Sermon From Last Week Time Square Church Ben Crandall-Your Tested By Fire

I know this pastor, he ministered in Ma, and R.I, I heard him a few times when he was young, his SR saint compassion on such a powerful word is very different from the other preachers on Time square Churches staff.Listen to this wise old man give a great message a must hear for all. He also in the middle of the sermon gives a very powerful testimony when he was with only his mom and 6 kids, winter was coming in and they had 100% nothing, hear how it was, as it will be so again and hear how the lord provides and keeps by miracles, I was deeply moved by this great sermon and so will you.


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  2. I Know Pastor Ben heard him preach in MA Usa He also was dean of zion Bible College R.I. I did most of my ministry in N.E. USA I consider that home Rhode Island, but a native calif ,born on L.A. Calif raised till 15 or so in Fresno and clovis calif, but at 20 moved to R.I. and met my wife of32 years and R,I. is home miss N.E. not the cold LOL. Thanks or the coment


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