Peace Takes Us From Strength To Strength, The Pearl of Psalms.

Psa 84:7  They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.


“They go from strength to strength.” So far from being wearied they gather strength as they proceed. Each individual becomes happier, each company becomes more numerous, each holy song more sweet and full.

We grow as we advance if heaven be our goal. If we spend our strength in God's ways we shall find it increase. “Every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.”

This was the end of the pilgrims' march, the centre where all met, the delight of all hearts. Not merely to be in the assembly, but to appear before God was the object of each devout Israelite.

Would to God it were the sincere desire of all who in these days mingle in our religious gatherings. Unless we realise the presence of God we have done nothing; the mere gathering together is nothing worth.

Ps 84. Our text is a short ps. Considered one of sweetest and one of great Peace, as Spurgen explains the ps.

Psalms 84 
Title and Subject. - To the chief musician upon Gittith. A Psalm for the sons of Korah. This Psalm well deserved to be committed to the noblest of the sons of song.

 No music could be too sweet for its theme, or too exquisite in sound to match the beauty of its language. Sweeter than the joy of the wine press, (for that is said to be the meaning of the word rendered upon Gittith), is the joy of the holy assemblies of the Lord's house; not even the favoured children of grace, who are like the sons of Korah, can have a richer subject for song than Zion's sacred festivals.

It matters little when this Psalm was written, or by whom; for our part it exhales to us a Davidic perfume, it smells of the mountain heather and the lone places of the wilderness, where King David must have often lodged during his many wars. This sacred ode is one of the choicest of the collection; it has a mild radiance about it, entitling it to be called The Pearl of Psalms.

 If the twenty-third be the most popular, the one-hundred-and-third the most joyful, the one-hundred-and-nineteenth the most deeply experimental, the fifty-first the most plaintive, this is one of the most sweet of the Psalms of Peace.

I have been always trying to minister Peace to the readers, the days we are in call for it, the days ahead will demand it, this is strength, the Joy of the lord is your strength, Joy brings peace, and peace, Joy, more of the wonderful fruit of the spirit.

Jesus spoke often of Peace, Peace is only for the truly saved, as the word says, there is no Peace to the wicked, No peace, yet they try to do and buy anything for this one precious free gift, that comes first when we are saved.

 Peace, millions have been spent on it, intellects look at faith as silly, the rich laugh as they say,’ faith and religion are for poor people’, starlets sell their soul for fame, people do drugs to escape the lack of Peace, we get it free and we go from strength to strength, they go from weakness to weakness, and depression to depression.

Why do so many famous people O.D. kill themselves, live in misery? It is because nothing can bring the peace every soul craves aside from accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and lord.

Peace, it seems like a small word, but you know when you do not have it and it is hell, you know when you do have it and it is a taste of heaven, yes peace, peace what wonderful peace that helps us on our grad journey.

Many true believers lack peace, why? unconfused sin, worry, no fellowship with the lord in prayer, no study of the word, to much of the world, it is so easy to cast all your care and anxiety upon our lord and once we do this, we get peace.

We as Christians should be living a carefree life, but not careless one.

 We must watch and take heed of our walk so nothing robs us of the much needed world sought after, Peace.

Do you have peace today reader? You can, start today; there is nothing like a strong inner peace that produces the strength we need for this journey