The Birth Pains, The Labor pains, o' the pain. It is a prophetic thing I noticed at the end of the video must see, at an Olympic ceremony, a wind knocked down the American Flag during a USA gold medal , while the USA song was being played, exactly as the lyrics, and our flag was still there, That moment the flag fell to the ground, by a wind, This stood out to me as a sign, with the videos scriptures at the end, I will let those verses speak in this powerful video. This is just some of what happened last month, wait until you see Septembers video, the birth pains, labor pains prophecy is for real time to wake up and smell the coffee. Today is the day of salvation, it is late in the game, are you ready? Do you know Jesus, time is running out to do so.

This site has been getting over 150 reads a day, just on the Ayin 2013 post, I am deeply burdened over this, it started with Just Indonesia, now all over the USA.

Why? First look to the right and see what post is being read, all of them, almost on 2013, look, I know whats going on in the theological world, we have those who are sacred name , Messianics, and those who are in the neo-Charismatic-Word of Faith, preaching much false doctrine, not all messianic s.

I learned from a dear sister named Sue and her Messianic church, they are not all the same, I did not know so many splits in practice and beliefs are in that one movement, she goes to a good messianic church, thus, all are not bad, I learn everyday.

 Most are seeking a mystical thing, many are seeing via a search engine this site is the only one with the Ayin series in full with sound doctrine, all the rest are talking of a global revival, and many false prophecies, false teachings, doctrines of demons, deception, new agers are the others looking, and you have the Christian looking .

 To all I say, listen, You are looking as if someone had a crystal ball, I do not, but I do have sound doctrine and the gift of prophecy, this I say to those reading the Ayin Series, JUDGMENT, not a global revival, no... things are not going to get better, you want truth , Repent, I wish the 150 readers a day would stop coming if they are not seeking Jesus and his word, I care not about how many visits this site gets, not at all, I care about sounding the alarm, and NO ONE IS LISTENING, the remnant is getting smaller everyday, I had to break with a great ministry as I see it going south and not what the founder had in mind, very sad.

What is coming reader is what this video is about. a must watch, and in Sept 3 the labor pain prophecy is already being fulfilled at a rapid pace. I tell you now, the writing is on the wall, it is way past 2Chrn 7:14, no turning back, no hope with out being born again, no saving your hide. The lord is moving in might and power, but only on his true remnant people, those that are truly one of his, to the rest he is moving in might and power in Judgment, wake up, wake up, repent, repent of your sins and wicked ways, The lords strong voice by his Judgments are speaking, he is yelling, he is weeping and you care not.

Run from these doctrines and false revivals, run from the table of devils, run from self, run to the holy word and this is your hand book, run to the truth, get out of these false doctrines and run to Jesus he is waiting with open arms, but you must invite him in, repent of sin and get into the word and out of these false teachings.