The blessedness of Brokenness Audio Sermon Must Hear-Prophetic Sermon, I say That, Because It Was, Is 100% the Holy Spirit. Not Me

This is a free flow prophetic cry of the spirit, different than norm for me, to record that is, a message to myself and the body of Christ, audio sermon a true suddenly.
The spirit came suddenly, I was in prayer and praise, worshiping, weeping, and it simply hit, so the word just came and I simply recorded it. This is for many The lord says.
Prophecy in a sermon I would call it.

This is a must listen to, audio 30 min, the lord gave this back in Jan 2014, posted before very few listens, this is for many, many people in these days, hear the prophetic sermon cry it will minister to you. I tell you right now, this is for someone, are you going through hell, trial, tribulation, troubles, the secret of Brokenness is the blessing and anointing it brings.