Going in Circles and Getting Somewhere

Dan 6:16 Then the king commanded, and they brought Daniel, and cast him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee.

In the Hebrew -in this case from the ancient Chaldee, Continually.

(Chaldee); from H1753 in the original sense of enduring; permanence, that is, (adverbially) constantly: - continually.

(Chaldee); corresponding to H1752; to reside: - dwell.

A primitive root; properly to gyrate (or move in a circle), that is, to remain: - dwell.

We are to continually be in a place of permanent dwelling and remain, even if we have to go in a circle, or what seems to be one.

Many can relate to the feeling of, 'Hay I feel like I am just going in circles, and getting nowhere'. Listen, there are times where we are lit. going in circles, because the lord is leading us somewhere. We see it as a delay, like a plane waiting to land, many times it has to be delayed flying high above in circles, why, waiting till it is safe to land.

Many in this day want nothing to do with going in circles, they want to get somewhere, be someone, reach a goal, do a thing, a personal agenda, esp. the 30 something crowd, I know, I was once there long ago. 30 something Christianity would be a good title for this message.

In a hurry, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, nowhere you plan, or hope that is.

It is frustrating, I mean you have a plan, you have a career goal, 'I hate circles', should be on many peoples shirts today. Hay maybe that would be something that could sale. LOL.
Than again, I am not 30 something anymore and I see life as so much more than an idea.

Daniel in the text, he followed the lord non stop, always, and in his circle he had to make an over night pit stop, lit, in the pit of a lions den, but that is not the end of the story.

Your circle may take you to what seems like a lions den, fear not, it is only a bump in the road, a way for the lord to say, " watch what I can do my faithful one, going in a non stop circle, just watch me do my work". Thank the lord for the right perception of why many times it may seem your just going in a circle. That circle is going somewhere, it may not be where you chose, but it is right on course, and it will be right on time.

The circle is an amazing thing. In revelations we read of the rainbow, emerald in color, it is not a half circle, but a full circle. The promise O.T. and N.T. now full, complete, eternal.

The marriage ring is a circle, it is the symbol of unity, oneness and forever. That rainbow in Revelations is the way we should look at our circles in life, it just might be the correct path to lead you to eternal life.

Think of a pet Hamster, it loves running in that wheel, it is content, it is watered and feed, warm and happy. This is child like faith. It is a must, or we shall in now wise see the kingdom of God. The lord promises to give food, water cloths, and with that, we are to be content, that is the key loop hole to the circle, the 30 something message...., loop holes, impatience, a short cut, a faster route to get somewhere. The walk of Christ is not like this, we are told to go the extra mile, this could be seen as inconvenience, a longer road, but it is the right road, the heart of a servant.

Circles, we must see them as the lord at work, we must believe, we may feel like we are getting nowhere, yet by the Fathers perfect will we are going exactly where were supposed to be going, and will arrive at just the perfect moment in time. I hope you never look at a circle the same way again, or when you feel like your life is going in one long circle, I pray you think of this word. Reader, think of this, if the lord did not allow these circles, if he always allowed us to have our way, that deadly car wreck that happened, right where you would have been if not for an old person driving real slow all the way ahead of you, the long stop light, or he long train you had to wait and wait and wait to pass,.................. that would have been you, dead in that car.

Circles, they are God ordained, and have a purpose no matter what we think is best. 'Father knows best'.-The 30 something crowd never heard of that old T.V. show, but our heavenly Father does know what is best, that is an ordained circle, so wait on the lord, rest in him, and enjoy your day that may feel like one big circle, try to be a happy hamster when this happens, no road rage today, OK.