Pray That You May Be Found Worth To Escape All These Things

Luk 21:36  Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

This is one of the most perplexing verses in bible prophecy. I have been thinking on it, writing on it, pondering, and meditating on it, doing detailed studies on just this verse, and so let us take a deeper look at this one profound verse concerning the tribulation.

First what is hard to understand, is the word worthy, pray that you may be found worthy... I have given messages on just that one word worth, in the N.T. we learn, no one is worthy, we are only worthy by the blood of Christ, we are only righteous , by the blood of Christ, so why , if we are a true believer would we need to pray that we would be found worthy, to escape the tribulation, while being on the earth, and how would one escape?

Lets first look at what the old commentaries say, the ones written, before the Rapture doctrine was promoted and accepted.


Luke 21:36
Watch ye therefore - This is the general conclusion of all that precedes. That ye may be counted worthy - This word sometimes signifies an honour conferred on a person, as when the apostles are said to be counted worthy to suffer shame for Christ, Act_5:41. Sometimes meet or becoming: as when John the Baptist exhorts, to bring fruits worthy of repentance, Luk_3:8. Therefore, to be counted worthy to escape is to have the honor of it, and to be fitted or prepared for it. To stand - With joy and triumph: not to fall before him as his enemies.

From this we understand, it is a general word and exhortation to stand firm and steady and always be watching, so it is not directed to one who is the real deal, yet we can fall from grace, we can lose our salvation, confused, so am I. It is an exhortation to all to be found praying, watching, living the life of faith, living a God pleasing life. Maturing more and more into the image of Christ.

I said before, it is not a cop out to Pray that you may escape these things, or why would Jesus say we should pray for it, if it was against his will, and not possible? One would not pray to escape out of fear, or being a cowered, as Wesley points out, but out of faith, we die for Christ , it is an honor, it is an honor to be counted worthy to suffer shame for Christ, that is key, suffer shame FOR CHRIST, not an issue, not in an uprising and losing your life because you picked up a sword, and you die, no, the only way, reason if we have a chance, is to  make a decision ,  to die for Christ, to die for the cause of Christ, the gospel.

To be fitted, or prepared for it. To stand - With joy and triumph: not to fall before him as his enemies.

We are to be fitted , prepared for it, I believe that is why so many of his true people are going through so much right now, because we are being prepared for the last days, we are being fitting for our joy and triumph, faith to over come, it takes hard times, and it takes being broken, praying with hot tears, and not a casual Christian walk, but one of peace, power, faith and the shout of Triumph.


Luke 21:36

Watch ye therefore, and pray always - Perhaps we should connect ες παντι καιρῳ, continually, with αγρυπνειτε, watch, as it appears to be the most natural order. Indeed the word continually belongs equally to both watch and pray; and no man is safe, at any time, who does not attend to this advice as literally as possible.

That shall come to pass - That is, the tribulations, which are on their way to overwhelm and destroy the Jewish people. These are sufficiently stated in the preceding verses.

While it is true, the preceding verses, in context are talking about Jerusalem, no doubt, and what the Jewish people will face and go through. All bible prophecy does center around Israel, fact. It is the prophetic time watch, the chosen people, also at the time this was said, it was a gospel to be given to the Jews only, Jesus came , his whole ministry was to the Jews, and only the Jews. It was not until Paul came on the scene, and was the apostle to the gentiles.

The O.T. prophecy as far back as Genesis, told to Abraham, all nations would come to the lord, many O.T. prophetical books speak about the gospel dispensation, when a day would come that the Gentiles would be called, saved. To the Jew first, it was later in Revelations the lord speaks clear about Gentiles in heaven, every language and all nations on earth are found in heaven, but Jesus had to preach to the chosen first, after the rejection, and this is the reason we Gentiles were saved, than we are one with the Jews. We are now a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and of ALL  believers.

Paul clearly teaches in the N.T. dispensation, there is now no difference between Jew and Greek ( Gentile )

The way to debunk the Rapture doctrine is starting with one core belief they have, the elect.  they teach the elect in the N.T. is the Jews, this is not true, the elect of God, Paul said this to Gentiles as well and in Greek or Hebrew, the word elect means chosen, appointed called out, etc. that is every Christian, so to deal with that core belief that was taught, is where you must start , and than you will understand it is false.

Webster On the word Elect:

3. In theology, to designate, choose or select as an object of mercy or favor.

4. To choose; to prefer; to determine in favor of.

ELECT', a. Chosen, taken by preference from among two or more. Hence,

1. In theology, chosen as the object of mercy; chosen, selected or designated to eternal life; predestinated in the divine counsels.

2. Chosen, but no inaugurated, consecrated or invested with office; as bishop elect; emperor elect; governor or mayor elect. But in the scriptures, and in theology, this word is generally used as a noun.

ELECT', n. One chosen or set apart; applied to Christ.

Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth. Isa 42.

1. Chosen or designated by God to salvation; predestinated to glory as the end, and to sanctification as the means; usually with a plural signification, the elect.

Shall not God avenge his own elect? Luke 18.

If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Mat 24.

He shall send his angels--and they shall gather his elect from the four winds. Mat 24.

2. Chosen; selected; set apart as a peculiar church and people; applied to the Israelites. Isa 45.

Calvin, and  Presbyterians make a man made doctrine out of the theology of Predestination. They really twist it, but the bible clearly teaches the doctrine of predestination, we must take what the bible says about it, with the free will verses and keep it as the bible teaches and not man.

The lord wills that all men might me saved, this and other verses, teach free will, we are all willed, destined for heaven, but the lord allows us to chose, chose this day whom you will serve, he never forces anyone to be saved, but the all-knowing lord, already knows who will be in glory , who will not, and what gifts he will call one to. We read in the O.T. many of the prophets said they were called to be a prophet while they were still in their mothers womb.

Example, the lord predestined me to do what I am doing, this I know, I have slipped, fallen away at times, but as David says,’ if a righteous man falls a thousand times, the lord will pick him up’, so never give up, even if you fell away, or stopped praying for a while, you will, if God wills come back, be restored and he knows all.

1. Chosen or designated by God to salvation; predestinated to glory as the end, and to sanctification as the means; usually with a plural signification, the elect.

We have to make a choice to stay steady, watch and pray and stay close to Jesus, and relie on him 100% if we do not, we will fall from Grace, so if we remain faithful, or return in time, before we die, we will be in glory.

In revelations, when John saw the souls of the Martyrs under the alter crying out, ‘how long O' lord till you vindicate our blood’, the lord answered, ‘rest a while, and wait until those who have been appointed to also be martyred as you have’, so some are appointed to martyrdom, yes appointed, called, predestined, others are called to escape, we do not know, I do not want to know, do you? I have said , no one can prepare for martyrdom, you can not prepare to die, can you, we would lose it, let it come, and when it does for those called to it, at the time, not before, a very special grace is given to enable you to go through it. I can prove this point with two verse’s in this chapter.

Luk 21:14  Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer:

Luk 21:15  For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

There it is, how can anyone refute this advice, we are not to meditate, think what we will say, at the time, not before, the holy spirit will fill our mouth as we yell Freedom as in Brave heart , it will turn out as a testimony, for they over came the devil , by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony, you see the bible teaches sound doctrine, if we stay with the word of the lord and not the twisted theology and teachings of man and denominations, amen.

To pray  that you may be found worthy to escape the Tribulation events, is a matter of watching and praying, being on your guard that you do not fall in to deception, false doctrine, and the lies of the Antichrist, but in your patience posses ye your souls.

This is why the lord has a holy Remnant, a chosen people, the ones who are in for the long haul, and faithful unto death, that is what I mean when I always say a remnant, it is simply, true bible believers, in sound doctrine, walking in the image of Christ, we are made such by many trials, tests, tribulations, we are made the remnant , true Christians, not a matter of denomination, but true bible believers. We have theological differences, but if you are a real Christian, and read the word, are in sound bible doctrine, that is the trained remnant, the last day army for the lord, so are you in, think on this