A.W. Tozer - Witnessing or Ashamed?-Visit Sermon Index TODAY

Dear reader have you ever heard of A.W.Tozar?, Sound doctrine, on the web page, the top has great old sermons, click that, on the site will come down many sermons to hear in full. Very different from what many are used to today, most have not heard classic sound doctrine, old truth preachers. I notice this month the drop down menu from Sermon index has a lot of Tozar sermons powerful stuff.

I hear so many people say I do not go to church, because I can not find a bible preaching, alive church, I agree. Many search the Internet over, you tube preachers some good, most bad, websites so much false doctrine. So if this is you. Sermon index, also link to the right has thousands of sermons and videos, more than it would take you in this life to hear, all on one site, one place, look no further, if you truly want to hear truth, and not mystical Christianity and new waves of Doctrines it is all easy, visit sermon index. The link, or try the cool drop down menu, Tozar a true classic, I am posting a short by him. The sermons are great, bible and truth, not strange winds of doctrine, amen.