A Short 18 Min Prophetic Word-Sermon, A word Of Encouragement To The True Christian-A Call To High Praise

The lord came over me in might and power last night and so I sparked up the cam, still not working clear, again LOL.

 It is a very powerful prophetic word, one that will bring anointing and great comfort as it did me.

 I can witness to this word, as this early AM, less than 12 hours later, my wife who has been resisting the things of the lord, and simply not in acceptance mode, kicking against the pricks, woke up after a long night of pain, you can see her laying on the couch behind me.

She was diagnosed with thyroid disease and needs surgery, but now she just got shingles and is in such pain and sleeplessness, she broke, it may sound harsh, but the lord can lay a person on their back if need be, so they will stop resisting him and accept his will, amen.

 She said Danny, you were right, it is all me, I am broken, I am ready to be one again, count me in.

 I am not where you are, but I will be. I said you took the first step, now once your out of extreme pain, the lord will give you open armed love, restoration and all the walls fell down , 12 hours after this word, to me this is huge deal, very, very big as we were on the verge of separating, she called it quits, all changed in 12 hours after the spirit came over me, so If it happened to me it can happen to you, you have a personal testimony on it.

I have stood alone many years, praying weeping, broken. We had a 2 month revival and she ended it, I thought all was lost, the lord said look to me, give your wife to me, stand strong and forge ahead, resist the devil he will flee, the spiritual warfare prophecy also came to pass 12 hours after I posted it and now this, so maybe these words are mostly for me, but I felt an urgent fire to proclaim this prophetic word and it already happened.

 The walls came down, now we can build again, on the solid rock, and not on sand, amen and amen, may the lord and the anointing on this word bring the same to those that need it, if you get it and have a testimony , please leave a comment or email me, I know this is for others and not just me, the high praise of God, it is time to shout again, giants and walls are going to fall, just watch and see.

I need your prayers, this ministry needs your prayers, and now my wife needs all the prayer she can get with all these serious medical issues and she stays the course.

I can tell when others are praying for me, of late, I have not sensed it, I need your prayers to lift this ministry up and it will continue to go global with the truth of the lord. Thank-you, put us on you prayer list under home missions, or missionaries, Please, I need your prayers.

Forgive my unshaven shabby look I simply have no razors, so be it. LOL.

Evangelist Dan, now Daniel is out of the lions den PTL, with a shout of praise.


  1. HAllELUJAH! What a powerful word. God is good. I have been praying consistently for you and your wife. Praise Him- Yahoo- for this wonderful turning point. There was a sense of pain and anguish in some of the recent blog writings. Yet, you continued to praise Him!Wow!

    I have been praising consistently at home, work, in the car. Guess what? yesterday, my husband went to Costco and purchased two survival bins of food. Hallelujah!!!

    The more we are tested by the enemy, the harder we need to Praise Him. Thanks again and God Bless.

    Sue M.

  2. The lord is so good, amen. I just started a new site on Christian safe havens, it will cover the A to Z just did first introduction post, sad no one but you have gave your email on the Christian Safe Haven Network, I would like to email you some things, questions and all, I lost your email, could you email me?
    Thanks Dan


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