Thursday Classic Christian Music Video Day Number Week 2

These two videos, songs, are a couple of my favorites. Dallas Holm and his classic I saw The Lord, this song above many others back in the 80's always took me into the presence of the lord. It as always done so to this day, simply anointed.

The second video was a dove award winner, best song of the year with Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson, Another Tine Another Place. Notice Wayne s 80's hair, I had the same hair in the 80's LOL.
A truly brilliant song, and it was the best of the best from A to Z, I hope many have good memories when they hear these, and to the younger believers I hope you get a chance to see how good and anointed the classic music was and still is.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful and annointed! Oh the 80's. I was not yet a believer, but I had big hair like Sandi and big glasses to boot. LOL

    Sue M.

  2. This was the christian music I was brought up with and I will be posting every thursday these great old timelss gems, Thank you for your comment. Also Guess what, My wife has to have her thyroid removed so, she will not be able to go anywhere, the lord said he would close all doors , hs ewould not be going to N.E. in these days, we have low level state medical basic care, but it covers her thyroid rmoval surgery, so this will happen soon be in prayer for her surgery, the good part she will not be able to talk for a few months LOL. well with a low horse voice, the olf two birds with one stone, the lord has been so Good, and many words are being given, every day the anointing and his presence is increasing, this is an essential sign the lord gave me, we are real near some events, but we will be used in mighty ways as his true remnant bride amen, fear not and keep praising him and simply listen to anointing worship as you kneel simply say, lord you said all I have to do is ask and I will be filled and you will we have his word on it.
    Be also in prayer for us we have many, many essential needs at this time, thanks for the emails and friendship,the lord bless you and your family


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