Interpretation Of Dreams Is This Christian.

In the O.T. anytime someone had a dream the lord, or the angel of the lord, (incarnate Christ), or an angle, or the lord, gave the interpretation. Only in the book of Daniel do we read of Daniel interpret ting the Babylonian Kings dreams, this was because the king was a Pagan and did not understand them. The O.T. believers had understanding from the lord, not by men; it must be noted, Daniel interpreted the dream to a non-believing Pagan king.

When Daniel had Visions and dreams who interpreted them? The Lord via, His Holy Spirit from heaven not man.
Joseph had a dream and the interpretation was also given him from a non human source.

In the N.T. We read your old men shall dream dreams. A point many over look, we have many, many people of all ages saying they are having dreams, I will not put the lord in a box and say he can not do such a thing, but scripture says old men, not young men or women, they shall  have what? Prophecy, not dreams, that is what the word says. We do not have any bible source to back up anything, but your OLD men shall dream dreams, I have not been given dreams, the lord always speaks clearly to me by the word of the bible and the word of Prophecy by the Holy Spirit, maybe I am not an old man after all LOL.

In the N.T. nowhere do we find any man, women, child, giving anyone an interpretation to a dream. However, people must have had them, as Acts plainly says, and Joel.( dreams That is)

Peter had a vision while on the tanners roof top, but it was the lord who gave the interpretation, Paul had a dream of a man from Macedonia calling for them to come to Macedonia, Paul had no interpretation the Holy Spirit told him go, and so he and his companions took off ASAP.

John in revelations had his interpretive by the angles, again no human, so is interpretation of dreams a Christian N.T. practice, or even O.T. the answer is NO.

Dream interpretation is very popular on the internet, but because something is popular does not mean it is biblical. porno is popular but is it biblical because its popular, popularity of a thing, a doctrine, a teaching does not make it correct, in fact it is an indicator something may be wrong. People flock to these Pagans and new age practices all the time and it is getting out of hand. Almost every day another site, another video someone has a dream, this dream thing is out of order, as most do not line up in any way with the bible.

If you have a true dream from the lord, he will give the interpretation, and not a man, nowhere do we see in the N.T. that any one was given the Gift from the holy spirit to interpret dreams, look, look hard and prove this message wrong, guess what you will not be able to.

Let us look at just one Pagan origin of dream interpretation. It is from Egypt. The cult of the goddess  Isis, same as  mother Mary.

Temples to Isis were built in Iraq, Greece and Rome, with a well preserved example discovered in Pompeii. On the Greek island of Delos a Doric Temple of Isis was built on a high over-looking hill at the beginning of the Roman period to venerate the familiar trinity of Isis, the Alexandrian Serapis and Harpocrates. The creation of this temple is significant as Delos is particularly known as the birthplace of the Greek gods Artemis and Apollo who had temples of their own on the island long before the temple to Isis was built.

The cult of Isis and Osiris continued up until the 6th century CE on the island of Philae in Upper Nile. The Theodosian decree (in about 380 CE) to destroy all pagan temples was not enforced there until the time of Justinian. This toleration was due to an old treaty made between the Blemyes-Nobadae and Diocletian. Every year they visited Elephantine and at certain intervals took the image of Isis up river to the land of the Blemyes for oracular purposes before returning it. Justinian sent Narses to destroy the sanctuaries, with the priests being arrested and the divine images taken to Constantinople.[10] Philae was the last of the ancient Egyptian temples to be closed.

Little information on Egyptian rituals for Isis survives; however, it is clear there were both priests and priestesses officiating at her cult throughout its history. By the Greco-Roman era, many of them were considered healers, and were said to have other special powers, including dream interpretation and the ability to control the weather, which they did by braiding or not combing their hair. The latter was believed because the Egyptians considered knots to have magical powers.

Source, good old Wikipedia

Native American Indians who worship the creation and not the creator are big on meanings of dreams, we can trace dream interpretation to Pagan religions, its also in the mystic Cabala, and other non Christian sources. So why all the fascination with dreams, visions etc.

I will tell you, I know from my own ministry site, The Ayin Aleph, Ayin Bet and Now the Ayin Gamiel our 2013, gets thousands of reads, thank the lord, as I give sound doctrine the readers are not expecting to find, catch them with guile as Paul did. 

 Everyone wants to know the future, they are scared, they need someone to give them a personal prophecy, this is borderline blasphemy, as the Holy Spirit, and the word leads and guides us into all truth, we should be getting what we need to know directly from the lord in the secret prayer closet.

People do not have the patience to wait and wait until the lord has something to say, and when he does he will say it, be warned if it is from the lord it will not exalt, or pamper your flesh, and tell you how chosen and great you are, this is false prophecy. The lord is a respecter of no man.

Do the research, see the many resources on the net and look into dream interpretation, I just am getting the cart rolling for you, and you do the work, or be in deception.

Jesus Christ is our intercessor, we do not need a human one, the Holy Spirit gives gifts, but he also will make them known.

People in Church or Internet, understand the Church is under attack by doctrines of demons and the new age movement, these wolves in sheep’s clothing are everywhere, so be vigilant, watching unto prayer, so you are not deceived.

In a nutshell, No dream interpretation has no place in Christianity, it is Pagan and new age, and mystical in its source.

 Settle down and wait on the lord, stop being in fear and wanting to know everything that is going on and what is coming. It is ludicrous, and a non- bible practice, so think on this and if you can refute it, be my guest. From the bible that is, and only the bible, our standard.

After posting this I did a simple search and I found this word that says almost the same, not hard folks to search the net for facts try it.

Christian Dream Interpretation – Is it from God?

Written on by Duke in Bible Teaching, Spiritual Gifts

In 32 years of walking with Jesus, I have seen fads come and go many times. One of the fads that is currently making it’s rounds across the church is Christian dream interpretation. As with most fads, Christian dream interpretation takes a biblical principle or teaching and runs with it and stretches it way beyond what the bible or God intended. Because it is my job as a pastor to lead people to a place of maturity in their Christian walk, I feel I must address this issue.
Joel 2:28
28 “ And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.

A balanced approach to Christian Dream Interpretation

Let me first off state, that I am the type of person that does his best to be balanced and only speak where the bible speaks and be silent or at least be honest enough to tell people it is an opinion, when the bible is silent or not clear on a subject. That being said, the bible is clear that God has and does use dreams to communicate with people. From the Patriarchs to the Prophets, to the Apostles and early church God has used dreams to communicate to His people. As the scripture clearly states in the scripture from Joel, dreams will be given in the last days, and we are definitely in the last days.

Is Christian Dream Interpretation from God?

So the question is not if dreams are a valid way that God communicates with people, but the method used to interpret dreams. Is there such a thing as Christian dream interpreters or a “ministry” of interpreting dreams for people? Honestly I have grave concerns about this. The thought that people have a specialized ability to interpret dreams is a common practice in the New Age movement. Anytime something comes from this movement, I screen it heavily before I will allow it even close to me or those God has entrusted me with. It is a movement that masquerades as spirituality, but is filled with deception and darkness.

Is there a biblical mandate for a ministry of dream interpretation?

There is unfortunately no mandate. There are a couple of instances where God gave the interpretation to someone but there is no ministry of dream interpretation. Joseph, when he was in prison was given the interpretation to some peoples dreams, but there is no record he became the official dream interpreter. Instead he became the Pharaoh’s second in command. Daniel was given the interpretation to a dream but he never was considered a dream interpreter, but instead he was a prophet, and Paul was given a dream to go to Macedonia but he was never an official dream interpreter. In fact he went to his ministry team and shared with them the dream, and together they interpreted the dream as God telling them to go to Macedonia.

Is your Dream from God?

So before you go run off and follow another Christian fad, that distracts you from the real purposes of God in your life, consider these things concerning dream interpretation.
  1. Not all dreams are from God. Just because you had a dream does not mean it is from God or that it even needs interpreted. I call this discerning the difference between late night pizza dreams and God dreams. I have found that when God gives a dream, it is accompanied by a strong sense of His presence.
  2. Many times God will speak to you personally about the dream. You do not need an interpreter. God is more than capable of letting you know what a dream means. You have the Holy Spirit, you have His word. Many times He will confirm the dream directly to you.
  3. Instead of chasing after some person who claims to have a gift of dream interpretation (which is not listed as a spiritual gift in 1 Corinthians). Go to the elders and leaders of your church. They are the ones that are entrusted with the care and well being of your soul. Get wise counsel from them, not some person who is claiming to have a gift. If you will look hard, those claiming to have a gift, are also looking to advance financially by this so called gift. Never do you see in the bible a person truly gifted by God, charging for the use of that gift. Even under the guise of donations. Hear me very well here. If you chase after someone claiming to have a gift, to interpret a dream, you are walking very close to seeking after divination. The bible clearly and explicitly forbids us to use divination. We are not to try to seek after those that would predict the future or unexplained mysteries. We are to seek after Jesus. All the dream interpretation talked about in the bible, was given by God in a natural way, not because the believer sought after the explanation. God revealed it, they did not seek it.

How to Intepret your own dream from God.

So, if you have had a dream that you believe that comes from God, first and foremost go to Him for the interpretation. After you have gotten it from Him, then confirm it with mature and stable people in the Lord to see if your dream interpretation is correct and ALWAYS make sure it lines up with the word of God. Just because you had a dream about having a new wife, does not mean you are to divorce your current one! Kapish?
Pastor Duke

P.S. Please don’t write me asking me to interpret your dream. I am not a dream interpreter and if you do it just shows you did not read or take to heart what I have written.