Woe To The Pastors And Blind Leaders Of The Blind, This Is A Very Serious Message-Red Alert

Zec 11:17  Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.


Zechariah 11:17
The idol shepherd - To them that are but the images of shepherds. That leaveth - Casts off the care of the flock. The sword - Of the enemy, shall break his strength and be - fool his counsels. Dried up - They that have gifts which qualify them to do good, if they do it not, they will be taken away. They that should have been workmen, but were slothful, and would do nothing, will justly have their arm dried up. And they that should have been watchmen, but were drowsy, will justly have their eye blinded.


Perhaps, therefore, the reference is to the shepherds who left the flock to Antichrist’s rapacity, and who, in just retribution, shall feel his “sword” on their “arm,” which ought to have protected the flock but did not, and on their “eye,” which had failed duly to watch the sheep from hurt. The blinding of “the right eye” has attached to it the notion of ignominy (1Sa_11:2).


 By the arm he signifies strength, as he does wisdom and judgments by the eye: that is, the plague of God will take away both your strength and judgment.


Zechariah 11:17

Woe to the idol shepherd - (A shepherd of nothingness, one who hath no quality of a shepherd ;) “who leaveth the flock.” The condemnation of the evil shepherd is complete in the abandonment of the sheep; as our Lord says, “He that is an hireling and not the Shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling and careth not for the sheep” Joh_10:12-13.


What a curse this foolish shepherd should be to the people, Zec_11:16. God will, for their punishment, raise up a foolish shepherd, who will not do the duty of a shepherd; he will not visit those that are cut off, nor go after those that go astray, nor seek those that are missing, to find them out and bring them home, as the good shepherd does, Mat_18:12, Mat_18:13.

Their shepherds take no care of the young ones, that need their care and are well worthy of it, as Christ does, Isa_40:11. They do not heal that which was broken, which was worried and torn, but let it die of its bruises, when a little thing, in time, would have saved it.

 They do not feed those who, through weakness, stand still, and are ready to faint, and cannot get forward, but leave them behind, let who will take them up; they do not carry that which stands still (so some read it); they never do any thing to support the weak and comfort the feeble-minded; but, on the contrary,

1. They are luxurious themselves: They eat of the flesh of the fat; they will have of the best for themselves; and, like that wicked servant that said, My lord delays his coming, they eat and drink with the drunken, and serve their own bellies.

2. They are barbarous to the flock. Their passions are as ill-governed as their appetites, for, when they are in a rage against any of the flock, they tear their very claws in pieces by over-driving them; they beat their hoofs; they smite their fellow servants. Woe unto thee, O land! when thy king is such a child!

II. What a curse this foolish shepherd should bring upon himself (Zec_11:17): Woe to the idol-shepherd, who, like an idol, has eyes and sees not, who, like an idol, receives abundance of respect and homage from the people and the chief of their offerings, but neither can nor will do them any kindness.

 He leaves the flock when they most need his care, leaves them destitute, and flees, because he is a hireling; his doom is that the sword of God's justice shall be upon his arm and his right eye, so that he shall quite lose the use of both.

His arm shall wither and be dried up, so that he who would not help his friends when it was required shall not know how to help himself; his right eye shall be utterly darkened, that he shall not discern the danger that his flock is in, nor know which way to look for relief.

 This was fulfilled when Christ said to the Pharisees, I have come that those who see may be made blind, Joh_9:39. Those that have gifts which qualify them to do good, if they do not do good with them, shall be deprived of them; those that should have been workmen, but were slothful and would do nothing, will justly have their arm dried up; and those that should have been watchmen, but were sleepy and would never look about them, will justly have their eye blinded.

 Reader some info first, the text  Zech 11, is one of the most accurate O.T. prophecies  of the coming messiah, also it teaches the lord Jehovah broke his covenant with them. many teach the lord is a covenant God, and he has never broken any of his covenants concerning the Jews and now Gentiles, well read the chapter, indeed the lord God almighty broke his covenant with the Jews due to the rejection of Messiah. So this is a good chapter to refute those that believe in covenant theology right off the bat FYI.

To the message.

Current Pastors, not all, but most are under judgment, they have lead, and are leading their flocks with no care whatsoever, it is all about them, no discernment, no care or compassion, just a paycheck and getting and living  from fleecing the sheep.

We read in Wesley and Henry these pastors are to be watchman, as I have said before the work of every pastor is a watchman. Due to their slothfulness in ministry work, they are judged with blindness, and now are judged, one-eyed pirates of plunder and ease.

What a difference from Jesus our true shepherd.

Isa 40:11  He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

Today T.V. preachers are the worse, but right behind them is the local pastor, like the Pharisee, they get greeted , respected and walk with their chin in the air, as the Pharisees did. They love the praise of men and greetings of Pastor so and so, in their community.

The day is coming very soon when these Pastors who are professional and empty, who are behind a pulpit with a message on nothingness. They feel superior due to what they think is knowledge. Yet they do not even realize they are blind.

 Blind armless, powerless and when the stuff hits the fan, they will flee the flock in a heartbeat, because they do not want to be there in the first place. It shows, the lack of Joy and anointing, it’s like a ritual and no more, they are like politicians and not men of God, and certainly not watchmen.

This will be the exact result of these false shepherds as Henry says.

His arm shall wither and be dried up, so that he who would not help his friends when it was required shall not know how to help himself; his right eye shall be utterly darkened, that he shall not discern the danger that his flock is in, nor know which way to look for relief.

I wrote just recently about a minister I know, see that article about Christian preppers and preparation for the Christian.

That he shall not discern the danger that his flock is in, nor know which way to look for relief.

No discernment of the times we are in, I know this just by the amount of reads on the “start your ministry today without a 501 c 3”, it is still one of the top reads and the book has been read a couple hundred times, what does this say, it says a lot.

When I started the work on that book it was several months ago, much has changed since I put that together, when I see so many people wanting to start their own ministry, wondering about banking issues and such.

 I can tell you right out, these people will not be good watchman, its time to take your money out of the bank, we are near a collapse and these ones want to open bank accounts and start Churches and ministries, the hour is late, people should know what season we are in , if they are going to be leading a flock, yet they do not, or they would just start ministering hard and heavy and stop the foolish banking, non tax Church, look its about others, not self.

I know personally Pastors that are well off and 100% dead behind the pulpit, they think nothing is coming and nothing is happening. They are blinded; this is part of the judgment that starts on the house of God.

The lord said I will give them over to a delusion, that they would believe a lie and follow the false prophet and antichrist.

 Many of these local pastors who are blind, if they do not repent will be among those who the lord will blind even further, so they will be given over to the big lie coming, this is serious and very dangerous stuff.

Because so many have left their churches due to the deadness, false dictatorial pastors, or Pastors preaching a light message, and just worldly entertainment, so many are now at home, but here is the second part and it is just as bad.

We are in the day, (thanks to these blind and dead, local Pastors), that many are what are now called internet Christians. This is a very dangerous thing. The internet is filled with so much false doctrines, false prophets, and these internet Christians many times are unteachable, self-governed and a law unto themselves, this is not in the word, but we are in unique times I understand. The result is still the same.

The internet gets more bizarre everyday, there is no end to it, the ones who have become internet Christians are feeding on some real, real bad doctrine, information overload, they go from site to site and eat it all up.
 Many who have sites  on the internet, first left due to the same reason, no Church and no truth, but now these internet sites are ones who sat under blind Pastors, they are now blind, and many internet Christians are blinded by them and so we have blind leaders of the blind.

People send me links, I check them out and I am amazed where is their discernment internet hoppers and internet Christians?

It is unreal how popular many internet false prophets and false teachers are out in cyber space. The normal Internet Christian should have the discernment to know right off if something is not right, it is the Holy Spirit that should lead and guide you into all truth.

We also have what I call ‘You Tube Christians’ and wow is all I can say.

 Much of what I do behind the scenes and on this ministry is cry out false, false, your deceived, and I try and teach, reason with people in long emails where they have it wrong from the word not my theology, just the word, and its like getting people out of cults, apologetic s, it takes no special education only discernment and if you do not know who you are listening to you need to check them out on the same internet highway that you blindly follow these blind ones.

I always say, check out the messenger, before you heed the message, all it takes is some searching the net and you can easily, in minutes find out the false prophets and teachers, these blind leaders of the blind.

 I was told the other day, ‘I do not have your insight and gifts’, ‘I said, do you have an internet connection? Do the research; find out all you can on these internet sites before you heed them as a blind Christian’.

I am amazed how many are to lazy to take ten minutes, that’s all it takes to do the simple research on people, the sad thing is, they should have the discernment right off the bat and know something is wrong on the site and the messenger without an internet search.

This is the result of being seduced and blinded and now captive. Get free from these internet blind leaders, get free of going from one site to another and calling that a Christian walk, get into the BIBLE, read for yourself, pray and worship, the true sheep will not follow a stranger, only the true shepherd, many sheep are following false shepherds and it is by choice, and your ruin is on your own head.

Use your bible, get to know it, love it, read it as often as you can, learn how to refute what you hear, learn how to discern what your reading with bible in hand.

It is the many new internet Christians that are at the biggest risk, no bible knowledge and no discernment yet, and no Church equals disaster, and many have made shipwreck of their souls by following these blind leaders, blind local Pastors, these Pastors will wet their pants when the crap hits the fan, they will not know where to turn or what to do, and so many will end up turning on the true Christians out of hate and envy, because they have been saying all along what was coming, but they simply would not listen, and simply did not know the days we are in.

Dear reader guard yourself, use the word and get free of these blind leaders of the blind, the local Pastors and the internet sites and false prophets. It is very important to do so today or you MAY,  be given over to a lie and end up in the hands of the antichrist, because you have no discernment now.

The Bible, Bible, Bible, Bible, Bible, yes the one collected dust on your T.V. get to know it.

 This was a hard word, but a warning from the throne by a humble Watchman.

Dear reader what will you do?