New Songs From New Free Cd Very Different Back From 1992

The Prophet Zec. Ch 3, what We Can Learn From This-The Devil, The Blood, The Holiness

Moved by the Holy Ghost 1991 by Leonard Ravenhill

"The Cost of a Fresh Anointing" - David Wilkerson

The Enemies Will Never Take Out The Spared Holy Remnant-Also A Prophecy

Pt 3- Lessons From, The Sermon On The Mount- Matt Ch 7-Ask, Seek, Knock, Never Stop !

Pray For Our Pc's They Have Big Problems, What Else LOL.

A Call To Weeping Over The Church, The Coming Judgment, Prophets And Christians A like, Weep!

The Imperative of Absolute Forgiveness-Do you Need Forgiveness?

David Wilkerson- "The Great Apostasy" (1986)

How To Act Like God, Not Play God-Some Meat-The Heavenly Perspective-A Message From The Throne

Going Home-From New FREE CD 'Smile In The Storm'-Music Only Sweet arrangement-Listen, Relax

The Prophet Said YES, But God Said NO !

Prophecy In The News Feb 17 2014 Famine, Drought