An Urgent Message- An Urgent Mission-54 min Audio Preached This early AM, This Is The Most Important Message, sermon, Prophecy, Ever Posted To Date.

Eric Ludy - Intercession Another Great Video Short- Let this video Move you To Our Prayer Requests, My Wife, The Off Line Ministry, Need Prayer Please.

The Church Is One. False Prophets Will Pay - Paul Washer -This Short Video IS A MUST WATCH

When A Prophecy Is Given There Are Times We Must Co-Operate With The Prophecy To Do Something To Bring It To Pass

The Cry Of Faith And Trust Gives Supernatural Results-One Against One Million

I Just Found Some Great Eric Luddy Shorts, all are as the others, very powerful, Will Post them Now and Than, Now A New One.

You can know-Word In Due Time, Prophetic Word, Confirmation

This Is A Short Video The Friends site I am Pushing, I found He Does These Short Simple Teachings While He Is In His Truck Traveling The USA Each Short Vid Different Place In America, Never Seen Such A Thing He Has A Calm Way About Him Watch

Prophecy In The News-The Word Of The Lord Said Take Eyes Off Russian Conflict, Keep Eyes On The Asia Pacific Area, This Is Yet More Prof Of What Is Coming, And The Current Prophetic Word Given

Please Visit My Good Friends Web Site He Needs The Views

All Shall Stand Before The Judgment Seat of Christ - Leonard Ravenhill -Also The Man Under The Stage-Erick Luddy

Titus By Dr Tonny A Lugalia 35 min audio

Joel Osteen, it's just the Truth - Paul Washer

It Will Cost You Everything-Correction Not Washer I think Eric Ludy? Or Matters not Powerful Truth

A Word Of Knowledge, A Prophecy May 19 2014

To Russia With Love-A word for you

Many Christians Today Have Blood On Their Hands, Do You?

A Word About My Prayer Time And Three Music Videos

Sometimes It Takes The Third Battle-The Lord Gave Me A Deep Insight On This

Jeremy Camp - This Man

"†There Will Be A Day†" Jeremy Camp

The Christians Response to-When It Looks Like All Hell Is Breaking Lose

A Very Hard Day Wild Winds And More, Let The Wind Blow

A Time Of Shame, It Is The Last Resort The Lord Takes-To Awaken His People