David Wilkerson's Classic Sermon From His Book The Vision

Many may have heard some of the Vision, or read it, hear is one of the couple times Wilkerson in an audio sermon spoke on it, much of it has come true and is coming true. 
I just listened to this, it has been many years, and wow, it seems to mostly become a true word in it's fulfillment. It has somethings that have not happened yet, but they will. MA must hear. A True prophetic word.


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  2. David Wilkerson was my virtual mentor 33 years. by the lords grace we remain faithful to sound doctrine and true revelation.
    All my pastor friends, old friends all the ministries I planted have all 100% fallen to strange doctrine
    Paul said in the last days men shall not be able to endure sound doctrine, we are there.
    I am glad you are blessed by the site a lot of messages, posts to dig into.
    Hope to hear from you again
    Evangelist Dan


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