Abraham's Walk Of Faith, When We Do Not Know Where We Are Going, But Are Told To Go.

Wheres The Beef, Want Some Meat, Eat This Message Up, And Look At Some Details On Prophecy And History.

The One Thing That Makes A Christian Shine Is Humility

History Repeats-100 years ago, As Of 2014 Look At 1914

DEC 2012 repost Dec 7 , great Word. 24/7 ARE U 24/7

2 Whose Glory

Confirmation to Last message word in Due time, Look amazing.

We Do Not Know Whats Going To Happen, We Do Not Know Where, Or When, So Why Spend Another Day, Another Year Trying To Find Out, And Living In Worry.

Hope In The Grave Of Circumstances-A Now Must Hear Short Sermon Audio

God's Solution: Justification & Regeneration by Paul Washer

Prophecy In The News 2013 Review, Long video, Worth a Watch

A Message From December 2012, Still A Great Message-Condemnation or Repentance- The Word Repent A Deeper Look, It Is Good News

Peters Ghost-Message From 2-11-12