Classic Christian Music Thursday Something very Different

I was searching YT for some 80's Christian music for today's post, I was looking for Kerry  Levgrin the X member of Kansas, he was a Christian all along, even when I just got saved when I heard dust in the wind, carry on my wayward son etc, all written by Kerry I said,' is this a Christian band', as a recording artist I could hear the message loud and clear, a few album's later they, the band became more and more evil, Kerry could not handle it any more and separated from the group, he did some great solo work and produced his daughters band They were popular in the early 90's and did his cover song, dust in the wind, Rachael  Rachel was the bands name an all girl band and they were great.

As I was searching I came across something different and a bit shocking, to me that is, one of my Idols before I was saved was Alice Cooper, I consider Welcome to my nightmare, one of the best albums ever recorded and with out a doubt the best live concert I have ever seen, it was mind blowing, well I stumbled upon Alice Coopers Testimony as a born again Christian and found many others, so I thought that would be very different to show some well know people who are for real Christians that converted, or came back to Jesus, Alice cooper is a prime example and what a testimony, he is the real deal, on another interview, that would not share the Embed code, so I could not post it, he was being interviewed on a Christian T.V. show, and he spoke out against Christian T.V. raising know stars to fast, false faith healers and such, and he spoke on the inherent word of God, I wanted that one, but I found another that would allow me to get the code. And is a great testimony.

I next found a testimony that lit. shocked me, the co- founder, guitarist Chris from Korn, they were 100% of the devil and this man is saved, I hope by showing these, and a 45 min. well worth seeing documentary about Petra's reunion happening now with Grieg X Voltz, he came back to the lord,  they are old like me, but there was a lot of hurt in the original members and hate that needed healed, in this 45 min documentary I was weeping as I heard their heart beat, funny the drummer in this openly weeps a few times and I mean hard, drummers are the ones who a band can never count on, I know, that is why after years of trying I started to use a drum machine, it was always at practice, did not show up with an aggressive attitude and did not hit on your girl friend or wife LOL. so goes rock drummers, I know I was a drummer 9 years.

So these videos are different, no music, but all 80's, aside from the Korn Interview. You will love the Cooper Testimony and The Petra Documentary, pass this on to people who are not saved, it shows how our lord can save anyone.

 I have a daughter a gifted singer, Colene, who is sold out to the devil, she was prophesied as our promise child after the death of our 3 day old infant Vincent, we were so scared, and an old Prophet, driving the city Bus, gave us this powerful word out of nowhere and could not have known, so I weep for her, when I see some of these videos I just said, "yes, yes, lord you can save anyone, you can bring back the prodigals, you can save my Daughter".

 I weep for her, I pray hard for her, as many of you pray and weep for loved ones. This will minister to you also, anyone can get saved. Too the old prodigals out there that have been away a while, this will speak to you, young people, well you never heard of these people , some may have, this is for the older crowd and it is why it is, classic 80's. Our lord is the only classic , he is our Rock and has remained lord of lords over 2,000 years.