The Picture of a Prophet Letter by Leonard Ravenhill -Video Short-Amazing Sound Track

I have posted more than once this in text, I just found this tonight, the same in video with music amazing. This one short message has brought me personal comfort as one who moves in Prophetic gifts , may it be the same to all that move in true prophecy, and may it speak to all Christians that do not understand fully the call of a Prophet. We all have different gifts, they should not divide us, we must understand each gift, so we more fully understand people who move in them.

It is an amazing sound track, I hope you have decent head phones or speakers, much of what I post like this, my songs the shorts, can not be fully felt, unless you have decent headphones, or PC speakers, the little ones only shred these things. I would not want anyone to hear certain things with out a decent set of head phones or speakers. Mine are old, but 30.00 and 5 years old still sounding great. Wal-Mart Sony MDR-V150, believe me, as a Recording Engineer, for the price, they are as good as some consumer -pro monitor head phones. Mine are torn to you know what, but duck tape and all, still sound great almost 5 years old, so I can not say enough about this consumer level head phone name and brand and for the prise, 20hz-20 KHZ not heard of in this price range.