Facing The Giants- Full Movie- A Must See

From the makers of the last movie I posted,'Fire Proof , this was made first, t is called "Facing The Giants" It is much more filled with the word than the second movie, and it will speak to everyone not just married couples, this is a great message for all of us,I got a lot out of it , we all have giants we face.

 Some may watch and thin why do I not see all the miracles in this movie, a side note, and a very important one, It is about a football team, it is foot ball season GO PAT's,( They lost the super bowl to the Giants last year LOL. any way, the coach had a losing team for 6 years, so it does not happen over night, understand this and you will get more out of it in my opinion. 100% Christ exulting and bold in its script. To watch it in full screen hit the watch on you tube button, and that's how you can watch it full screen, That is how all vid s work , hit the you tube symbol and click full screen.