Church Apostacy! Demonic Spirits Exposed! Endtimes! Satan is Running a Muck!!

 Published on Aug 23, 2012 by avrilabril

I start with what this YT person says about the video, in their words than add a few of my words after

In this video you will see different clips of ungodly happenings in the churches claiming to have the truth!!!! You will also see Pastors David Wilkerson and Carter Conlon Speaking out against this! Warning!!!! Disturbing!!!....(at 5 minutes you will begin to see manifestation of demonic activity..(Pay Attention to what these evil spirits cause the people to is sickening...THIS IS A FALSE SPIRIT IT IS NOT, I REPEAT, NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT !!! These things you will witness in this video ARE TRULY HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD and this Video shows just a small portion of the deception running ramped through the churches calling themselves the True Church of Jesus Christ...WAKE UP PEOPLE WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS ...THE BIGGEST QUESTION HERE IS HOW CAN ANY ONE BELIEVE THIS???!!!! But THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS DO...WHY??? Here is Why...This is the STRONG DELUSION that God has handed them over to spoken of in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2.....THIS IS NOT THE CHURCH THAT JESUS BUILT!!!! If you are apart of any of this false teaching ...GET OUT !!! For More Information on who these False/or Deceived Prophets are send me a message...

amen test the spirits this is not the real deal.

This is the stuff I keep warning you about it is spreading the world over, heed , discern, and test yourself, this is not what I minister on when I say the real deal, real signs , wonders, gifts are on and coming on the remnant Church this is far different. Look reader do you not see the spirit of the devil,out of order.

45 min long, hard for me to take it all in, I have been to these things by indentation and saw all this first handed , do not fall for this outpouring of the unholy spirit of Satan. Notice how they use the holy bible and a cross and act like they are sniffing coke and smoking weed truly blasphemy. Many world wide, have much of this, beware remnant one this is 100% false and the neo Charismatic movement I often expose.

The good news is the lord is cleaning house and the coming judgments will take care of a lot of this. May the lord deliver those out of this stuff and he will AFTER judgment.

LISTEN, 3/4, starts at the 30 min mark into the video it  is truth, meat. David Wilkerson is preaching about this in Russia, After he started to weep, cry in a way I have never seen him do before , a holy weeping over this fowl spiritual revival.

 The last part is Carter Conlon preaching the sermon Run, preached 1 week after 911, I never saw the sermon, only the short vid I have posted, at the end watch saints of God, another true man of God weep and cry and anguish, plead with the lord about this, and the prosperity gospel.

 If you can not handle with the whole vid, watch the first 5 min and go to about 30 min. in and see, hear , it is my spirit, my call, my anguish see the real deal and spoken in power.

 This is a 100% must see by all, if you do not , you will miss the whole reason I posted it, Listen and see the difference between what you see first and what you see esp. hear, after, This is a holy call saint, true doctrine, a true awakening spirit Please watch this portion, if you are serious about the lord you will, if not, so be it.