates. Issues like divorce, there are standards on what a biblical divorce is , what is not ok and what is, it is very simple, but loop holes, there must be a loop hole somewhere, this looking for loop holes in the bible is what most Christians call bible study.

One may say, I can not take my spouse anymore, I do not like, or love them anymore and so I want out, problem , the bible , our standard says different, in disobedience people get divorced and follow their own will, standards. This is not condemning divorced people, it is just one of many examples of loop hole, Swiss cheeses Christianity.

In order to make some doctrines fit, the teacher must lit, cut out portions of the bible, this leaves holes in the bible, a Swiss cheeses bible, I think soon we will have Swiss cheeses bible translations, anything goes, pick and chose, make your own destiny, be your own man, or women, be a little god, the Gnostic's taught this and it is still in the Church, little gods that know what is best.

We also have those that have to twist many verses to make their loophole; in that sense, it would be string cheese, but still cheese.

We must have the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to follow bible standards, the word is the lords standard. We must decide with all our shortcomings, backsliding, sins, mistakes and broken promises, to go back and try again, fill the holes. Stand in the gap for the bride when called to.

The gap in the Church can be no prayer meetings, no soul winning, so you may have to stand in the gap, the whole in the wall of your churches disobedience, or leave.

 This is why so many do not have a church. They are looking for one without a Swiss cheeses fellowship, it almost imposable to find. And in comes the home churches, micro churches and such.

It is a personal issue for every Christian, one that has a church or one that stays at home and has a service, it is a heart issue, not always a corporate one, it is up to the believer to stand against the current tides of apostasy, and like a salmon swim upstream, it is not popular, it is hard, but if a fish can do it, I think a Christian that has the power of the holy spirit can do it.

 It starts with a choice, you must say, I have made my line in the sand, no compromise, as for me and my house hold we shall serve the lord. Many we know have fallen, we pray for them, but we must be very careful not to be to hasty and rush in to give aid or comfort if they are being chastised, as we will be interfering with the correction of the lord in their life.

Sometimes, after we make that line, we must be diligent not to cross it. Sometimes we have to let go and let God. Let the lord deal with the person, as we are not God. Many times, we just have to in love, back off, keep away and let the lords correction take its full work.

The lord knows how to get rid of holes and breaches, he knows how to restore, and renew, he alone can fill the hole in many who are Swiss cheese Christians, sometimes all we can do is pray, and not compromise, or disobey what we know the lord has told us what to do and what he has said to do.

Dear reader, if you are confused by the millions of voices, confusion due to the enemy trying to come in and steal, kill and destroy, understand this, Jesus came for this reason, to destroy the works of the enemy, give it to the lord, read the word to learn, not to find a loop hole, you will be filled with peace, blessing and power, if you decide to follow the bible standards and not your own.

Now lets have a sandwich I am hungry, I do not have any Swiss cheeses amen, do you?