The world was not worthy of them


  1. First off let Me ask the Lord for forgiveness for My selfishness and just thinking of My own needs.I am so wrapped up in what I don't have an I'm not Praising Him for what I do Have.I have the freedom to worship My Lord and Savior freely without persecution.I need to start praying for the Christians in other parts of the world that are being Persecuted for their faith.Lord May I be a bold witness in My own town and Neighborhood while We still have the freedom to speak openly.May I win souls for Your glory and take My eyes off of My self.I ask that You bless the People who listen to these videos and May there eyes be open to the need to pray for other countries as well as Ours.May We contact each other and bond in agreement to come together as Christians and keep the word of God moving as We continue to Be witnesses for His glory and spread the word while We still have the opportunity.I was blessed By watching these videos and My eyes have truly been open.May God bless this ministry and May it be used to further the gospel thru out the whole world.Amen


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