What A Day It Will Be When The Remnant Bride Sees Eye To Eye

Isa 52:6  Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak; behold, it is I.

Isa 52:7  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace, that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation, that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Isa 52:8  The voice of thy watchmen! they lift up the voice, together do they sing; for they shall see eye to eye, when Jehovah returneth to Zion.

Verses 7, is the classic verse for anyone who wins souls for our lord. The message is in verse 8, The day when the watchman shall see eye to eye. I wrote on the role of a N.T. watchmen, I wrote a watchmen is a minister, not a prophet. The current watchmen are mostly Christians in the truth movement but Ezek Ch 33 cleared that up.

It is sad that so many true Christian just can not see eye to eye, we have many interpretations esp. on eschatology matters, I have always said, Unity in the essentials, liberality in the non essentials and love in all things-Augustins wise words.

 In the coming days, and in glory we shall have no disagreements and debates, or differences, I look forward to that day, what glory that alone will be, when the remnant bride will truly be one.

The Watchman, as said, is a minister we read this in Wesley commentary and others.

Isaiah 52:8
Thy watchmen - Thy ministers, who descry the approach of this heavenly king. Lift up thy voice - To give notice to all people of these glad tidings; and by way of exultation, to sing forth the praises of God for this glorious day. Eye - Distinctly and familiarly, their eyes beholding the eyes of this king of glory. They shall be eye and ear - witnesses of the words and works of Christ, and therefore their testimony shall be more certain and valuable. Bring again - When God shall complete the work of bringing his church out of captivity.

Being able to see eye-to-eye 100% may never be possible, this side of heaven, but unity amongst the true born again bible believer, the real Christian, can have better unity if we can have eyes that have seen the king.

As Wesley wrote, their eyes beholding the eyes of this king of glory.

We should be the eyes of Jesus, His hands to humanity. When we have divine encounters, when we are in the Holy presence of the lord and we see Him high and lifted up, we should walk away with His countenance and with sanctified eyes. What a day this will be.

 I believe some of this will happen, as the judgments fall, after the USA falls, the remnant bride will be able to see eye to eye, because we will be seeing the lord , His miracles, his grace, deliverances.

JFB says it well:

eye to eye — that is, close at hand, and so clearly [Gesenius]; Num_14:14, “face to face”; Num_12:8, “mouth to mouth.” Compare 1Co_13:12; Rev_22:4, of which Simeon’s sight of the Saviour was a prefiguration (Luk_2:30). The watchmen, spiritually, are ministers and others who pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Isa_62:6, Isa_62:7),

bring again — that is, restore. Or else, “return to” [Maurer].

Face to face, mouth to mouth, eye to eye, and how. When the lord brings his people back in divine restoration, when He returns in might and power as He now is, later it will increase. The darker the days become, the brighter our lord will shine, like the pillar of fire in the Exodus.

Also note; the watchman are singing, when there is no more freedom of the internet, very soon, no more T.V. the shift of being a so called truther will be over, it will be done, when the dust settles the watchman and remnant Christian will have a new song, a singing that comes from distress and Joy in tribulation.

 Singing will take on a whole other meaning than what it is now, true full hearted worship, singing with psalms and spiritual songs, prophetic psalms from the lords heavenly ministerial. This song is a symbol of unity.

As a musician I understand that you need different sounds, when a chorus or duet sings, they are in sink, they are on note, and to be so is a unity in music, what unity we will se when we are facing the lions and singing the praises of our lord, this is unity in voice, and purpose.

We should strive to walk shoulder to shoulder, and work hand in hand. All eschatology views will disappear as our Nations fall, it will not matter who was right or wrong when.

When the West falls, we will be in A Tribulation time, if not the seven year tribulation, time will tell.

 No fighting in what’s coming, fellowship, sweet fellowship. This is one reason I started the online tinyurl fellowship room, I have not heard from any one, I know the lord would have his remnant ones come together from around the world to fellowship and encourage each other, teach each other and pray, while we have the internet.

 I am praying this will be yet another way that maybe, just maybe, the remnant bride, watchmen, prophets, saints of the lord can come and fellowship. The link to the new fellowship is to the right, the top ministry link, again I will be there as scheduled for a while I may be alone, and just on, so be it.

The schedule again is Wen 6pm West coast time, Thursday 9 am, Sat 6pm, I hope to see a few come, no need to sign up, just hit the link and join in the online fellowship.

This may be one of the only chances left, many do not go to church, many could use prayer, fellowship and sharing, a world wide call to all true remnant Christians to partake in the last days of the internet, a way to connect and encourage each other, all the more as we see the day approaching.

I hope a few respond and it grows I feel it's needed, I could use the fellowship, how about you, let us come with eyes to eyes, shoulder to shoulder, mouth to mouth, And face to face. The last days of the internet, this online ministry, online fellowships will soon be gone, many may network hook up and who knows what?

Let us see, I will be there with a short word and I will give it if no one is in the room or not and save the transcript.

Wen 6 Pm West Coast time, look forward to seeing and meeting others that are a part of the true remnant bride.