80's Christian Classic Music Week 3

Week three already, wow time is going fast. This Thursday I have chosen again two songs, both great and anointed. The Imperials Let The Wind Blow, from The Album of the same name.

Most do not know before the Imperials did all their known Christian music they were at one time Elvis Presley s Back up band FYI, well this song of songs let the wind blow is pure and no worldly influence from the old now dead King, they sing to the king of kings, simply the best album and song they ever recorded hands down

Song two John Starns The Lighthouse, a true anointed voice, in my opinion the best male vocal of all times. He became known from his days with Jimmy Swaggart, we must pray for brother John, he now has a show in Branson Mo, and I saw interviews and his new look and talk, he has fallen from the pure faith he had, I weep over this man that was used in might and power. I think his fall was due to his being with Jimmy Swaggart and than The Wolfe in sheep's clothing John Haggi, I think Haggi did him in, that was the last of John and now he has a worldly show with just laughter and a post modern message and view how the mighty have fallen. This was when he was as an angel in his voice and in sound doctrine, I still listen to his old stuff you simply can not find a better voice that takes you into the lords presence.