Still Taking Another Day For Music-Man I Needed This. The Player With A Few Songs Many Have Not Heard

I have taken the last two days to worship, Pray, study, do the school emails for students, and that is it.
Peace I say, Peace to you, let the peace of the lord come on you. We can not change events, but we can change our heart. Peace , let this anointing of Peace in the name of Jesus come on all who read this PEACE. 

In the sound click song player.

The first song  ' Gabriel's Horn' my best Contemporary Christian song of all time, easy, and powerful, different. On my old sound click page it hit Number 1, and is my personal favorite. I know you will like it. The song starts by itself, if you want, turn it off.

 The second song, I do not think anyone on this main site has heard, ' Oh India', what can I say, mellow, very full and ..well... did well. Note in the song , did not realize till after mastered it I mis said the India word city Mumbai, Where the bomb attack happened, know how to say it, in song ooppps, Very mellow and very different, a cry for India.

Song 3, 'First Kiss', many have heard, posted vid, about marriage, but more, our first kiss was Jesus, an allegorical, romance song start, and than marriage troubles, the couple forgot their real first kiss, it was when they were saved, the end clearly is 100% gospel, again, a very different style from what I have done, sort of POP? So I put some top rated songs, and various styles to let all hear the different styles I do. 'A brand new day', is a mellow electronica song, so have all bases covered LO.
Enjoy and download all free.