I posted Many, Many Things Tonight WHY? PLEASE READ Prayer For My Wife. We are In Need, This Can not Go On.As It is, And It will Not ,Amen

I posted many things , so the visitors will have plenty to read, watch, listen to. My wife is in every, very bad shape. Her Illness is getting critical, please pray for her. I have many things to do, I must tend to her at this point and take time to pray, we are in a true 911 in all and every way. Pray for us.
The lord, late at night, has been telling me things, showing me things, teaching me things, it is hard stuff. Beloved, many are in hard times, as we are, we must tend to home, illness and get confirmation on things, the lords heavy hand has spoken, and we are going into asap some super big things. This is all I can say at this point. This is a call to prayer, a call to weeping and a call to get right with the lord. 

Please, at this time consider any help you can we have many needs , that is all I will say.

Lord bless you.