An Invitation to Die, The Gospel

Prophecy In The News Sept 30 2014 And There Shall Be pestilence,-CDC issues Ebola guidelines for U.S. funeral homes-This Is The Virus The Lord Showed Me I Repeat This Warning

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September 29-Meyers Devotion-THE TALE OF THE YEARS

Real Life American Blackout 8 min, of humor and Truth

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I Don’t Even Know What To Say, I am Deeply Disturbed , But The Lord Has Told Us These Things Would Come, They Are Hear NOW! A Video By Jason A

The Easy Pill, The Easy Thrill, The End Deal, The Last Drill

Who Gets The Power of God? by Carter Conlon

Meyers Devotion Bread Winning Very Good Stuff, I need To Read It Again And Again

GOD'S RESOURCES-Is Anything To Hard For The Lord-Meyers Devotion And A added Word On It-And A Prophecy-America Has Come Out Of The Closet

My Wife , A sufferer to the suffering a short message to women