Staying Glued To The Lord So You Do Not Fall To Pieces

The Stone Of Help

Announcement about First Church Service, And A Call For All To Pray For Us.

The Coming Divine Move Of The Lord-And A Prophecy This Day August 29, 2013

Jer. Pt 7 Speaking Truth = The Lonely Road

A Revelation Of The Saved Remnant During Judgment- Also A Confirmation From Wilkerson Today On This Post

The Day That Superman Died -By John R. Davis Guest Writer

The Lord In The O.T. To This Day Has Tried Everything To Get People To Listen- Also a Confirmation Sermon By Carter Conlon, The Christians Response to Sodom.

David Wilkerson Today-MICAH’S PROPHECY

We Shall Not Faint

Are You Thirty , Sixty, Or One Hundred Fold?