Breaking News Planet X Is Coming

I hope that title gets a lot of hits so people can hear the prophetic truth on this matter at hand.

Plant X Video Notice The speaker says Aug 17 hmmm no event, I called it and still do as I did ELEin, would be a non event, this also will be a non event mark my words 100% certain of this, Sept 29 OK I will have a message on Sept 30. Mark my words, if we still have the internet. I am posting this to tell the remnant and Christians who are afraid of this, who think it is real and are heading for the hills, This will be a non event. I have heard from the lord. Non-Event , be calm do not fear another fear oax to bring people deeper into Apathy, I did a message on Apathy, if you have not read it, you should.

The lord told us to not be in fear, notice they try to disclaim this, but at the same time are saying, maybe the dates are false, but it is coming. Also notice all the so called top secret officials these men say told them, theses people always say they have high ranking info from deep insiders as Steve Quayle always does. Do not heed this, do not fear it. We have a lot happening on earth now, forget planets, alignments,Constellations, it is pagan to do so stars, all of it. I wrote on that already.

I can tell you prophetically, This will be a non event, I repeat a non event the lord has said this, I believe it, ELEin, the lord told me months in advance it would be a non event and it was not, while the internet was ablaze with the fear mongering.

 Fear not death for any reason, no fear and watch another true prophetic word, will come to pass I am 100% certain of this, as I know what I was told by the lord. This is a distraction, a fear tactic and a tactic to make people fall deeper into apathy. So there you have it, this is why non- Christians freak out, this info is viral, and people are scared, many Christians also are in fear. Fear not, if your a believer in Jesus and are one of his, he is our shelter from any storm, real, or other wise.

I left the show suggestions button on for this one, you should see a short vid that shows that on Aug 17 Planet X is close and it is hear, well its way past that date so already you see, I have been warning all not to heed this insanity, fear, false flag.