A Vow Of NO Silence, And The Music Video From My Free CD Same Name

Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but by me, how much simpler can it be. It is time and urgent to openly proclaim the simple, yet profound gospel of Jesus Christ. Soul winning has been rejected in the apostate church, many Christians no longer win souls, Today is the day of salvation.

Dear reader we must arise from slumber, we must use this small and short window of opportunity to share the Gospel with every single person we see. It is time to return to your first love, that includes soul winning, every Christian is commanded to win souls , it is not a suggestion and it is not just the Job of and Evangelist, but a call to every single bible believing born again  christian.

I know of many, many churches that have totally stopped soul winning, alter calls for salvation, so its up to the scattered remnant to step up to the plate and preach, declare the salvation of Jesus, his atonement by his blood, forgiveness of sin and eternal life, it is salvation by faith alone. Always has been, always will be. The holy Spirit is the one that convects as you open your mouth, but how can they hear unless a preacher is sent, all are ministers, every single person is a minister in some form, a royal priesthood of all believers.

If you have never asked Jesus to be the lord of your life, I ask you to do so today, if you do not like, the peace, joy, freedom, and blessing salvation brings, the devil will always take you back, try the lord and see. Taste and see the lord is good. Many having been tasting sin, and are sick and tiered of it, many are seekers, look seekers, it's time to stop seeking and it is time to find, Get a Gospel of John and read it. Start with John and the N.T. not the O.T. start with the N.T. later the O.T. This is by faith, you may not feel it, but if you honestly repent of your sins and make a full 180 degree turn , what a different world you will live in, because once you commit to Jesus you are no longer of this world.

We are in perilous times dear reader, for your safety, and eternal life in heaven , and not eternal life in hell, is it not worth the plunge. There are no exits in Hell, it is eternal,but today you can have  an eternal life of bliss if you repent and accept Jesus as your lord and Savior. May this music video from my free music, (link to the right), speak to all the real Christians to be bold and proclaim the Gospel of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The time is now, what will you do dear reader, what will you do?