Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dealing With Suffering Pt 2- A Very Good Study

If I am not mistaken, I believe that part one of this message, was one of my first text messages on this site and the old evangelist site, It was named, " how to deal with suffering' This, part 2 gives more insight to suffering, may the lord speak to hearts today, bringing , hope and encouragement on this vital theology of the N.T.

1Pe 4:16  Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf

1Pe 4:17  For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

1Pe 4:18  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

1Pe 4:19  Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.

It has been said, 'Salvation is a free gift, but discipleship costs you everything'

How true this is, when suffering and not knowing why, or even if you know why it is no fun. Suffering and not knowing why, is hell. In the word, the N.T. if read in context, one will discover the whole message of the N.T. is one of suffering, it gives hope while in troubles, comfort to the weary, but not always a promise of why, or how long, or will It ever be healed.

Our lord is faithful, always, this never changes, understanding the faithfulness of the lord helps us to keep our wits about us when a sudden fiery trial comes upon us to try us, out of no where and fiery at that.

A good theological  nutshell would be, we all go through it, we are not alone, we will make it and it is the Gospel way.

Email me for your Dr. degree now, you passed LOL. I always wonder why colleges do not offer a degree in suffering as the main tract of study, I know why now, it comes in the christian walk, I can say more than likely, everyone reading this could have an honorary DR. Degree in suffering. One problem, in the bible school called life, we do not get any prize until we make it to heaven, as no degree will matter than, as many do not now, a degree never teaches you how to stand under pressure, live in poverty, persecution, no, life by the loving hand of our father teaches us this, and we will have a reward, if we faint not, it is not easy, I care not what anyone says, it is not fun. No one is sadist and prays, 'please lord may I have a second helping of grief, how about another serving of the roast beef of pain'? I do not think one would pray that way. There is always room for jello in our lords loving hand, with the main meal we are given.

It does take , prayer, the word, making a choice to rejoice, even when dry, or sad. It is hard work to live a life that is pleasing to the lord. This is not a contradiction as we have been taught, no matter how much you do for the lord and his kingdom, he can not love you anymore than he does right now, this is true, but we are also taught about the narrow way and the wide way, bible characters who gave up, caved in. We also must strive lawfully as Paul says. This does not contradict the grace message, it is all about love and grace, persecuted etc. it is all the love of our lord that knows better than us , and allows things in our life to teach us, needed lessons, and prepare us for glory, and the hard days ahead.

This thought is in the text verse as well.

1Pe 4:18  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

scarcely -Greek;

Probably by a variation for G3425; with difficulty: - hardly, scarce (-ly), + with much work.

The word before, righteouss, clearly teach us this is irected to those that are truly saved., they can lose their salvation.

From G1349; equitable (in character or act); by implication innocent, holy (absolutely or relatively): - just, meet, right (-eous).

Lastly to prove out this at see one more word in the verse,


From a primary word σῶς sōs̄ (contraction for the obsolete σάος saos, “safe”); to save, that is, deliver or protect (literally or figuratively): - heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

sodezo, means what it says in the N.T. saved, salvation etc. The theological form of study about salvation has a name in bible school called SOTERIOLOGY  , taken from the word, soterion  - salvation,  soter, savior, preserver. 

Mat 10:22  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

There are 57 times this word for saved is used in the N.T. the Greek word Sode-zo, that is, salvation being a word from this, and it means the same, I am getting off message, I just do not understand how any bible believer, can believe in the doctrine of once saved always saved, it can not be found, security, that is all over, but all the promise's, an the good things, have the IF, conditional word with it, read many N.T. promises, even O.T. ones and see, we are always to do our part and in suffering we have our part to play. We reap what we sow. Understand my thinking?

If you want to do a N.T. study on your own, it will teach , almost all you need to know about suffering, persecution, read 1 and 2 Peter.

A way this all works, let me put it this way.

Someone close to you hurt you. It took a while, but you forgave them, deep inside the hurt remains, hard feelings towards that person. The lord knows this. The O.T. says in Proverbs,' A brother offended is harder to win back than a walled city', how true, the Lord rips off, in love, the tape and if it still bleeds, even a little, more must be done to bring about a scab and 100% healing. This can be a trial by fire, there is no way out, your invited to a gathering, the person is there, you go to the market, the person is there, so you duck and cover, like you learned in the 60's for an H bomb, LOL. Think of a store, down an isle you go fast, they did not see you,( You know, the one you forgave) thank the lord, but in-line guess who just pulled the shopping cart behind you , in your line, yes right behind you?
There is someone else in that line, even closer, in your heart, he already set the whole thing up. It works like that, we all know it. I have ducked and covered many times, even the feminine product isle if needed. In the end, as the lord always has his way, no matter how long, no matter how we resist, he always wins, amen, we are healed of hurt and have love, love is a fruit and that is the whole message, to make us more like our lord. Takes a life time , but worth every scar, O' to be more like Jesus, that is my only cry, my only ambition, to be like Jesus, what about you dear reader.

What hope the last verse in the text gives, this should be put to memory by all.

1Pe 4:19  Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seeing The Coming Hard Days, As Isaiah Did- A Very Encouraging Message

Meyer devotion confirmation to message I wanted to post.Some way of looking at the bright life in dark times.

February 26

"In the year that king Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up."-- Isa_6:1.

WE LIVE in troubled times, but always in human history, when outward events seem most distracting and distressing. God's servants are drawn in to the secret place of the Most High, and are shown the reassuring vision of God's overruling Providence, and the ordered regularity of His eternal reign. When the land was passing through dark distress, and revolution was imminent, Isaiah beheld the stability of God's Throne.

"It was high and lifted up," far above all other authority, power, or dominion in heaven, on earth, or under the earth! It was crowned with Love---"above it stood the Seraphim." Seraph is derived from fire, and the Seraphim stand for radiant love. If the Throne stands for stability, for judgment, and for power, then above all these attributes, and over-arching Him who sits there, is Love. This is the loftiest conception possible to mortals--Love supreme. The Lamb that was slain is in the midst of the Throne.
The one man who was chosen out of all Israel to see was Isaiah. In all humility he ascended the Temple-steps, hustled by the crowds that went there as a mere religious form. Many of them appeared to need a revealing vision more than he did, but it was the man who had seen, who now saw the Lord; it was the one saint in all Israel who appeared to be most in touch with God, who was brought into still closer touch. The rest saw only the Temple, the high altar, and the ritual, but he saw the "skirts of glory" filling every cranny of the holy place.

Let us not be satisfied with the outward and sensuous, with ritual however splendid, with sermons however magnificent! Those who are humble and persistent in their quest for God will hear notes which other ears cannot catch, will detect a Presence that evades ordinary sight, will enter the realm of the spirit which is closed to the outward observer.
The world may be full of tumult; the floods have lifted up their voice, but the Lord on High is mighty, and He shall overcome, for through Death, Resurrection, and Ascension He is Lord of lords and King of kings!

We cannot understand the meaning of the darkness and tumult around us, but we know that Thou art Love, and that Thou dost reign. May we see Thee raised above principality and power, might and dominion. Glory and blessing, honor and power be unto Thee, O Son of God, who art the Man amid the sapphire Throne, AMEN.

This says it all, we must be different like Joshua and Caleb, when they spied the promise land out, they saw the same thing the other spies did, but only they came back with a good report. This is far from the apostate word of faith theology, positive and negative confession stuff, no Isaiah and Joshua and Caleb simply saw something else, its light always burning, the spirit always moving, teaching, guiding, no lifeless or false theology can produce this. It is far from a mental-Verbal confession of the mind, it is the one who has eyes to see the king and have.

I posted a while back about, when all the fires are breaking out, chaos, war, in the middle of it, the remnant are found with a song of praise and faith in the lord. Can you image it? All hell has just broke lose, a war started, the economy falls, chaos is everywhere, fires raging, and yet, the saint of the lord can have peace in dangerous times, even a shout and a song.

What is it that so worries us, ? Our income, our stability, our route-en, UN-saved loved ones? Not wanting to let go of all, I think that is the key, acceptance, but laboring to the end, Letting go of that Bush in your hand, have mustard seed faith, it only takes one tiny seed.Take that God given seed, his word, his covenant love, his presence, even when you do not feel it, or seem to find it. I know right now, many remnant ones feel that heavenly pause, current direction, still not knowing what to do, where to go etc.
You know with no doubt when it is the time the lord will tell you what to do an how to live now, today. Letting go of all an I mean all,we are just stewards nothing more, we took nothing into this world, we take nothing out, I have yet to see a U-Haul behind a hearse. All is left behind, so what, all we have, all we look to, is the start of eternal life, but we are still on this sin stricken world reeling back and forth. One law after another, the truth about the economy, well documented on the survival sight. Some on this site. Every end time-post apocalyptic movie, and T.V. show, is Satan trying to put you in FEAR.

1. Fear; so you can not think straight, some people like horror flicks, they say, 'I like to be scared', look, just read what is really going on, you will not need any more horror than the real world events. Fear, the opposite an enemy of the faith, Fear- will eventually cause number two. this is sadly where most people are at.

2.Apathy; I did a whole message on this word and subject,  I will just say, when you are in this place, you become dissociated with reality, you feel you have no control over a coming thing. The fact is, we do not have control, the lord does, and that is why I say, we must let go, we do not have it all under control, we can have our-self under control,  that is what matters, living our faith out, winning souls, helping those in need. The link to the study and prophecy is at this link, ;please read.;postID=7807810895147095581

It tells the whole story, the A to Z and from the throne about apathy in the christian.

We have all heard, if it is dark- grey out, even stormy, high above the clouds it is always filled with sun light, apathy takes that out of our current thought and spiritual process and puts us in a bad fearful place. If you are waiting for every step to be delivered by an angel, a prophecy, a dream , a word from someone else, understand the word is the word and not every message is for the one reading it, or hearing it, as said- in put = out put, so put in the good , battle against the flesh, fear, perplexity, when is the big event going to hit the USA. Most of all in critical matters, and decisions look to the lord and he will tell you, in time, your time ordained by the lord. Reader you have full access to all the lord provided esp. The word, prayer and direction.You need not get certain things from certain people, the lord alone has reserved your personal plan  just for you, ours will be different. Not everyone reading this has a call to ministry, per say, all of us are to be ministers in some capacity, esp soul winning. How many are called to a front line in your face home mission ? Sounds crazy to you, because it is not your call. find your call, your role you will play in these end time days.

Looks like most of the world is under more judgment than America, aside from our problems, other places, by the rod of nature. it is going wild. Listen it is coming, in prayer, spy out the land again, come back to the basics and your first love, nothing else will matter, mark my words. Today have a different spirit, have eyes that have seen the king, and in the coming hard days you will have a shout and a song of Joy, right in the middle of it all. The lord has us in the palm of his hand, we still have a high place, a secret place and a shelter from the storm, amen

Later; I upload my video I took around the USA, and back in the desert, have the tube set up for herbal medicine and have some that will grow 100% inside. I am doing this or the future, but also to get my herbal business up and running, another attempt, at yet another idea? Any good economist says in a recession-depression, when there is no work, make work, start a job, so pray for me, so I can stop asking for help, I feel this is a need, a quality product('s) and offers a free herbal school with a Dip. as an herbalist 100% free. The very few products I will make and carry are to see if there is a market, other herbals I will have for the home mission-Homestead. The ministry needs funds for, pots, and bags of growing dirt, I have all the worm castings I need. I will be shooting a video of my friend across the street soon, wait till you see what this man has done, just around the corner. And he is not A Christian, a new -ager, lots of knowledge on gardening, raising worms, green houses, you name it, it will be a very interesting video.

I have learned in the past all about on-line stores, store fronts, product placement, web mastering, working a site via a free how to book on herbs an Google ad word campaigns. Much time must be spent on-line marketing your product or service, there are no short cuts and no promise at all. In comes ECC 11:6 sow beside all waters.....The way you do it , I learned the hard way, is a trial of the proudt-service, small cost, low start-up, to see if what you offer is a need. doing a trial ballon campian is a must, so you fo not lose money, and you see if it should be pursued. 80 billion on supplements alone in A.America last year, lots of market place or a home grown quality herbal poduct.I will have the web site up and running, free, link to new  herbal blog with purchase button.
My store front is all set up, on ETSY, my little store front for this Proust-service trial. You take a couple pics of product it is .20 cents for each listing, very cheap. I got the start up A to Z trail balloon and to get the herbal business up and running, I shaved it down to around 125.00 the whole phase one of the business-work, if it works, maybe someone would help on this as it is a man trying to get work, to pay basic bills and ministry bills and items still needed.

Pray for this venture, I can not even attempt it with out some help.

Keep your knees bent in holy prayer and your face in the word.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix?

Dear Reader, It is hard to believe this is message-post number 700. I remember back on message 500 I was calling it quits, many things continue on as The word has come forth, so much in the last week I do not know where to begin. Continue to pray for me. I am loving my time with my mom and family in New Windsor N.Y. My mom is in dying stage, as the hospice nurse said today, so it will not be but a few days. The lord bless you. I will shoot a video or two and post, so you can see where I am and a message from the famous site of the revolution . I give more details on the location on the post below. Lord bless

Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix? - Photo by ProperpilotDo you believe that you really think for yourself?  Did you come up with your attitudes, opinions and beliefs on your own, or are they continually being shaped and molded by someone else?  Could it be possible that you and everyone around you is actually hooked into a real life version of "the matrix" that is constantly defining your reality for you?  Sadly, the truth is that almost all of us have willingly hooked ourselves into a colossal media system that literally tells us what to think.  In the United States today, the average American watches 153 hours of television a month.  We also spend huge amounts of time watching movies, surfing the Internet, reading books and magazines, playing video games and listening to music.  Many Americans are so addicted to being "connected" that they will actually become physically uncomfortable if they are at home and there is total silence.  Unfortunately, as I pointed out in a previous article, somewhere around 90 percent of the "information" that we are allowing to be endlessly pumped into our heads is owned by just 6 gigantic media corporations.  So could it be possible that the thousands of hours of "news and entertainment" that you are allowing these gigantic corporations to fill your head with each year is having an effect on you?  Does the mainstream media have more control over you than you ever dreamed possible?  If you want to continue on in blissful ignorance, stop reading now,  but if you want to take "the red pill", keep on reading because the further down the rabbit hole you go, the stranger that things get.
When you go to work or to school in the morning, what is everyone talking about?
Usually, people are talking about something that they saw on television or that they heard about in the news.
In our society today, the limited interactions that we do have with other people are usually defined by our mutual connection to the media.
The mainstream media literally defines for us what is important and what is not.  If the mainstream media does not talk about something, then it simply does not matter.
I don't know how many times over the years I have heard someone tell me some version of the following statement: "If that was true we would have heard about it on the news."
Has anyone ever said something similar to you?
The funny thing is that most of the time I won't even mention something important that I may have heard in one of my articles unless I can back it up with a "mainstream source", and I don't even trust the mainstream media.
I know that the mainstream media often distorts the facts and often tells outright lies, but I regularly link to them because that gives my articles more "credibility" in the eyes of those that are still fully hooked into the matrix.
In a world where the big media corporations have so much power, is there any hope for us?
As long as the big corporations that control the media are dominating and controlling the conversation, is there any chance that there will ever be a mass awakening among the American people?
Our young people seem particularly addicted to being constantly "connected" to the media matrix that is being constructed all around us.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article by Daniel Taylor...
According to a 2010 LA Times report, young people spend on average 53 hours a week watching TV, playing video games, and sitting at the computer.
Facebook users spend about 15 hours a month on the social networking site.
People are walking – and driving – blindly while texting, sometimes walking into fountains and even falling off cliffs.
Wow - our young people spend more than 200 hours a month connected to the mainstream media?
But we only have about 480 waking hours a month to work with.
If they are being exposed to that amount of continuous propaganda, what hope do our young people have?
In the old days, kids actually played with each other in the streets and adults actually left their homes to interact with one another.
But these days we spend nearly all of our time sitting passively in our homes staring at flickering screens.
Is that a sign of a healthy society?
We were created to be social creatures.  We were designed to love and to be loved.  But these days people "love" their favorite sports teams or they "love" their favorite television shows but we have an increasingly difficult time having real relationships with each other.
Meanwhile, the global elite rely on the mainstream media to keep us distracted and to control the boundaries of public discourse.  Most of the time, the mainstream media focuses on the latest celebrity scandal or the latest dogfights between the Republicans and the Democrats and they systematically ignore many of the more important things that are taking place out there.
Let me just give you one example of how the mainstream media shapes the news.  For decades, there was almost a complete and total media blackout on the Bilderberg Group meetings that happen every year.  Top newspaper executives from the United States would actually attend these meetings, but then their newspapers would not say a single word about them.
If anyone out there did bring up "the Bilderberg Group", they were dismissed as wacky "conspiracy theorists" and were told that it simply does not exist.
Of course now we all know that it does exist, although the mainstream media in the U.S. still mostly ignores it.  In fact, this has been by design.  The following is what David Rockefeller is alleged to have said during a Bilderberg Group meeting back in 1991...
We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. … It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.
Even today, many prominent "journalists" in the U.S. mock people when they bring up the Bilderberg Group.  For example, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC says that he is "way too lazy" to look into the Bilderberg Group and that he "doesn't know about it, so it must not exist".
For much more on the connection between the mainstream media and the global elite, please see this article: "Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings".
Instead of telling us what is really going on in the world, the mainstream media keeps us endlessly distracted.  The following are just a few of the headlines that can be found on the front pages of major mainstream news sites right now...
-College student creates condom delivery service
-Michael Douglas is feeling 'good'
-Golf tournament delayed by kangaroos
-Rock 'n' roll hamburger experience
-Lady Gaga cancels tour, set for surgery
Wow - those are some examples of some really hard-hitting journalism right there.
So why do most Americans continue to fall for this nonsense?
Sadly, part of the reason is because we have become so "dumbed down" as a society.
Recently, the Guardian conducted an evaluation of the reading level of every State of the Union address in U.S. history.  What they found is that Barack Obama's State of the Union addresses have had the second lowest reading level average in history, and that in general the reading levels of the speeches have been significantly declining over time.
But it is not just our presidents that appear to be getting stupider.  The truth is that our public education system is a total joke at this point.  Many of our high school students are as dumb as a rock, and if you can believe it, 23 percent of all Americans cannot even read beyond a fourth-grade level.
Of course the elite are quite pleased with this, because a stupid public is a public that is easier to dominate.
When a large segment of the population can barely read and is accustomed to letting others do their thinking for them, it becomes easier to lie.
For example, on Thursday Paul Krugman of the New York Times made the following statement...
"Growing dependence on government is mostly a myth"
Of course most of you that are reading this know that is a flat-out lie.  The charts in this article clearly show that the number of Americans on food stamps is at an all-time high and the percentage of the population that is on food stamps is at an all-time high.
Back in 1983, less than a third of all Americans lived in a household that got money from the federal government each month,  Now, an all-time high 49 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives money from the government each month.
For many more stats and charts that demonstrate the stunning growth of government dependence, please see this article and this article.
Sadly, the truth doesn't seem to matter too much to the media these days.  The mainstream media tends to be incredibly arrogant, and most of the time they don't even pretend to be "objective" or "neutral" anymore.
Fortunately, more Americans than ever are becoming dissatisfied with the mainstream media and are starting to seek out alternative sources of information.  According to a recent Gallup poll, the level of trust that the American public has in the mainstream media is now at an all-time low.
So perhaps there is hope after all.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bread & Milk Vic Dibitetto 30 Sec Video- Wanted To Laugh As I Hit The Door

I wanted to start this week with a little humor, laughter does the heart good like a medicine, I needed some of that medicine. I am sure there are many reading this that need some of that bible medicine, it never takes a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down.

Life is getting more and more intense mentally, spiritually for most of us. The world is freaking out, There were so many stories, I was going to put on the survival blog, It was almost 20 in one day, I through my hands up and said, as they do back in new england, forget about it.

I know I say a,lot I miss R.I. well the snow , storm pitchers, I saw today cured me of that and brought back fond memories of being late for work, taking 2 hours to dig the car out, and no school for foster-Gloucester, a R.I. joke.

I saw this 30 sec video by a comedian, 3 million hits, he had one million plays all time before this, a fellow Italian, so this one funny video made him, viral, wow. It is funny because, during the storm, as in all storms the Internet word from R.I. was bread and milk and how it was all sold out. No matter what a storm , rain ,wind, got to get bread and milk is the N.E. montra, I laughed so hard, I had to share this, many may have seen it. You really must be a N.E. person to fully love it, I do not know about other snowy areas in America, is it the same, bread and milk.

In the 78' blizzard, we ran out and got all bread and milk, we were snowed in for one week, all we had was bread and milk, makes an ok cereal, but we had to get creative.

This is funny , but also shows, first thing hits the fan, if you do not have food put away, the stores will be empty. I was a grocery MGR a while, stores only carry 2-3 days food tops, in most storms the shelves were empty in a day, imagine a terrorist attack, or something?

But I will keep it light. I am off today, and laughing all the way, not really, but this did help.

Once again if you can please help, I need help today LOL. serious, I will blog, preach, teach from new location see ya, hope to get some help, sister DEB did a blessing will others.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lisa Gerrard "Redemption II" HD - Video From Passion Of The Christ

The Gladiator blog post below, got me wanting to showcase a little more top shelf film music  composer. This is a great post- production I have seen from A Christian movie in a long time. I have yet to see the movie, hard to believe, I like subtitled films LOL.
The video is moving, perfect mix, and take out the tissue. My favorite music is film music, music that is a production it its self, I  strive to add that element to my own music, film music- Christan Rock-pop-modern orchestra etc.

So, I was looking into this film composer and,she has made many film tracks, this one supreme, I hope it touches hearts.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prophecy In The News PT 4- The Collapse Of The E.U.-Euro

I have been saying for quite a while, the E.U. would fall first, than the dollar, some laugh, well laugh away at this article. It was simply connect the dots, and a prophecy the lord gave. It is happening right now, we will look at an article. Note the article makes some points I have written on. Just recently I said it, on this blog and the survival and  current news blog. The USA stocks at a all time high. I said it was this way in 1929, all was well and overnight, a black swan event, the sudden collapse of the stock market, followed by the great depression. The survival blog has many, many posts, need readers, and you need to read it for yourself, please mark it and check it out daily I work hard on it, still 15 visits are so a day, and what A blog full on info. ( shameless plug LOL ).The other blog now has well over 200 messages and news, survival skills, how to make herbal medicine To the Christian Remnant, do not fear this, if you do, read the post below, I feel it is one of the best and most powerful messages to date, I hope it goes viral, share it, tag it. The woodland Remnant, and the prophecy, so do not fear, just be in the know, and put food and water aside.

One reason the stock market is high is because the insiders are not buying but selling, and selling what, are you ready for this. They are betting on the fall of the dollar, this is a fact. Insiders are also selling all their stock and buying gold, dead give away, the collapse may be very soon.

France said the state is bankrupt and many wealthy people in France are fleeing France in droves, do to the tax increase on the rich. Socialism, thats the game. The massive unemployment in the e.u. and the USA, esp. the E.U. and parts of the middle east are far beyond depression levels. I hate bad news, I do not look forward to much of what I write, I would be sadistic if I was exited. I am excited for one reason, the end is near and Jesus is soon to come back, that is the only reason I am happy, it was the only reason at 18 I started my studies in Joel, and from there became a student of bible prophecy, it was God ordained, I did not chose it, it chose me LOL. Each of us have our own call, and we must fill it, even if it is not popular, or popular and seemingly mystical at times. I had a talk with a few people recent about my views and whats coming, prophecy etc. I was told I was a mystical Christian, and a fortune teller, all I can say is , the people who said this do not even study nor understand bible prophecy, head in sand Christians. I have not studied these many years in vain. I can say, as I always do , we know in part and we prophecy in part. I have been wrong, on certain time frames, but the things said will come to pass as the lord wills, not our will. Prophecy can seem a tad mystical, it is, because much is unknown, and spectacular things, hard to believe things and well, one would seem like a fortune teller, I understand this.

I wish non of this was coming, I wish I had a thriving Church, a home, a car, and needed things, money etc. I am not insain, I am a simple watchmen, a simple messenger crying in the wilderness, and as said in the Hebrew words and Hebrew thought was, the people called Prophets Mad men, because of Prophetic acts, spit flying as they raged against sin, and the passion they had in ministry. It is the same today, so OK in that sense I am a mad man, like others are, but we are right and soon all will see.

Now I give the facts below.

Watch The Financial Markets In Europe
By Michael, on February 7th, 2013


Watch The Financial Markets In EuropeIs the financial system of Europe on the verge of a meltdown?  I have always maintained that the next wave of the economic crisis would begin in Europe, and right now the situation in Europe is unraveling at a frightening pace.  On Monday, European stocks had their worst day in over six months, and over the past four days we have seen the EUR/USD decline by the most that it has in nearly seven months.  Meanwhile, scandals are erupting all over the continent.  A political scandal in Spain, a derivatives scandal in Italy and banking scandals all over the eurozone are seriously shaking confidence in the system.  If things move much farther in a negative direction, we could be facing a full-blown financial crisis in Europe very rapidly.  So watch the financial markets in Europe very carefully.  Yes, most Americans tend to ignore Europe because they are convinced that the U.S. is "the center of the universe", but the truth is that Europe actually has a bigger population than we do, they have a bigger economy then we do, and they have a much larger banking system than we do.  The global financial system is more integrated today than it ever has been before, and if there is a major stock market crash in Europe it is going to deeply affect the United States and the rest of the globe as well.  So pay close attention to what is going on in Europe, because events over there could spark a chain reaction that would have very serious implications for every man, woman and child on the planet.

As I noted above, European markets started off the week very badly and things have certainly not improved since then.  The following is how Zero Hedge summarized what happened on Thursday...

    EuroStoxx (Europe's Dow) closed today -1% for 2013. France, Germany, and Spain are all lower on the year now. Italy, following ENI's CEO fraud, collapsed almost 3% from the US day-session open, leaving it up less than 1% for the year. Just as we argued, credit markets have been warning that all is not well and today's afternoon free-fall begins the catch-down.

In addition, the euro has been dropping like a rock all of a sudden.  Just check out this chart which shows what happened to the euro on Thursday.  It is very rare to see the euro move that dramatically.

So what is causing all of this?

Well, we already know that the economic fundamentals in Europe are absolutely horrible.  Unemployment in the eurozone is at a record high, and the unemployment rates in both Greece and Spain are over 26 percent.  Those are depression-level numbers.

But up until now there had still been a tremendous amount of confidence in the European financial system.  But now that confidence is being shaken by a whole host of scandals.

In recent days, a number of major banking scandals have begun to emerge all over Europe.  Just check out this article which summarizes many of them.

One of the worst banking scandals is in Italy.  A horrible derivatives scandal has pushed the third largest bank in Italy to the verge of collapse...

    Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS.MI), Italy's third biggest lender, said on Wednesday losses linked to three problematic derivative trades totaled 730 million euros ($988.3 million) as it sought to draw a line under a scandal over risky financial transactions.

There is that word "derivative" that I keep telling people to watch for.  Of course this is not the big "derivatives panic" that I have been talking about, but it is an example of how these toxic financial instruments can bring down even the biggest banks.  Monte dei Paschi is the oldest bank in the world, and now the only way it is able to survive is with government bailouts.

Another big scandal that is shaking up Europe right now is happening over in Spain.  It is being alleged that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and other members of his party have been receiving illegal cash payments.  The following summary of the scandal comes from a recent Bloomberg article...

    On Jan. 31, the Spanish newspaper El Pais published copies of what it said were ledgers from secret accounts held by Luis Barcenas, the former treasurer of the ruling People’s Party, which revealed the existence of a party slush fund. The newspaper said 7.5 million euros in corporate donations were channeled into the fund and allegedly doled out from 1997 to 2009 to senior party members, including Rajoy.

That doesn't sound good at all.

So what is the truth?

Could Rajoy actually be innocent?

Well, at this point most of the population of Spain does not believe that is the case.  Just check out the following poll numbers from the Bloomberg article quoted above...

    According to the Metroscopia poll, 76 percent of Spaniards don’t believe the People’s Party’s denials of the slush-fund allegations. Even more damning, 58 percent of the party’s supporters think it’s lying. All of the Spanish businessmen with whom I discussed the latest scandal expect it to get worse before it gets better. Their assumption that there are more skeletons in the government’s closet indicates what little trust they have in their leaders.

Meanwhile, the underlying economic fundamentals in Europe just continue to get worse.  One of the biggest concerns right now is France.  Just check out this excerpt from a recent report by Phoenix Capital Research...

    The house of cards that is Europe is close to collapsing as those widely held responsible for solving the Crisis (Prime Ministers, Treasurers and ECB head Mario Draghi) have all been recently implicated in corruption scandals.

    Those EU leaders who have yet to be implicated in scandals are not faring much better than their more corrupt counterparts. In France, socialist Prime Minister Francois Hollande, has proven yet again that socialism doesn’t work by chasing after the wealthy and trying to grow France’s public sector… when the public sector already accounts for 56% of French employment.

    France was already suffering from a lack of competitiveness. Now that wealthy businesspeople are fleeing the country (meaning investment will dry up), the economy has begun to positively implode.

As the report goes on to mention, over the past few months the economic numbers coming out of France have been absolutely frightful...

    Auto sales for 2012 fell 13% from those of 2011. Sales of existing homes outside of Paris fell 20% year over year for the third quarter of 2012. New home sales fell 25%. Even the high-end real estate markets are collapsing with sales for apartments in Paris that cost over €2 million collapsing an incredible 42% in 2012.

Today, the jobless rate in France is at a 15-year high, and industrial production is headed into the toilet.  The wealthy are fleeing France in droves because of the recent tax increases, and the nation is absolutely drowning in debt.  Even the French jobs minister recently admitted that France is essentially "bankrupt" at this point...

    France's government was plunged into an embarrassing row yesterday after a minister said the country was ‘totally bankrupt’.

    Employment secretary Michel Sapin said cuts were needed to put the damaged economy back on track.

    ‘There is a state but it is a totally bankrupt state,’ he said.

So what does all of this mean?

It means that the crisis in Europe is just beginning.  Things are going to be getting a lot worse.

Perhaps that is one reason why corporate insiders are dumping so much stock right now as I noted in my article yesterday entitled "Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon?"  There are a whole host of signs that both the United States and Europe are heading for recession, and a lot of financial experts are warning that stocks are way overdue for a "correction".

For example, Blackstone's Byron Wien told CNBC the other day that he expects the S&P 500 to drop by 200 points during the first half of 2013.

Seabreeze Partners portfolio manager Doug Kass recently told CNBC that what is happening right now in the financial markets very much reminds him of the stock market crash of 1987...

    "I'm getting the 'summer of 1987 feeling' in the U.S. equity market," Kass told CNBC, "which means we're headed for a sharp fall."

Toward the end of 2012 and at the very beginning of 2013 we saw markets both in the U.S. and in Europe move up steadily even though the underlying economic fundamentals did not justify such a move.

In many ways, that move up reminded me of the "head fakes" that we have seen prior to many of the largest "market corrections" of the past.  Often financial markets are at their most "euphoric" just before a crash hits.

So get ready.

Even if you don't have a penny in the financial markets, now is the time to prepare for what is ahead.

We all need to learn from what Europe is going through right now.  In Greece, formerly middle class citizens are now trampling one another for food.  We all need to prepare financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically so that we can weather the economic storm that is coming.

Most Americans are accustomed to living paycheck to paycheck and being constantly up to their eyeballs in debt, but that is incredibly foolish.  Even in the animal kingdom, animals work hard during the warm months to prepare for the winter months.  Even so, we should all be working very hard to prepare during prosperous times so that we will have something stored up for the lean years that are coming.

Unfortunately, if events in Europe are any indication, we may be rapidly running out of time.

Next is the article about how wall street insiders know a fall is coming. This is to the USA, the article above to the E.U.

Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon?
By Michael, on February 6th, 2013


Why are corporate insiders dumping huge numbers of shares in their own companies right now?  Why are some very large investors suddenly making gigantic bets that the stock market will crash at some point in the next 60 days?  Do Wall Street insiders expect something really BIG to happen very soon?  Do they know something that we do not know? What you are about to read below is startling.  Every time that the market has fallen in recent years, insiders have been able to get out ahead of time.  David Coleman of the Vickers Weekly Insider report recently noted that Wall Street insiders have shown "a remarkable ability of late to identify both market peaks and troughs".  That is why it is so alarming that corporate insiders are selling nine times as many shares as they are buying right now.  In addition, some extraordinarily large bets have just been made that will only pay off if the financial markets in the U.S. crash by the end of April.  So what does all of this mean?  Well, it could mean absolutely nothing or it could mean that there are people out there that actually have insider knowledge that a market crash is coming.  Evaluate the evidence below and decide for yourself...

For some reason, corporate insiders have chosen this moment to unload huge amounts of stock.  According to a CNN article, corporate insiders are now selling nine times more of their own shares than they are buying...

    Corporate insiders have one word for investors: sell.

    Insiders were nine times more likely to sell shares of their companies than buy new ones last week, according to the Vickers Weekly Insider report by Argus Research.

What makes this so alarming is that corporate insiders have been exceedingly good at "timing the market" in recent years.  The following comes from a recent CNBC article entitled "Sucker Alert? Insider Selling Surges After Dow 14,000"...

    "In almost perfect coordination with an equity market that was rushing toward new all-time highs, insider sentiment has weakened sharply — falling to its lowest level since late March 2012," wrote David Coleman of the Vickers Weekly Insider report, one of the longest researchers of executive buying and selling on Wall Street. "Insiders are waving the cautionary flag in an increasingly aggressive manner."

    There have been more than nine insider sales for every one buy over the past week among NYSE stocks, according to Vickers. The last time executives sold their company's stock this aggressively was in early 2012, just before the S&P 500 went on to correct by 10 percent to its low for the year.

    "Insiders know more than the vast majority of market participants," said Enis Taner, global macro editor for "And they're usually right over a long period of time."

There are other indications that the stock market may be headed for a significant tumble in the months ahead.  For example, as a Zero Hedge article recently pointed out, the last time that the financial markets in the U.S. were as "euphoric" as they are now was right before the financial crisis of 2008.

And as I mentioned above, some people out there have recently made some absolutely jaw-dropping bets against stocks which will only pay off if there is a financial crash at some point in the next few months.

According to Business Insider, the recent purchase of 100,000 put options by a mystery investor has a lot of people on Wall Street talking...

    According to Barron's columnist Steven Sears, someone made a big bet against the financials ETF yesterday (ticker symbol XLF), and it has everybody buzzing.

    The trader bought 100,000 put options on the ETF (a put option increases in value when the price of the underlying asset, in this case, the ETF, goes down).

    To put that number in perspective, Sears writes, "Few investors ever trade more than 500 contracts, so a 100,000 order tends to stop traffic and prompt all sorts of speculation about what's motivating the trade." According to Sears, the trade "has sparked conversations across the market."

Reportedly, those put options expire in April.

And as Art Cashin of UBS has noted, there was also another extremely large bet that was placed recently that is banking on a financial crash within the next two months...

    A Very Big Bet In A Somewhat Unlikely Instrument – My friend, Jim Brown, the ever-alert consummate professional over at Option Investor pointed us to a rather unusual trade. Here's what he wrote in last night's edition of his valuable newsletter:

    In past years I have reported on trades that were so large it appeared someone had inside knowledge of a pending event. Sometimes those were massive put positions on the S&P. A new trade just appeared that suggests there will be a market event in the near future. Last week somebody put on a call spread on the VIX using the April 20 and 25 puts. They bought 150,000 contracts for a net of $75 per contract. That is an $11,250,000 bet that the VIX will move over 20 over the next 60 days. You would have to be VERY confident in your outlook to risk $11 million on a directional position with the VIX at five year lows and the markets trying to break out to new highs.

So does all of this guarantee that the stock market is going to move a certain way?

Of course not.

But when you step back and look at the bigger picture, it does appear that Wall Street insiders are preparing for something.

Meanwhile, the government continues to assure us that happy days are here again for the U.S. economy and that we don't have anything to worry about.

The Congressional Budget Office has just released a report that contains their outlook for the next decade.  The report is entitled "The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2023", and if you want a good laugh you should read it.

Here are some of the things that the CBO believes will happen...

-The CBO believes that government revenues will more than double by 2023.

-The CBO believes that government revenue as a percentage of GDP will rise from 15.8 percent today to 19.1 percent in 2023.

-The CBO believes that the unemployment rate will continually fall over the next decade.

-The CBO believes that the federal budget deficit will fall to just 2.4% of GDP in fiscal year 2015.

-The CBO believes that the federal budget deficit will only be $430 billion in 2015.

-The CBO believes that we will not have a single recession over the next decade.

-The CBO believes that inflation will stay at about 2 percent for the next decade.

-The CBO believes that U.S. GDP will grow by a total of 67 percent by 2023.

Wow, all of that sounds great until you go back and take a look at how CBO projections have fared in the past.

In fact, Bruce Krasting has gone back and looked at the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office’s Budget and Economic Outlook 2003.  I think that you will find the differences between the CBO projections and what really happened to be very humorous...

Estimated 10-year budget surplus = $5.6T.

Reality = $6.6T deficit. A 200+% miss.

Estimate for 2012 Debt Held by Public = $1.2T (5% of GDP).

Reality = Debt Held by Public = $11.6T. A 1000% miss.

Estimated fiscal 2012 GDP = $17.4T.

Reality = $15.8T. A $1.6T (10%) miss.

So should we trust what the CBO is telling us now?

Of course not.

Instead, perhaps we should listen to some of the men that successfully warned us about the last financial crisis...

-"Dr. Doom" Marc Faber recently stated that he "loves the high odds of a ‘big-time’ market crash".

-Economist Nouriel Roubini says that we should "prepare for a perfect storm".

-Pimco's Bill Gross says that we are heading for a "credit supernova".

-Nomura's Bob Janjuah believes that the financial markets will experience one more huge spike before collapsing by up to 50%...

    I continue to believe that the S&P500 can trade up towards the 1575/1550 area, where we have, so far, a grand double top. I would not be surprised to see the S&P trade marginally through the 2007 all-time nominal high (the real high was of course seen over a decade ago – so much for equities as a long-term vehicle for wealth creation!). A weekly close at a new all-time high would I think lead to the final parabolic spike up which creates the kind of positioning extreme and leverage extreme needed to create the conditions for a 25% to 50% collapse in equities over the rest of 2013 and 2014, driven by real economy reality hitting home, and by policymaker failure/loss of faith in "their system".

The truth is that no matter how much money printing the Federal Reserve does, it is only a matter of time before the financial markets catch up with economic reality.

The U.S. economy has been in decline for a very long time, and things just continue to get even worse.  Here are just a few numbers...

-The percentage of the civilian labor force that is employed has fallen every single year since 2006.

-According to John Williams of, truly accurate numbers would show that U.S. GDP growth has actually been continuously negative all the way back to 2005.

-U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

-One recent survey found that nearly half of all Americans are living on the edge of financial ruin.

-According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 146 million Americans that are considered to be either "poor" or "low income" at this point.

For many more statistics that demonstrate that the U.S. economy has continued to decline in recent years, please see this article: "37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy".

So where is all of this headed?

Well, after the next major financial crisis in America things are going to get very tough.

We can get a hint for how things are going to be by taking a look at what is going on over in Europe right now.

Can you imagine people trampling each other for food?  That is what is happening in Greece.  Just check out this excerpt from a Reuters article...

    Hundreds of people jostled for free vegetables handed out by farmers in a symbolic protest earlier on Wednesday, trampling one man and prompting an outcry over the growing desperation created by economic crisis.

    Images of people struggling to seize bags of tomatoes and leeks thrown from a truck dominated television, triggering a bout of soul-searching over the new depths of poverty in the debt-laden country.

The suffering that the Greeks are experiencing right now will come to this country soon enough.

So enjoy this false bubble of debt-fueled prosperity while you can.  It is going to end way too soon, and after that there will be a whole lot of pain.

And they shall say peace, peace, than comes sudden destruction....

The Wood land Remnant- Message And A Prophecy Of Great Encouragement

Mic 7:14  Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thy heritage, which dwell solitarily, in the forest in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old.

Mic 7:15  As in the days of thy coming forth out of the land of Egypt will I show unto them marvellous things.

Zec 8:6  Thus saith the LORD of hosts; If it be marvellous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in these days, should it also be marvellous in mine eyes? saith the LORD of hosts.


Micah 7:1-20

 God’s Compassion for an Erring People


Things had come to an awful pass in the favored city. Oppression, bribery, and bloodshed, were everywhere in the ascendant. Men wrought evil with both hands. Husbands could not trust their wives. At such a time there is no refuge for God’s children save in God, Mic_7:7-13.

 When we have learned our lesson we find God appearing for our help. He brings forth to the light and vindicates us. Then those that hated us, and suggested that He had forsaken, will be compelled to admit that He has completely vindicated us from their reproach. Be of good cheer, believer; wait for God. He will bring out thy righteousness as the light and thy judgment as the noonday, Mic_7:10-12.

 Next, the prophet pleads with Israel’s Shepherd to repeat the marvels of the Exodus. He knows that God will not only pardon iniquities but subdue them, trampling them beneath His feet. This anticipates the Ascension, Eph_1:20-23. When a stone sinks into ocean depths, it cannot be recovered; and when sin is forgiven God never recalls it either here or hereafter.


Micah 7:14
Feed - So Christ directs his officers. With thy rod - In allusion to the custom of shepherds who guided their sheep by a pastoral staff. In the wood - Protect and guide those that in their present captive state are solitary, compassed with dangers. Carmel - A fruitful place and well inhabited. In Bashan - A place of note for fruitfulness. Gilead - Equal with any of the other for plenty and safety.


Here is, I. The prophet's prayer to God to take care of his own people, and of their cause and interest, Mic_7:14. When God is about to deliver his people he stirs up their friends to pray for them, and pours out a spirit of grace and supplication, Zec_12:10.

 And when we see God coming towards us in ways of mercy, we must go forth to meet him by prayer.

It is a prophetic prayer, which amounts to a promise of the good prayed for; what God directed his prophet to ask no doubt he designed to give.

 Now, 1. The people of Israel are here called the flock of God's heritage, for they are the sheep of his hand, the sheep of his pasture, his little flock in the world; and they are his heritage, his portion in the world. Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.

2. This flock dwells solitarily in the wood, or forest, in the midst of Carmel, a high mountain. Israel was a peculiar people, that dwelt alone, and was not reckoned among the nations, like a flock of sheep in a wood. They were now a desolate people (Mic_7:13), were in the land of their captivity as sheep in a forest, in danger of being lost and made a prey of to the beasts of the forest. They are scattered upon the mountains as sheep having no shepherd.

 3. He prays that God would feed them there with his rod, that is, that he would take care of them in their captivity, would protect them, and provide for them, and do the part of a good shepherd to them: “Let thy rod and staff comfort them, even in that darksome valley; and even there let them want nothing that is good for them. Let them be governed by thy rod, not the rod of their enemies, for they are thy people.”

4. He prays that God would in due time bring them back to feed in the plains of Bashan and Gilead, and no longer to be fed in the woods and mountains. Let them feed in their own country again, as in the days of old. Some apply this spiritually, and make it either the prophet's prayer to Christ or his Father's charge to him, to take care of his church, as the great Shepherd of the sheep, and to go in and out before them while they are here in this world as in a wood, that they may find pasture as in Carmel, as in Bashan and Gilead

This is a very different message, because I have read-re-read, studied it and have made notes, meditated on this revelation for a long time, almost two years, so I feel in txt form I may do it no justice, but I will try and convey what I have been given on this unique portion of the bible and the revelation from it.

First note what the commentaries said.

  1. Henry;

It is a prophetic prayer, which amounts to a promise of the good prayed for; what God directed his prophet to ask no doubt he designed to give.

2.  Wesley;

In the wood - Protect and guide those that in their present captive state are solitary, compassed with dangers.

3. Meyer:

 The prophet pleads with Israel’s Shepherd to repeat the marvels of the Exodus.
He knows that God will not only pardon iniquities but subdue them, trampling them beneath His feet.

I have spoke much on the second Exodus, the 7 tree prophecy, the desert remnant. Meyer said, ' to repeat the marvels of the Exodus. This is exactly what I have been saying. The insight I was given concerned the true people of the lord in the woodlands.

The woodland remnant. This is a prophetic prayer, so no stretch there, the prophetic prayer was, 'lord do what you did in the first Exodus again, and the lord will.

Things will be hard, yes, but our Exodus is on the way.

I saw wild things, a remnant in a wooded area, in a bad place, but heading for all the lord had for them in their restored MT. Carmel.
Carmel, good, blessing, power, might, manifestation, miracles are coming, this will be in the woods and around the world, but the MT. Carmel of blessing is the same, and it comes while the remnant are in a place that is not safe, a place where men will marvel at what our lord will do or his people in the woodlands.

Oh' how I wish and pray I was a woodland remnant, but I am not, but maybe you are. The desert is hard, harsh, wild. This word is for all , but esp. those in the woodland remnant.

The 7 tree prophecy, teaching, will make the desert at least have water and three trees listed, I can not wait for that.

The revelation-prophecy I have is this,

" O' my people, tattered an tossed, worried an afraid, I am with you where ever you are, be strong, be full of expectation, that you will not be ashamed in the days ahead. I am going to move in my woodland remnant in miracles, might , power, mankind will be in wonder, how can these people be well feed, happy, safe, how. The lord says, because you are under my wings my woodland remnant. Do not worry about the earth changes, the cold, nothing, the droughts, are nothing to me, I will provide, I will show myself in this second Exodus, back to your holy Mt. Carmel. I     have spoken, it is true, you will be protected, some will give there life for me, but listen, many will be alive, and actually thrive in the days of Judgment. My holy ring of Fire will protect you, evil men will run as they see my warring angles over you, you will be surprised to see them run away, but they will indeed, my holy woodland remnant, now be at peace, and know I have spoken to you this day.'

This Is the word of the Lord

As said , I should have preached a video on this, I could say so much more, I know those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, will be given the truth, and more personal insight to this prophetic word.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

News That Is In Prophecy pt 3-

If you have been a reader a while, you know two years ago a strong prophetic word came forth warning the People esp.n the E.U. and other places, a mini ice age was upon on. I have posted and kept up with this ice age.It will be come worse and heating, keeping warm will be a life and death situation.That winter broke all records, esp. in the U.K. as foretold. 2012 was worse, but in different places, now 2013 it is all over, Asia, and around the work.

The reason this is prophesy is because only in the Greek Syriac text the oldest, it adds something to the birth pains no other text does, aside from the persiac text. The winters will be with out end, old and long they shall be. And so there shall be great ice age and extreme cold, birth pain prophecy.

Snowiest winter in 100 years paralyzes Moscow traffic for 3,500 km

Posted on February 6, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol

February 6, 2013 – RUSSIA – The snowiest winter in a century has hit the Russian capital, causing Muscovites to get stuck in traffic jams 3,500km in length on Monday evening – the distance from Moscow to Madrid. Since the beginning of the winter, over 2 meters of snow has fallen on the Russian capital, the Moscow mayor’s aide in housing and public utilities Pyotr Biryukov told Interfax. Snowfall is expected in Moscow for four or five more days, he added. On Monday, 45,000 community services employees and 15,000 units of equipment were attempting to cope with 26 cm of snow – nearly a fifth of the average annual fall.

The latest snowfall has become a nightmare for drivers with the capital’s commuters trapped in gridlock. Many of those who left their workplace in the evening had to spend five to 10 hours getting home. The average speed of vehicles was no more than 7-9 km/h. The number of road accidents – 3,000 – was much higher than during an ordinary day, with minor accidents quadrupling, according to Channel One TV. ­Pedestrians were having a hard time, too, trying to make their way through ice and huge snowdrifts on the sidewalks. Over 50 people were injured after falling. On Tuesday morning, the streets became virtual ‘skating rinks’, with passengers of minibuses forced to push the vehicles up the hill from time to time, and then jumping into the moving vehicles. Overnight, almost 150 huge trucks became stuck on the Moscow ring highway, blocking it for hours. Moscow’s Yandex Traffic Jams application showed that traffic was at level 10, the highest possible. Meanwhile, over a hundred flights were grounded at Moscow airports.

Notably, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev’s plane was unable to land in Vnukovo airport, and proceeded to St. Petersburg. ­It’s not the first time that Moscow has seen massive snowfalls this winter – in mid-January the situation was similar in terms of heavy falls – and traffic. Yandex Traffic Jams also recorded level 10 at that time. In December, the harshest temperatures in 70 years were recorded, with thermometers showing temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius in some regions of Russia. Meteorologists predict more snow is in store for Muscovites in February and March. “March is considered a winter month here,” one top Hydro Meteorological Center official indicated to Interfax. –RT

                                                      Earthchanges: Earth’s weather goes haywire
Earthquake Icon“Earth’s stability is collapsing…and one by one, the biospheric processes regulating life itself are going awry. These are early characteristics of climate shock and are indications that even more ominous changes are yet to unfold…areas of the Earth…will become increasingly inhospitable from the extremes of climate change. As incredible as it seems, we’re witnessing signs of epochal change-across the planet which are typically consigned to geological periods of planetary extinctions. The climate stability, we once knew, is gone forever.” –The Extinction Protocol – page 9, 2009

And There shall be famines in various places, Drought, a judgment of the lord in O.T.

Winter rains shy away from drought-stricken Places

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A shift back to drier weather is expected in most of the key wheat growing areas of the drought-stricken U.S. Great Plains hard red winter wheat region, an agricultural meteorologist said on Wednesday.

Early in the week there had been outlooks for significant rain and/or snow in much of the region which would have given the battered wheat crop a welcome dousing, but patterns have changed to a drier mode, he said.

"There will be a storm system this weekend and another one early next week but the moisture will favor Nebraska and away from the large wheat acreage areas," said Andy Karst, meteorologist for World Weather Inc.

Karst said Nebraska may receive a half-inch of moisture with lighter amounts elsewhere in the Plains states.

"Confidence is increasing that Kansas won't see much from the weekend storm," he said.

Without rain or heavy snow before spring, millions of acres of wheat could be ruined, while corn and soybean seedings could be threatened in the western Midwest, according to meteorologists and other crop experts.

The unrelenting drought gripping key farming states in the U.S. Plains shows no sign of abating, and it will take a deluge of snow or rain to restore critical moisture to farmland before spring planting of new crops, a climate expert said.

"It's not a pretty picture," said climatologist Mark Svoboda of the University of Nebraska's Drought Mitigation Center.

Precipitation in the Plains region has been 3 inches to 6 inches shy of normal levels since October, and some areas are nearly 16 inches short of much-needed moisture over the last nine months, Svoboda said.

The drought that last year ranked as the worst in roughly 50 years is still entrenched in the nation's mid-section. This month was considered the worst January in terms of drought over the 13 years that a consortium of federal and state climatology experts have been monitoring drought levels and issuing regular "Drought Monitor" reports, Svoboda added.

"The January number is the highest amount of coverage for the U.S. since we've been doing this," he said.

Last week's Drought Monitor report showed severe drought still gripping 87.25 percent of the High Plains, unchanged from the prior week. Fully 100 percent of the land area in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma remained engulfed in severe drought or worse, according to the Drought Monitor.

A new drought report is expected to be released on Thursday.

The Plains states are key crop production areas, particularly for hard red winter wheat, an important bread-making crop. They are also critical areas for cattle and other livestock production.

Overall, 57.68 percent of the contiguous United States was in at least "moderate" drought as of January 29, a slightly worse situation than the previous week's tally of 57.64 percent. Exceptional drought expanded slightly to 6.37 percent, up from 6.36 percent of the country.

(Additional reporting by Carey Gillam in Kansas City; Editing by Theodore


    Drought Hits Shippers on Great Lakes The Wall Street Journal
    Even in Michigan, the Great Lakes State, Drought Prevails Yahoo!


Low water levels on the Mississippi River, which have snarled cargo traffic and completely halted hundreds of barges at a time, got most of the media attention during this year’s arid summer. But the weird weather is also having a severe impact on those making a living transporting goods in the Great Lakes region.

Thanks to the Drought of 2012, the Great Lakes are approaching and may fall below the lowest levels ever recorded, back in the 1960s. Lake Michigan-Huron (often recorded together by hydrologists) is about two feet below its average level, and the rest of the Great Lakes are also several inches below normal, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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That may not seem like much, but those inches mean a lot for shippers navigating the lakes’ canals. Glen Nekvasil of the Lake Carriers’ Association, which represents U.S.-flag vessel operators on the Lakes, says that cargos are carrying 1,200 to 1,500 fewer tons than they did a year ago.

But the problem actually started before this summer’s drought. Nekvasil says that in the 1990s, carriers could sail with as much as 71,000 tons of cargo. But this summer, the maximum load of coal had fallen to around 64,700 tons. That’s because in areas like the Straits of Mackinac, which connect Lakes Michigan and Huron, water levels have gotten so low that they can’t support larger cargos anymore.

The problem is partly cyclical. The 1960s witnessed some of the lowest rainfalls in the region’s history, forcing carriers to take on less cargo. By the ‘90s, however, rainfall had peaked, allowing more cargo to safely navigate the Lakes. When the drought hit this summer, the lakes were already well below 1990s levels. The low rainfall over the past several months has just accelerated the problem.

Meanwhile, the region’s shipping industry is facing other challenges. Nekvasil says that among the “big three” commodities shipped along the Lakes – iron ore, coal and limestone – only iron has bounced back since the recession. In 2006, 172 million tons of dry-bulk commodities – which also include salt, cement and grain – were transported on the Great Lakes. Cargos hit a low in 2009 at 112 million and have yet to rebound fully. Last year, only 142 million tons were transported along the Lakes.

“The coal trade is down because Canada is phasing out coal to be used for energy, and limestone is down primarily because the construction industry is still hurting,” says Nekvasil.

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But will the effects of the drought trickle down to consumer prices? Much of the iron ore and some of the coal shipped on the Lakes eventually ends up at mills in northern Indiana and Michigan that provide steel to the Big Three automakers in Detroit. Transportation consultant James Roach, who is based in East Lansing, Mich., says while a number of factors go into the price of vehicles, it’s possible that the higher costs of transport on the Great Lakes could make their way to car buyers in the form of higher prices.

The drought has also hurt Michigan’s farmers, many of whom have had to apply to the state to dig wells for irrigation. According to Jon Bartholic of Michigan State University’s Institute of Water Research, 500 new wells were registered this year alone. Only 400 were registered in 2011 and 250 in 2010. Michigan, more specifically Constantine, Mich., has been called the “seed corn capital of the world,” and many farmers are increasingly relying on new water sources to irrigate their corn, as well as soybeans, as the region’s long-term water levels show no signs of improving.

But not everyone’s complaining about the weird weather. The drought has actually helped Michigan’s wine-producing region. According to the Great Lakes Echo, farmers and wine sellers are seeing a much-improved grape yield this year, which could lead to overall growth in the industry. And Travel Michigan, the state’s tourism office, is reporting the best summer tourism numbers in the last eight years.

“From what we’re hearing anecdotally, we’ve had a great year,” says Travel Michigan spokesperson Michelle Begnoche. “If anything, the heat has actually driven people to the beach.”

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Even in Michigan, the Great Lakes State, Drought Prevails

By Michael Thompson | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Mon, Jul 16, 2012


Anyone who looks at Michigan on a map, with Lake Huron bright blue on the east of the mitten and Lake Michigan on the west and the great Lake Superior atop, might muse that the state is the last candidate for a drought.

But a drought is happening in Michigan, known as the "Water and Winter Wonderland," the same as across the nation.

Michigan State University Extension, an arm of land-grant agricultural colleges known for 4-H programs, reports from land-locked East Lansing that:

* Drought conditions prevail especially "across the south central and southwestern sections," which is ironic, because communities such as Kalamozoo and Muskegon along the Lake Michigan shoreline experience high quantities of winter lake-effect snow.

* Do you remember 1988, nearly a quarter-century ago? Long-time farmers do. MSU 4-H Extension reports: "The magnitude of heat and dryness across southern Michigan and much of the central and eastern Corn Belt region to our south has not been observed since the great drought of 1988."

* The immediate weather forecast is bright with sunshine, which is not so bright for farmers who are begging for some shadowy rain clouds. However, MSU 4-H Extension reports, "There are some hints of a more significant change in the one- to two-week time frame." A "northward surge" from the Gulf of Mexico could provide a moist and much-needed blessing.

* High temperatures are forecast to linger in the 90-degree range, giving Michigan a continued taste of normal summer life in Mississippi.

There are currently 68 droughts in the USA alone, to see the list the link is here.Facts not hype.

If you do not think the droughts are everywhere, a site shows the droughts world wide, way to many to post, on the right it shows world wide how many droughts are happening as I write.

The site shows 117 droughts as of today.

And There Shall Be Famines In Various Places- This is a long article, but it should put to rest the nay sayers.

    Humanity is undergoing in the post-Cold War era an economic and social crisis of unprecedented scale leading to the rapid impoverishment of large sectors of the World population. National economies are collapsing, unemployment is rampant. Local level famines have erupted in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and parts of Latin America. This “globalization of poverty” –which has largely reversed the achievements of post-war decolonization– was initiated in the Third World coinciding with the debt crisis of the early 1980s and the imposition of the IMF’s deadly economic reforms.

    The New World Order feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the natural environment. It generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife, undermines the rights of women and often precipitates countries into destructive confrontations between nationalities. Since the 1990s, it has extended its grip to all major regions of the World including North America, Western Europe, the countries of the former Soviet block and the “Newly Industrialized Countries” (NICs) of South East Asia and the Far East.

    This Worldwide crisis is more devastating than the Great Depression of the 1930s.
It has far-reaching geo-political implications; economic dislocation has also been accompanied by the outbreak of regional wars, the fracturing of national societies and in some cases the destruction of entire countries. By far this is the most serious economic crisis in modern history. (Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty, First Edition, 1997) 


Famine is the result of a process of “free market” restructuring of the global economy which has its roots in the debt crisis of the early 1980s.  It is not a recent phenomenon as suggested by several Western media reports. The latter narrowly focus on short-term supply and demand for agricultural staples, while obfuscating the broader structural causes of global famine.

Poverty and chronic undernourishment is a pre-existing condition. The recent hikes in food prices have contributed to exacerbating and aggravating the food crisis. The price hikes are hitting an impoverished population, which has barely the means to survive.

Food riots have erupted  almost simultaneously in all major regions of the World: 

    “Food prices in Haiti had risen on average by 40 percent in less than a year, with the cost of staples such as rice doubling…. In Bangladesh, [in late April 2008] some 20,000 textile workers took to the streets to denounce soaring food prices and demand higher wages. The price of rice in the country has doubled over the past year, threatening the workers, who earn a monthly salary of just $25, with hunger. In Egypt, protests by workers over food prices rocked the textile center of Mahalla al-Kobra, north of Cairo, for two days last week, with two people shot dead by security forces. Hundreds were arrested, and the government sent plainclothes police into the factories to force workers to work. Food prices in Egypt have risen by 40 percent in the past year… Earlier this month, in the Ivory Coast, thousands marched on the home of President Laurent Gbagbo, chanting “we are hungry” and “life is too expensive, you are going to kill us.

    Similar demonstrations, strikes and clashes have taken place in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Yemen, Ethiopia, and throughout most of sub-Saharan Africa.” (Bill Van Auken, Amid mounting food crisis, governments fear revolution of the hungry, Global Research, April 2008)

“Eliminating the Poor”

With large sectors of the World population already well below the poverty line, the short-term hike in the prices of food staples is devastating. Millions of people around the World are unable to purchase food for their survival 

These hikes are contributing in a very real sense to “eliminating the poor” through “starvation deaths”. In the words of Henry Kissinger:  “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

In this regard, Kissinger had intimated in the context of the 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests”. that the recurrence of famines could constitute a de facto instrument of population control.

According to the FAO, the price of grain staples has increased by 88% since March 2007. The price of wheat has increased by 181% over a three year period. The price of rice has increased by 50% over the last three months (See Ian Angus, Food Crisis: “The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model”, Global Research, April 2008):

     ”The most popular grade of Thailand rice sold for $198 a ton, five years ago and $323 a ton a year ago. In April 2008, the price hit $1,000. Increases are even greater on local markets — in Haiti, the market price of a 50 kilo bag of rice doubled in one week at the end of March 2008. These increases are catastrophic for the 2.6 billion people around the world who live on less than US$2 a day and spend 60% to 80% of their incomes on food. Hundreds of millions cannot afford to eat” (Ibid)

Two Interrelated Dimensions

There are two interrelated dimensions to the ongoing global food crisis, which has spearheaded millions of people around the World into starvation and chronic deprivation, a situation in which entire population groups no longer have the means to purchase food.

First, there is a long term historical process of macroeconomic policy reform and global economic restructuring which has contributed to depressing the standard living Worldwide in both the developing and developed countries. 

Second, these preexisting historical conditions of mass poverty have been exacerbated and aggravated by the recent surge in grain prices, which have led in some cases to the doubling of the retail price of food staples. These price hikes are in large part the result of speculative trade in food staples.

Speculative Surge in Grain Prices

The media has casually misled public opinion on the causes of these price hikes, focusing almost exclusively on issues of costs of production, climate and other factors which result in reduced supply and which might contribute to boosting the price of food staples. While these factors may come into play, they are of limited relevance in explaining the impressive and dramatic surge in commodity prices.

Spiraling food prices are in large part the result of market manipulation. They are largely attributable to speculative trade on the commodity markets. Grain prices are boosted artificially by large scale speculative operations on the New York and Chicago mercantile exchanges. It is worth noting that in 2007, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), merged with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), forming the largest Worldwide entity dealing in commodity trade including a wide range of speculative instruments (options, options on futures, index funds, etc).  

Speculative trade in wheat, rice or corn, can occur without the occurrence of real commodity transactions. The institutions speculating in the grain market are not necessarily involved in the actual selling or delivery of grain.

The transactions may use commodity index funds which are bets on the general upward or downward movement of commodity prices. A “put option” is a bet that the price will go down, a  “call option” is a bet that the price will go up. Through concerted manipulation, institutional traders and financial institutions make the price go up and then place their bets on an upward movement in the price of a particular commodity.

Speculation generates market volatility. In turn, the resulting instability encourages further speculative activity. 

Profits are made when the price goes up. Conversely, if the speculator is short-selling the market, money will be made when the price collapses.

This recent speculative surge in food prices has been conducive to a Worldwide process of famine formation on an unprecedented scale.

The Absence of Regulatory Measures Triggers Famine

These speculative operations do not purposely trigger famine.

What triggers famine is the absence of regulatory procedures pertaining to speculative trade (options, options on futures, commodity index funds). In the present context, a freeze of speculative trade in food staples, taken as a political decision, would immediately contribute to lower food prices.

Nothing prevents these transactions from being neutralized and defused through a set of carefully devised regulatory measures.

Visibly, this is not what is being proposed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The Role of the IMF and the World Bank

The World Bank and the IMF have come forth with an emergency plan, to boost agriculture in response to the “food crisis”. The causes of this crisis, however, are not addressed. 

The World Bank’s president Robert B. Zoellick describes this initiative as a  “new deal”, an action plan “for a long-term boost to agricultural production.”, which consists inter alia in a doubling of agricultural loans to African farmers.

     ”We have to put our money where our mouth is now so that we can put food into hungry mouths” (Robert Zoellick, World Bank head, quoted  by BBC, 2 May 2008)

IMF/World Bank “economic medicine” is not the “solution” but in large part the “cause” of famine in developing countries. More IMF-World Bank lending “to boost agriculture” will serve to increase levels of indebtedness and exacerbate rather alleviate poverty.  

World Bank “policy based loans” are granted on condition the countries abide by the neoliberal policy agenda which, since the early 1980s, has been conducive to the collapse of local level food agriculture.

“Macro-economic stabilization” and structural adjustment programs imposed by the IMF and the World Bank on developing countries (as a condition for the renegotiation of their external debt) have led to the impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people.

The harsh economic and social realities underlying IMF intervention are soaring food prices, local-level famines, massive lay-offs of urban workers and civil servants and the destruction of  social programs. Internal purchasing power has collapsed, health clinics and schools have been closed down, hundreds of millions of children have been denied the right to primary education.

IMF Shock Treatment

Historically, spiraling food prices at the retail level have been triggered by currency devaluations, which have invariably resulted in a hyperinflationary situation. In Peru in August 1990, for instance, on the orders of the IMF, fuel prices increased overnight by 30 times. The price of bread increased twelve times overnight: 

    “Throughout the Third World, the situation is one of social desperation and hopelessness of a population impoverished by the interplay of market forces. Anti-SAP riots and popular uprisings are brutally repressed: Caracas, 1989. President Carlos Andres Perez after having rhetorically denounced the IMF of practicing “an economic totalitarianism which kills not with bullets but with famine”, declares a state of emergency and sends regular units of the infantry and the marines into the slum areas (barrios de ranchos) on the hills overlooking the capital. The Caracas anti-IMF riots had been sparked off as a result of a 200 per cent increase in the price of bread. Men, women and children were fired upon indiscriminately: “The Caracas morgue was reported to have up to 200 bodies of people killed in the first three days … and warned that it was running out of coffins”. Unofficially more than a thousand people were killed. Tunis, January 1984: the bread riots instigated largely by unemployed youth protesting the rise of food prices; Nigeria, 1989: the anti-SAP student riots leading to the closing of six of the country’s universities by the Armed Forces Ruling Council; Morocco, 1990: a general strike and a popular uprising against the government’s IMF-sponsored reforms.” (Michel Chossudovsky, op cit.)

The Deregulation of Grain Markets

Since the 1980s, grain markets have been deregulated under the supervision of the World Bank and US/EU grain surpluses are used systematically to destroy the peasantry and destabilize national food agriculture. In this regard, World Bank lending requires the lifting of trade barriers on imported agricultural staples, leading to the dumping of US/EU grain surpluses onto local market. These and other measures have spearheaded local agricultural producers into bankruptcy.

A “free market” in grain –imposed by the IMF and the World Bank– destroys the peasant economy and undermines “food security”. Malawi and Zimbabwe were once prosperous grain surplus countries, Rwanda was virtually self-sufficient in food until 1990 when the IMF ordered the dumping of EU and US grain surpluses on the domestic market precipitating small farmers into bankruptcy. In 1991-92, famine had hit Kenya, East Africa’s most successful bread-basket economy. The Nairobi government had been previously placed on a black list for not having obeyed IMF prescriptions. The deregulation of the grain market had been demanded as one of the conditions for the rescheduling of Nairobi’s external debt with the Paris Club of official creditors. (Michel Chossudovsky, The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, Second Edition, Montreal 2003)

Throughout Africa, as well as in Southeast Asia and Latin America, the pattern of “sectoral adjustment” in agriculture under the custody of the Bretton Woods institutions has been unequivocally towards the destruction of food security. Dependency vis-à-vis the world market has been reinforced leading to a boost in commercial grain imports as well as an increase in the influx of “food aid”.

Agricultural producers were encouraged to abandon food farming and switch into “high value” export crops. often  to the detriment of food self-sufficiency. The high value products as well as the cash crops for export were supported by World Bank loans. 

Famines in the age of globalization are the result of policy. Famine is not the consequence of a scarcity of food but in fact quite the opposite: global food surpluses are used to destabilize agricultural production in developing countries.

Tightly regulated and controlled by international agro-business, this oversupply is ultimately conducive to the stagnation of both production and consumption of essential food staples and the impoverishment of farmers throughout the world.  Moreover, in the era of globalization, the IMF-World Bank structural adjustment program bears a direct relationship to the process of famine formation because it systematically undermines all categories of economic activity, whether urban or rural, which do not directly serve the interests of the global market system.

The earnings of farmers in rich and poor countries alike are squeezed by a handful of global agro-industrial enterprises which simultaneously control the markets for grain, farm inputs, seeds and processed foods. One giant firm Cargill Inc. with more than 140 affiliates and subsidiaries around the World controls a large share of the international trade in grain. Since the 1950s, Cargill became the main contractor of US “food aid” funded under Public Law 480 (1954).

World agriculture has for the first time in history the capacity to satisfy the food requirements of the entire planet, yet the very nature of the global market system prevents this from occurring. The capacity to produce food is immense yet the levels of food consumption remain exceedingly low because a large share of the World’s population lives in conditions of abject poverty and deprivation. Moreover, the process of “modernization” of agriculture has led to the dispossession of the peasantry, increased landlessness and environmental degradation. In other words, the very forces which encourage global food production to expand are also conducive antithetically to a contraction in the standard of living and a decline in the demand for food.

Genetically Modified Seeds

Coinciding with the establishment the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, another important historical change has occurred in the structure of global agriculture.

Under the articles of agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO)), the food giants will have unrestricted freedom to enter the seeds markets of developing countries. The acquisition of exclusive “intellectual property rights” over plant varieties by international agro-industrial interests, also favors the destruction of bio-diversity.

Acting on behalf of a handful of biotech conglomerates, GMO seeds have been imposed on farmers, often in the context of “food aid programs”.  In Ethiopia, for instance, kits of GMO seeds were handed out to impoverished farmers with a view to rehabilitating agricultural production in the wake of a major drought . The GMO seeds were planted, yielding a harvest. But then the farmer came to realize that the GMO seeds could not be replanted without paying royalties to Monsanto, Arch Daniel Midland et al. Then, the farmers discovered that the seeds would harvest only if they used the farm inputs including the fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide, produced and distributed by the biotech agribusiness companies. Entire peasant economies were locked into the grip of the agribusiness conglomerates. 

Breaking The Agricultural Cycle

With the widespread adoption of GMO seeds, a major transition has occurred in the structure and history of settled agriculture since its inception 10,000 years ago.

The reproduction of seeds at the village level in local nurseries has been disrupted by the use of genetically modified seeds.  The agricultural cycle, which enables farmers to store their organic seeds and plant them to reap the next harvest has been broken. This destructive pattern – invariably resulting in famine – is replicated in country after country leading to the Worldwide demise of the peasant economy.

The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

by Michel Chossudovsky

In this new and expanded edition of Chossudovsky’s international best-seller, the author outlines the contours of a New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women. The result as his detailed examples from all parts of the world show so convincingly, is a globalization of poverty.

This book is a skilful combination of lucid explanation and cogently argued critique of the fundamental directions in which our world is moving financially and economically.

In this new enlarged edition –which includes ten new chapters and a new introduction– the author reviews the causes and consequences of famine in Sub-Saharan Africa, the dramatic meltdown of financial markets, the demise of State social programs and the devastation resulting from corporate downsizing and trade liberalisation.

Michel Chossudovsky is Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), which hosts the critically acclaimed website . He is a contributor to the Encyclopedia Britannica. His writings have been translated into more than 20 languages.