Classic Thursday, Number 4, Classic Christian Music From The 80's

This Thursday I am posting a Video first from a group called WhiteHeart, from their CD Highland, I do not think it was in the 80's, the 90's, still a classic in Christian rock music. The video is a music video and a portion of them making the video, you get a chance to hear a couple band members talk clearly and openly about the call to Accept Jesus Christ. Listen to their words and heart beat, many do not like contemporary music, but many are the real deal. Whiteheart was and is still the real deal, listen and see for yourself. I added a second White heart video, more mellow love this song. So three videos for the price of two, a bonus for only 19.99 I will also include a chopper. slicer hand machine, but wait to the first 50 orders you will also get a set of knifes unlike anything ever seen, they never lose their sharpness, never, act today and get all this for the low, low price of just 19.99 LOL.

The next video is an old masterpiece by a man who died a very early age, in the prime of his ministry and what a ministry he had, Keith Green, if you have never heard of Keith Green or his ministry, look into it, I have seen him live, it was 100% all about the lord and always a powerful alter call. After his death his wife took over the ministry, the ministry of Keith Green still lives on and has been a global soul winning ministry for many years. This is simply one of his best songs ever, it is a 12 min song filled with a contemporary classical intro. Kieth Green was a classically trained piano player, and he used his extraordinary talent for the lord. Sometimes the lord takes choice vessels to glory in their prime, we will understand when we get to heaven.