The Love Of Warning And Divine Hope- A Word Of Hope For The Remnant

September 2


"Christ in you, the hope of glory; Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom."-- Col_1:27-28.

"Watch, and remember, I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears."-- Act_20:31.

THE MINISTRY of warning should be a recognized part of the work of the Church and of each individual member.

The foghorn warns the ship from the deadly rocks; the red light warns the train of imminent danger; in the days of the plague people were warned from infected areas: how much more should we, who know the wrath of God which abides on those who refuse Christ, raise our voice in warning.

We should do it deliberately, earnestly, patiently, and in reliance upon the Spirit of God to make our words, however much they may be resented, the means of arresting the wicked from the error of his ways, and those who are taking their first steps in forbidden paths from pursuing them (Eze_33:7-9).

How wonderful it is that God does not commission angels to carry His warnings and appeals; instead of this, the work that angels might love to do is entrusted to men.

 It is at our peril that we neglect our opportunities in this direction. If the signalman is placed at a point where many lines of rail cross or diverge, and he sleeps at his post, or neglects his duty, he may be tried for manslaughter; and if we know of people in the immediate circle of our influence who are in danger of ruining their physical, moral, and spiritual well-being, we are bound to raise a warning voice.

If we saw, upon the upper reaches of a river, a boat full of people hastening towards the rapids unheeding the danger, surely we might be guilty of being an accessory in their destruction, if we failed to do something to warn them of their peril.

Accompanying our words of warning, there should be the clear reiteration of the Love of God. He does not desire the death of a sinner, but rather that he should turn from his wickedness and live.

It is not enough to try and prevent men from taking the wrong path, we must urge and allure them to take the pleasant ways of righteousness and peace.

 All are included in the love of God. Even sin cannot turn away His love, which is like that described in the parable of the Prodigal Son, or 1Co_13:1-13.

O God, we have left undone many things that we ought to have done. Hands have been reached out for help which we have not given; hearts have turned to us for sympathy which we have not blessed. Forgive us, we pray Thee, and at whatever cost may we follow Christ in His redemptive purpose. AMEN.

In the first verses up top, we read two words that seem, as they would not be in any relation.



When we obey the lord, move in love and stay in hope, while we warn and teach sound doctrine, we do not think of the outcome, we obey and walk on, in hope. The love of the lord, keeps us, protects us, and blesses us.

We just had our service today and the lord came in power, we felt a strong lifting, a lightness almost as we were off the ground, the lord gave a word, ‘what you feel is my arms, I have picked you up, you feel weightless because I just took the load, I am carrying you’, that is a powerful word, a lifting. We still feel it as I write this. A 100% lifting as if we are of the ground.

We have all seen and read the foots in the sand, poem, that is what it is, it is real.

The lord Jesus has been shown as a shepherd with a lamb in his arms, that lamb is you, me, and the others that are his people.

 Think on it, he is caring us right now, we casted all our care and anxiety upon him, he took them, and by faith we knew our prayers were heard, next praise, we just loved on the lord and the lifting came.

Dear reader if you are burdened, in fear, have many concerns, cast them on Jesus today, it is our hope. He will carry you, if he carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders, I know my brother that he can carry you. (Scott Wesley Brown ,old Song Lyrics)

Glory to the lord.


 The warning is stay in the fight, do not give up, you will reach the other side, our lord has us in his arms, what better place to be, that is if you know the lord, if you are truly one of his, only these are the ones in his loving arms, he carries us, but we must cast off the flesh and put on the lord Jesus and this is our hope, our glory, Christ in us.

 Cast it all on him today, if needed, repent and move on, in all the lord has for you.