Ready To Be Shocked? Persecution In America Has Started. You Will Not Believe This News Footage -Facts -Truth

To those who have been coming to the site for a while, you know I have spoken much on the coming Christian persecution coming to America. To new visitors this is a fact. The Holy Spirit has told me in prayer, there has been prophecy on this, other preachers speaking of this, reformed and full Gospel, mostly reformed. I tell you now beloved, the spirit of the lord has been telling me several times a day, Judgment on the West and other places, esp. America and England is coming. It is closer than before. The persecution will be a big part of this coming purge as America falls in ruin.

I found this video, it is 20 min, or so, not from preachers, but news, you say it is not coming, you think this is crazy talk?

Watch this evidence I give to you. It will be hard to believe for some of you, it is happening right now, and has been increasing, not blood shed ...yet, that will soon come. Before the 20 min news evidence I will post a very, very, short word by a minister, Kieth Daniels, the wording is a prophecy, funny , but true, Kieth Daniels is not full Gospel. I showed several times Paul Washers warning of the coming persecution and other reformers. I said it is prophecy, because they are saying something is coming that has not yet happened.

 I tell you now Christians, persecution is coming. It is coming, events are coming, war will break out with China, not Russia, the spirit spoke this clearly to me. 

The invasion coming, will include Russia, but the coming war, we will lose. Bible Prophecy backs this up. The Kings Of The East China, Russia , the Brick nations, the U.N. maybe? but we will be invaded and judgment is at the door. Do not fear..IF, you are truly one of his, no fear, do not fear man. This is to show evidence that it is being told in advance by many , and news footage shows the progression of this. The IRS  women that called Christian conservatives..bleep, and more unreal, and the DOJ did and will do  nothing .

The other day the lord gave me a word of knowledge it was this, France and Germany will leave the E.U. and join the BRICK countries, or start their own new union. Odd, France and Germany are out of the E.U. soon. Smart move. 

At present in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Africa , Christians are being killed by the thousands right now, this is what is coming. The East will be the new super power, the West is done, over, watch and see. This is the word of the lord. Judgment on the West, the lord spoke it, the Jan 2014 Prophecy gives great detail on this,the nation has fallen,the leaders have fallen, they will go into captivity as well. 

The Christians  it starts with the Church, but has moved to the Nation. The lord has rejected America, it has turned its back on the lord, sin abounds and it has reached heaven. The Military will be of no use, they will lose the coming war, even if it is a proxy war with China, America is under Judgment, the first thing always that happens to a nation under Judgment is, their military might falls and is destroyed, I care not how powerful America thinks it is, all the devices, military toys, they will sink, they will fall from the sky.

I weep over this, I weep over the dead Church, I weep for what is coming, so many still do not believe, or care, and are not ready for what is at the door. Weep saint of God, weep for our people, for they will be no longer , the innocent, but not saved will die, women, children, old, and leaders all will die, the war will be lost, America Heed, you are under Judgment.

I decided to post once again, Paul Washers warning, a reformer Preacher, all this  why? To show you visitor, the Holy Spirit is giving a serious warning, the lord is telling us in advance, by many witnesses, confirmations, same Holy Spirit, the truth.

Now the YT users words.

It is coming, It is almost here! your city, your town, it is coming to your own back yard.
We thought as long as it finds it's victims somewhere else we are okay, we never really paid to much attention to the fact that so many Christians are suffering in other parts of the world where the persecution is so bad that many pay with their very lives.
Persecution has an unquenchable desire for the blood of saints, hatred, control and pain are it's motives, to destroy and try to silence the truth is it's goal and it is never satisfied. Persecution many times waits for the leaders of a nation to become corrupt before it moves in to strike it's victims with it's venom.

Jesus said himself that if the world hates you to remember that it hated him first, we have lived in such a free society that the church has forgotten that we are not of this world. The world loves it's own and if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ at some point you are going to see just how much this world hates you!

If you don't believe me take my challenge and speak out against sin and you will quickly find out that this world does not love you.
The reason why is because you are standing for good and against evil, you are speaking truth but people don't want to hear the truth, they want their ears tickled with lies and sorry to say even from preachers in pulpit.
In the last days the bible says that brother will turn against brother, father against son, everyone will hate you if you follow the truth and we can see this happening now within the church.

You see God knows who belongs to him and he knows who don't, you can't fool God and if you think you can then you are fooling yourself.
If you have made Jesus your Lord and Savior but you love this life so much and all it has to offer that you would wipe your Christian brother or sisters name through the mud, I would be questioning if you have made a real commitment to the gospel message.
When sin takes over a nation the people mourn but when the Church goes through hard times she will come out STRONGER.
A church that has been through the FIRE, loves their brother's & sister's, they have a deeper love for the LOST and an UNSHAKABLE faith in JESUS CHRIST

Persecution is coming and it is coming faster than many of us may think, my question is are we ready?
The reality of this message is shocking, but when persecution comes and knocks on your door will you stand up for your faith in Christ or fold like a dusty old book that has been on a shelf for years.

My prayer is that each and every one of us will take a stand against the evil that floods our city's and towns and declare to this world the message of the gospel, the only hope we have, the hope that is found in Jesus Christ no matter the cost.
Through a close relationship with Jesus Christ we will be prepared for what the future holds! We must stay in fellowship with the true saints of God, know what His word says and diligently seek Him in our prayers, listening to His voice.

I am not only saying these things for your benefit but also my own, so let's band together, love one another and live for the one who gave His all, not only at the cross but his entire life. Let's rise up and speaks words of hope and love to our enemy's and see this world changed.
This presentation is dedicated to an American pastor, Saeed Abedini who is currently in prison in Iran for his faith in Jesus Christ. Please keep Saeed and his family in your prayers and get involved in his case by going to the website at the end of this presentation.
God bless and thanks for watching D


  1. If you have the time today I would encourage you to see especially the last video "Under Attack". Brothers and sisters in the Lord-this is shocking to see the beginnings of persecution in our land.
    It appeared to me that in the first arrest of a man reading the Word of God in public that the California Highway Patrol officer either acted in ignorance or perhaps he may have been a little antagonistic toward Christians. The video in Washington D.C. showed the city police officer removing his hat while our Brother in Christ prayed-and so this officer was respectful of our brother. This scene brought tears to my eyes as this D.C. officer handcuffed the man as he finished his public prayer. The officer knew what was good and right and yet he caved in to "politically correct" pressure. The man who had been praying remained a gentleman and was a great witness for the Kingdom of Christ-no doubt his witness had to have some effect upon the officer and others standing nearby.

  2. Hello Dan and Grandpa Frosty-

    As Messianic Jew, I can see persecution as a double whammy in my life. With the recent events in Israel, anti-semitism is at an all time high.
    We have one of the largest middle eastern populations in our state and tensions are high. In the past couple of weeks there have been anti and pro Israel protests.Praise the Lord that they were peaceful and being monitored by the police. I know that much more is coming. I feel it in my spirit. It is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. I just keep praying for strength and peace in the coming days and not be be decieved by the enemy. Bless you both! Sue M.

  3. Thank you Bob and Sue for your input. I can only say, I have been getting very very detailed words of late, and they are as the message says. The last word today was, the DOME is about to be breached, the dome of protection is about to fail. The lord be with his remnant ones Israel the dome is about to be breached, his remnant in the west, in America in England in the crises and Judgments. I do not like to even say it anymore, I would rather stay with words like, going in circles and getting somewhere. for a month the words have been to encourage the true bride, but the bursting forth of warning and prophecy at times must come out as his word has been like a fire in my bones, If it is not let out it will consume me, also if we do not listen and obey the gifts the parable of the talents will be taken away. It is not fun, nor easy, to speak such things, it brings hate, persecution and so be it, it is all Jesus, all I can do as a humble servant is obey, or else... Pray for me, pray for this ministry thank you


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